Pain. Fear. Death.

Those three things ran through Shego's mind as she shot up in her bed. She shook her head and took a breath. She saw the faint steam of the cold sweat sizzling on her overheated skin. She could still feel her body jerking form the electricity that had ripped through her. She could still feel her blood boiling as her powers went out of control to heal the massive damage she had suffered when she slammed into that tower. She still remembered what it had felt like when she had sat up and started to breathe again with her hair standing on end. She didn't know how she knew but she knew that she had died when she hit that tower. Something in her had not gotten back up.

"Damn her," Shego snarled. She clenched her fist and winced as her sharp nails bit into her skin. That was better. Anything was better than the terrifying unnatural fear she had. She tossed the thin sheet off ignoring the chill in her room as she stood back up. Goosbumps rippled along her naked green flesh and she willed them away. She was not afraid. She was not going to let this happen.

'They call ME a villain. She tried to kill me. No one even batted an eye at her after she flung me to my death on that roof. WHY!'

Shego paced across her dark bedroom and ran her hands along her arms to keep them from shaking. 'Well I can play that game to… and I am a goddamned pro.'

The grin that spread across Shego's face was tight and showed too much of her teeth when she licked her dry lips. Yes she could play that game. If Kimmie wanted to change the rules then she'd change hers.

"No. More. Ms. Nice. Girl." Those were the last words she said as she picked up the phone on the elegant bedside table.


Kim purred slightly in her sleep as she lovingly crushed her pandaroo. A thin trail of drool ran down the corner of her mouth as she snuggled deeper under her thick orange blanket. Something pricked the edge of her senses but she simply held her stuffed bedmate tighter and sunk back into unconsciousness.

Shego's smile brightened as she leaned against the window. Kim had no idea who she was dealing with. Kimberly Anne Possible was a hero but she was a kid and didn't know the danger she had put herself and her family in. Shego breezed across the room ad dropped onto the bed making it bounce and Kim's eyes snap open.

"Mornin', Kimmie. Sleep well?" Shego's voice was unbearably sweet as she patted the sleep addled teen's red hair.


The green woman said nothing else she just smiled and slammed a glowing finger into Kim's forehead and sent the younger girl reeling back into sleep with a nasty bruise. She slung her red haired burden over her shoulder and she silently went down the stairs. Why not add insult to injury. Why not bring the point home. Shego lit a single finger and carefully controlled her energy as she signed her name into the door she left hanging open. The Possible family would learn how mistaken they were for letting their daughter traipse around the world like she was some sort of one woman task force.

The smoking signature burned into the door made this little job feel complete. Thin wisps of flame danced around the edges of the large cursive 'S' she had seared into the door with her finger.

"Perfect, ain't it, Princess?" Shego whispered into Kim's ear as she ever so calmly walked down the street carrying her prize on her shoulder. Kim was carefully dropped into the seat of the hovercraft at the end of her street.


Shego whistled as she tightened the straps around Kim's wrist. She had better remember to thank Hench. He certainly provided wonderfully equipped facilities. Shego had never imagined that she would retreat to her underground lair but she had. There she was her enemy, helpless and asleep, even having the audacity to snore. Shego grinned, a cold hard expression in the dim light. She would wait. She'd let Kim sleep for a while. Why rush her fun… she'd have all the time she needed.

Kim groaned as she slid open a single eye and was greeted with horrible throbbing pain over it. She slammed her eyes shut again muttering, "Ugh, what a headache." She tried to lift her arm to rub her temples only to find it tied down. Kim's head whipped to the side and she hissed as the tight collar holding her head down tightened.

'Was I on a mission?'

"Mornin', Kimmie."

Shego's feet tapped on the floor and then her face filled Kim's vision as she leaned down to pat her head. She smiled and pulled a stray and frizzed red hair off of her captive's face. "Sleep well?"

"No! What do you want, Shego!? Let me go and I'll be nice when I slam you into the nearest wall."

Shego looked sad for a moment and then she leaned back leaving Kim to stare at the dim recessed light above her head. Then she threw the switch. Kim arched her back, pulling against the horribly cuffs holding her to the table. The scream that ripped from her throat was so shrill it actually went silent as tears leaked from her eyes. Kim had a high tolerance for pain but she had discovered a new threshold. The needles that prodded her back burned the memory of true pain into her very soul. Kim had no idea why the thin needles piercing her back were so painful but every second they were there was hell.

"Kimmie, you know what I want." Shego purred as the switch was flipped back up. They were so much more satisfying ... those few extra seconds she got from using a switch instead of a button "I want you to beg!! I want you to beg for forgiveness and thank me when I call you my bitch!!"

Kim panted and for just a split second she was afraid. Never before had Shego been this cruel. Never before had she inflicted this on her. She could feel the tin trickle of blood from her back run down and make the table she was strapped to slick.

"Why, Shego?" Kim managed to shriek between ragged panting breaths. The pain in her back was finally receding ot a dull angry throb when Shego leaned back down to fill her vision.

"You threw me into a fucking electrified tower. You expected not to pay for that. I stopped thinking of you as a rival, princess. You outgrew my kindness when you tried to kill me!


"Liar," Shego yelled. Then suddenly Kim screamed again as Shego vanished to flip the switch again.

"Lesson number one, Princess, no lying. You were trying to kill me when you threw me into that tower. You were hoping I didn't get back up, weren't you? Remember, no lying."

Shego's invisible voice danced across to Kim's ears and she wanted nothing more than to turn her head so she could glare at her enemy.

"Fine, yeah, I didn't care if you got up. You try to kill me every week."

"Wrong again, Princess! I can slice through metal barehanded. This here green fire ain't just for damn show. Why do you think you are still alive, hmm? I know where you live I could have killed you and your family in your sleep thousands of times. Here's a tip, hun. There is a reason most heroes live in secret fortresses. If I wanted you dead I'd just fry you or shoot your pretty little ass on your walk to school. You take the same route every day.

Kim opened her mouth to protest, to scream, to do anything, but the harsh reality silenced her. No. It ripped her voice away only to fade into the glare Shego was laying on her.

"Shego… this isn't you. You aren't a monster." Kim tried to stop the icy fear that was running up her spine. It seemed to be taking the same path up that her blood was running down.

"Kimmie, you are going to learn what I learned that day.
Kim's eyes hallowed when Shego leaned in to trace her black painted lips along her thigh. The pain was instantly replaced by fear pure and raw. "You see, Kimmie, I am going to break you. I am going to take that pretty little head of yours and warp it. Say goodbye because today Kim Possible dies. When you finally wake up enough to think you won't even know your own name." Kim shuddered as those lips slid up her thigh slowly. She screwed her eyes shut as she expected them to brush across her just under her thin patch of red. But no, she felt a light prick and opened her eyes again to see Shego holding a slim needle.

"See this? This is a special treat for you."

"What did you just do to me? What did you jussssss…," Kim's eyes rolled back as the potent drug hit her system. Her head tried to loll to the side as the dim world around her swirled. She heard whispers and saw colors she didn't know existed. Her pupils dilated and her chest heaved as she tried to suck in more of the strangely delicious oxygen.

"Enjoy, Kimmie. It won't last long."

Kim barely heard her as she felt herself floating. She forgot she was supposed to be afraid as liquid pleasure ran through her and made her giddy. The pain from her back vanished under the wave of the hallucinogen and she babbled nonsense as everything flowed in and out of focus and color.

Shego eyed her syringe carefully and nodded. Hench certainly was well stocked. She tapped the needle absently against the chair she had settled into next to Kim's bed. Oh, this was going to be so much fun. In a matter of mere hours Kim would come crashing down and be so delirious that she'd have no idea who she was.


Anne Sarah Possible stretched and she forced herself out of bed. She looked over and saw her husband snoring and she felt her body protest at waking up so early. Two emergency trauma cases and barely three hours of sleep but she needed to make the coffee. She'd get some more sleep after she got her man up and checked on her boys.

Her hands ached and she really felt her age as she made it down the stairs. Then she fell backwards banging her butt against the stair when she saw their front door swinging wide open and the name singed into the door.

"JAMES!!JAMES!! There's been a break in. JAMES!! JIM!! TIM!! Anne scrambled up the stairs every hint of her tiredness burned away by the adrenaline fueling her muscles. She slammed her fist into her bedroom door and was relieved when it swung open instantly her husband standing there with the gun they kept in the bedside drawer.

"Anne, go get the boys and Kim; call the police. Did you see anyone?"

"No, I just saw the door swinging and … and Shego carved her name into it."

Anne felt the tension release another inch when Jim and Tim were up and at their door the minute she turned down the hall towards Kim's room. "Boys, stay with your father if you see anyone run! Where is your sister? Anne managed to snatch the cordless phone off the hook and dial 911 as she battered Kim's door. She flung the door open and had to stifle a scream when she saw nothing but an open window and an unmade bed.

"Ma'am this is 911 what is your emergency. Ma'am What is your emergency."

"Anne summoned up every ounce of nerve she took with her into the OR and backed out of the empty room. There's been a break in. My name is Anne Possible. I think my daughter may have been kidnapped."

"Someone is on the way."

Anne silently shuffled back down the hall and saw her sons and her husband sitting in the completely intact living room. The T.V. sat on its stand like a testament to her worst fear.

"James? Is… is… anything missing?"

"No, honey, they didn't take a thing."

"…kimmie, she took Kim."

"Sit down, Annie. Our Kimmie-cub is a big girl. She might just be off chasing that flaming circus freak out of town as we speak. I bet she'll be running back in the door any minute."

"James! She. Is. Gone. There is no way Kim would let Shego in our house and just let all of us sleep."

"Yeah…," Jim said waving his arms to draw his father eyes down to the floor where they were sitting.

"Dad….," Tim continued, poking his brother gratefully for pulling the pressure off of their mother.

"Kim would have woken us up and no way we didn't hear the fight those two had." The twins spoke in unison while they climbed up to sit by their parents on the couch.

"I don't think the house would have survived a fight with Kim and Shego, James. I can tell she is in trouble."

"We'll wait for the police. Boys, can you call wade and see if he can find Kim."

The twins looked at eachother and nodded.

"Hicka Bicka Boo"

"Hoooosha." Both of them zoomed out of the room upstairs towards their room. Their parents wondered about how calm they were. Honestly Anne felt numb… maybe her sons did too. Maybe that's why they still had so much energy. Anne felt like a part of her was missing and as she leaned against her husband she knew that he felt the same way.