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He knew he had to hide. After all, the accusations were true. He couldn't escape the truth. Suddenly, he saw the lights and heard the blaring siren of the police cars. He was bound for jail.

"Stop!" a meek voice came from behind him. "Don't hurt him! He has the hostage."

Murmurs erupted. All eyes fell on the scene before them: a girl with waist-length brown hair, covering a young man with piercing eyes and good looks that could never be mistaken for a crime.

An officer drew a pistol from its holster, aiming it at the girl.

"Move or get shot."

The girl obliged timidly.

"You, release the hostage," he said, addressing it to the suspect.

Slowly, the boy withdrew his hands from behind his back, showing the hostage.

People were shocked. They started a commotion.

"Oh my god! Poor thing…"

"Come with us," the policemen said.

The boy did as he was told, dragging his body towards the car as if he was not himself.

"Echizen's in jail," Fuji said nonchalantly, brightly even.

"Usso!" Seven guys chorused right away. Two of them had their jaws dropping to the floor. One shouted along with the others but showed no expression at all. Another fainted, another cried for the loss of a most valuable test subject/teammate. One started gibing out comfort sushis as endorsements. The last one started his teddy bear.

"I saw him with the police on the way here."

"Why?" the captain said, not out of worry but, being the captain, he had no choice but to pretend to be worried/concerned/thoughtful.

"He was holding a chicken." A smile flashed. Snorts erupted. Soon afterwards, the tiny space allotted to the team was filled with roaring laughter. Words like "baka" and "o'chibi" were heard during the outbreak.

"Anyway, let's go there to congratulate him."

"You don't congratulate someone for being sent to jail."

"Who says so?"

"I do!"

"Do you think I'll ever listen to you?"

"Well, you just did!"

"Shut up, you two. Come one. Let's go to jail."

"Oishi, what have we done?!!? Why, oh, why must we go to jail?" Eiji cried.

"We'll not be locked up. We'l just clear Echizen's name," Oishi replied.

"We'll we need an eraser then?" Momo asked.

Seven pairs of eyes stared at him. But they just ignored him and stole a taxi cab, hired its owner as a taxi driver for none of them knew how to drive, stuffed Momo and Kaidoh in the trunk, and set off for the Warthogs national jail.

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