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Next chapter will feature Body modification and the first sexual contact between Shego and Kim.


Kim, standing silently in the fitted black suit turned to show Shego the back of her new uniform. The black Shego appraised her and nodded. The slick and shiny black material flowed over Kim like a second skin moving with every twitch of her lean muscles. Unlike Shego's suit that travelled down to the thief's' thick powerful legs all the way to a pair of matching boots around her ankles. Kim's merely stopped at the edge of her thighs. It gave her legs complete freedom and Shego had to admit the soft soled flat slippers seemed to fit Kim better than any other possible shoes.

"Kimmie, I like this on you. Consider it your uniform."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Shego grinned as Kim simply continued modeling the new outfit. The shock of accidentally killing her best friend had sent her pet into a complete shutdown. It had made her malleable and given Shego exactly what she had wanted revenge. Kim was at her mercy, helpless, dependant, and more than anything afraid of re-experiencing that one moment of complete fear. She knew what it had been like on that tower and Shego had wanted nothing more. Shego cleared her throat drawing Kim's attention before she said, "Kimmie, I think I know why you so suddenly became compliant."

"Ma'am? I don't understand."

"You're reaching out for someone to take away that one moment. That one moment of complete fear and shock and desperation. You're looking to me because I promised it to you for your obedience."

Kim's expression dropped and she suddenly wanted to hug herself; to toss herself into a pair of warm arms even if they were only her own. Once again she was laid raw and bare under Shego's iron gaze. Gone was the flirty grin and the blatant flashing of soft green skin. No more was the green woman dripping with seduction and promises of pleasure she was simply victorious. She could tell when Kim had curled in on herself in that tight hug she had won. She had hit Kim exactly where it hurt. She knew exactly why Kim had changed from the vibrant fighter to the meek and obedient girl. Shego saw the pain flash in Kim's mind as Shego forced her to relive the drug hazed attack on her best friend. Shego believed that Kim deserved this pain.

"Kimmie. You know what you did to me that day on that tower, don't you. Now you are taking the punishment for it. You are going to have to deal with that empty feeling of regret and fear every day of your life… just like I do."


"No buts, Pet, no one dared to punish Kim Possible. The world's golden child. The girl who could do anything but wrong! I DID! You wanted to be a murderer then but I got lucky and lived you were a murderer today! This time you know what you should have felt then! You should have fallen to the ground and begged for forgiveness." Shego's harshly yelled words made Kim sink to the floor. She sat there and fought against the urge to cry… to scream… to do anything to stop the pain. She had done this to Shego? She had made her feel this!?

"You… you're … You're right." Kim sudden stuttering made Shego raise an eyebrow as did the shocking admission. Kim continued as she let her arms fall to her side. "It hurts so much. I made you feel like this when I kicked you into that electrical pike. If I made you feel a fraction of this then I deserve to be punished. I just walked away happy that I had hurt you when you limped away."

"Good girl, Princess." Shego seemed to glide across the room to kneel in front of Kim. She smiled genuinely and lifted Kim's tearstained face. "So you agree you need to be punished? Now tell me," Shego paused dramatically as she licked her lips ominously. "What are you willing to do to pay for it? I sit in a jail cell until I get bored. Dr. D, he rants and tries to take over this goddamned idiotic fucking planet. What will you do?"

"Anything. I can't take this."

Kim hated to admit how shaken she was. She didn't know if it was still the shock or if she really was that hurt but she wanted it to end. She was supposed to be able to do anything, meet any challenge, and take on any odds but not anymore. Now Kim was broken by the pain of losing her best friend by her own hand, and by the guilt of putting Shego through this same kind of pain.

"Then, Princess, you are going to serve me. You are going to obey me and work until you feel like you deserve to be forgiven. You are going to be my bitch until that knot in your gut loosens and you feel like you can stand alone. I found that when I saw you crash. When I saw you finally realize how well and truly hard you fucked my life."

Then Kim actually looked up and searched her memory. She remembered Shego pulling away her senses one by one and then how she had strode naked and sensuous around a kitchen like every fourteen year old boys fantasy.

"Yes… Yes, Ma'am."

"Good girl. I do believe you know your predicament. You do what I say, when I say it, without question, and without argument."

Shego was soon standing at the door, her unspoken order for Kim to follow obeyed. Kim looked confused as she followed Shego down the hall. The entire house Kim decided was built so only those familiar with it could navigate it. There were strangely hidden steps and panel covered doors.

"Where are we going?"

Shego looked over her shoulder and scowled. She held up a single finger silencing Kim, "I don't think you have the right to question me. We are going where I want to take you. You don't get to ask your warden where you're being transferred to, do you."

"No, Ma'am."

Thoroughly chastised Kim followed silently merely noting the obvious size of this compound Shego was leading her through. Then Kim was hit with the intensity of the lights as Shego led her through a narrow archway.

"Wha?" Kim covered her eyes against the bright lights and Shego merely squinted. The glare faded and Kim's jaw dropped. The place looked like the training ground for the X-men and Kim was suddenly afraid of what Shego was about to prepare her for.

"You are going to work of this debt. You are going to become what you strived to defeat… a thief. Don't you think it's poetic?"

'Just keep obeying, Kimmie, Shego thought as she saw the girls bewildered expression. ' I'll worm my way in and soon you won't even be able to think without me. You'll be dizzy when I'm not in the same room. I'm not done warping you yet, Princess. I'm just getting started. Soon you'll be under my thumb willingly'.

"I did something evil when I tried to kill you. It's only fair that I have to go back to it to make up."

"Then I'll have you know you have a target. If you fail something this simple then you will be punished severely. You think I've been mean now I will show you why I'm the most dangerous woman in the world. "

Kim nodded as Shego dropped into a swivel chair in front of large dark wooden desk. She tapped a few keys and several files scrolled across the screen. Kim blushed at the intense command Shego demanded. She was law and nothing she said could be opposed. There was something strangely endearing about it. Something that made Kim want to obey, despite what she now recognized as her duty to atone for what she had done to Shego. Some force within her calling out to be good.

'What the hell? I'm a complete type A…What could make me feel this way? Was Shego right when she said that people like me really crave submission? '

Kim ignored the implications that asking herself these questions led to. Instead she merely watched the scrolling list in front of Shego.

"This, Princess, this is what you are going to get for me." Kim instantly snapped to attention and focused more closely on the screen. "it's simple you go in take this statue and come back. If you fail, then I punish you. If you succeed, I reward you. Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Kim replied easily. She didn't even think about it. She was just going to do it. She was going to atone for the massive pain she now knew she had caused Shego. She had to and she was going to. She was going to pay for what she had done to Ron and to Shego.

"God Girl, now you are going to go to sleep. You have no idea how late it is."


"It's four A.M. You've been here three days, four if you count now. You're going to need some rest. You are going to do this tomorrow night and you will succeed. " It was an order, Kim could feel it. It was strange the way the order felt strangely light. Kim nodded and simply studied the screen the statue certainly didn't look that valuable. She had been expecting something gaudy and impressive. Kim had been expecting Shego to force her to steal a giant solid gold car or something. Nothing as unassuming as the small marble statuette shown on the screen had come to mind.

"Yes, Ma'am I will take it tomorrow night."

Shego smiled and nodded at the correct response. Kim hadn't asked how she was going to get there. When, or even, where it was. She only had to obey and if Shego continued to play her games right Kim would soon be begging for her Mistress' approval.