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Chapter 1 Already Gone

What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

Walking on sunshine- Katrina and the Whales

You've got a friend in me- Toy Story

You're my Best friend- Queen

Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

Already Gone- Kelly Clarkson

I Will Always Love You- Whitney Huston

As much as I was dreading going back to Forks, I was also very eager to see my bronzed hair best friend. Even though he'd ignored my countless letters I had a shred of hope that he hadn't forgot about our once magical friendship.

My mother decided to get married and said I was free to go back to Forks, she knew how much I yearned for it.

*Flashback 5th Grade 04*

Edward and I were at our favorite place- our meadow. We were talking about how Jessica was obsessed with Edward. Well I was more or less making fun of him. Edward was dating Tanya the bane of my existence.

"Me and Tanya are going to the movies and I was wondering if you wanted to tag along."

'Well, I'd be the third wheel so I'll just hang out with my Dad."

"You know what forget about Tanya, I want to just hang out with you all day."

"You don't have to do that." I said, blushing. Ugh, that always got me. Edward said that is was lovely, but I do not agree. Its horrid, it always tells Edward what I was feeling. Whatever that feeling was; anger, embarrassment, excitement he could always tell. He knew me so well. He was my one and only best friend. But I always did keep one thing from him. Yes, I was in love with Edward Cullen. But he would never like me in that way. He had Tanya. All I'd ever be is his best friend.

"You'll always have a friend in me." Edward said. All it did was reassure what I had just been thinking. Could he read my mind? I guess friends was good enough.

*End flashback*

I was snapped back into reality when a short stewardess came and asked if I needed anything.

"No thank you." I said as I slipped on my ear phones and took out my I-pod and started listening to Walking on Sunshine. It completely described what I felt.

I hadn't changed much. All that changes was that my lips became fuller and finally got some curves. But I still had the boring brown hair and brown eyes.

I guess to keep my mind off of things I decided on what I'd wear on the first day to Forks High school.

I decided to wear yellow. Lots of it. It would be what I was missing. Maybe I'd lighten this town up. Ha. (link to outfit on profile)

My dad picked me up from the airport. We didn't speak much. I was too busy thinking how in the world I was going to do my make up in the morning. (link also on profile) I was never good with makeup but when I put my mind to it, I could. My hair was another story. I can't do hair worth crap. I was thinking I would just beach wave it like I usually did, nothing special there. (link on profile.)

Eighth Grade 07

Edward and I had finally proclaimed our love for each other and had been dating for a few months until I got the news.

"Honey come downstairs please." Charlie called.

"Okay. Be down in a moment." After a few minutes I went down to see what he wanted.

"Bells, your mom had a nervous breakdown. She's nearly catatonic. She needs you, and has for a long time. I was just to selfish to realize. I'm sending you to Phoenix to take care of your mother"

"But doesn't she have Phil?" This could ruin everything. Although I upset about my mother I don't know if I could live without Edward.

"Are you being serious right now, she needs you. You are going and that's final!"

"Fine, I'm going to talk to Edward- to tell him goodbye." I said harshly. I went over to Edwards he lived a few houses down. Edward was outside.

"Hello, love-" I interrupted.

"I have to leave Forks to take care of my mother. In a way we were always supposed to say goodbye. I didn't want us to burn out but we did." I said it only because it would make it easier for the move.

"Hmph, will we still be friends?" Edward asked

"Of course, but I just don't think we should be together."

"I completely understand, but hey write to me everyday promise?"

"Of course I promise. You better write too. Don't forget you'll always be my best friend, I love you." And with that I ran away, blushing with tears running down my face.

I was suddenly awoken with a loud, annoying beep. I looked at my alarm and it was 5:30, time to get ready. I got in the shower and used my favorite shampoo. It was Bed Head superstar. After that I got dressed and did my makeup and hair with 30 minutes to spare. I ate a pop tart and decided I would get there early so no one would notice my arrival. Thanks to Charlie he gave me a truck. It was red and rusted, but it was me.

I got to the school and went to the office to see Ms. Cope a red headed short lady. She handed me my schedule and wished me luck.

"Thank you." I muttered.

I grabbed my rain coat and walked outside and what I saw I almost couldn't comprehend.

It was Edward and he was making out with Tanya. Again she was the bane of my existence. I guess he got over me. I guess I wouldn't ruin his make out session.

Biology, first period building number 5. I was late at least five minutes. I was lost. Only I could get lost in a school this small. When I reached the room I was 10 minutes late.

"Thank you for joining us...." He was looking for my name. "Oh! Your new I'm so sorry have a seat next to Edward in the back."

I was finally going to talk to Edward! I walked back thinking of what I could say to him.

"Hi." I said when I sat down. He just looked at me like he had no recollection of who I was.

"I'm Edward Cullen nice to meet you." Umm hello! I was your best friend that you haven't talked to in years is what I wanted to scream.

"Um, Isabella Swan, but I like Bella." Realization hit his features then anger. Why was he angry with me? If anyone should be mad it should be me.

"How have you been?" He didn't answer. He got out a piece of paper and started writing it didn't take long for him to pass the note over to me.

Leave me the fuck alone. Huh? I looked at him and felt the tears well up in my eyes. I was probably beat red. I let a few tears slip out of my eyes our gazes still locked. His eyes were filled with hate. Mine were probably astonished. I thought I would ask Mr. Banner if I could use the restroom before I burst out in hysterics.

"May I use the restroom." I asked with what little dignity I had left.

"Take the pass." I took it and booked it out of there. I had so many questions.

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