E/O Challenge Word – Touch

Title: Finding Comfort

Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing

Spoilers/Warnings: None. Dean is 18 and Sam is 14.

Word Count: 100

Happy Birthday PlatinumRoseLady! Hope your birthday brings you everything you wish for!

Sam didn't understand it, never did. There were pictures, and occasionally Dean shared a memory. He pretended he had a mother and how that might feel. But it was always pretending. He felt no connection to the pretty blonde woman in the pictures. He didn't find any joy in the shared memories.

"Shhh, rest Sammy. You've been pretty sick kid." And there it was. Dean's gentle touch on his fevered brow and Sammy was filled with the peaceful presence of his mother. Her smile, her love, her undying devotion. Sam smiled and leaned into the only mother's touch he knew.