a/n: I hope your all ready for some more of the Edward from House of the Rising Sun?

I don't know if this story will appeal to you all but I hope you enjoy his new situation. This story will reflect his attitude from HOTRS and if you haven't read that, I suggest you do before you read this or you will most likely get lost.

Baby Blue's



I rubbed at my face and then looked back at myself in the mirror. My heart was racing. What was I to do?

I chewed on my nail, the anxiety getting to me. You would think it would be something I was use to by now. Edward's surrounded me often enough and I handled it.

But this was something different. It was my anxiety and I knew I was going to have a whole new battle on my hands with his on this one.

I looked down at the little plastic stick.



My legs gave way and I fell to the floor.

It was unexpected. It certainly hadn't been planned.

I hadn't even given a second thought to how it would affect me. My worry was Edward.

How would he handle this? His emotions still gave me whiplash. Even after all these years together.

He could break me with his cruel words in seconds when his grey cloud comes over. And that was over nothing. How was he going to react to his piece of news?

How was Edward supposed to handle a baby when he acted like on himself thirty percent of the time?

I had to tell him, as much as I wanted to put it off, it would only make things worse. I wanted to run and tell Alice or Rose but I knew I had to tell him first. His reaction would not be good if he ever found out he was second to hear the news.

"Bella, will you hurry the hell up." He rattled the bathroom door and I rolled my eyes at him.

"I'll just be a minute." I promised.

Reaching for the handle I knew what I had to do. It was bound to be emotional carnage but he had to know.

He had to know.

I was just worried what reaction I would get out of him today.

a/n: Ok I know this sounds a little cheesy – but you all know me – I hate cheese!! This will show you Edwards's life change from the comfort it is with him and Bella.

There is bound to be more mood swings from him rather than Bella. How will they cope?

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