Kim couldn't believe it…she… she had failed. How could Kim Possible have failed? How was she going to face Shego? She was going to be punished. And just like before she deserved it. She had been discovered and the statue had been hidden behind the thick metal protective plate.

She had been so close. She could see the stupid statue and had foolishly tried to grab it. Alarms had sounded and a metallic shielding cover had slid up in seconds.

She shuttered at the thought of what her punishment would be. Kim blindly swung her head, the blindfold completely blocking the world from her view. Would she have her sight smell and hearing removed again one by one? Sight was already gone to preserve secrecy. Would she be chained down again? Kim silently waited as she rode in the backseat. She could feel Shego plotting. Kim wisely ignored the fact that the thought of her punishment did not frighten her. She merely deserved it for her failure.

Shego couldn't believe it. She hadn't expected Kim to go through with it. She had expected her straight-laced Kimmie to bolt, to run screaming straight to the cops. She had intended to let her get away… for a little while. But Kim had come back She had come back to take her punishment.

'Apparently I was little more right than I thought. You do need someone to make you see who you really are, don't you, Princess?'

The silence on the ride back to the hideout made Kim nervous. But then again flying in a open air hovercraft blindfolded would make anyone nervous.

"I hope you realize that I am very disappointed in you, Princess. You couldn't even manage this simple job. You do realize that I am going to have to punish you severely, right?"

"Yes Ma'am. I apologize I tried to take the stupid statue without thinking about the security on the pedestal. I was too excited and goofed."

Kim let her head sink at the weight of her first failure ever. She had always been a natural at everything. She had been sneaking into places for years, but there was no excuse for experience in thievery. Kim had been a sneak but never a thief. Kim let ideas of punishment drift though her head and then she gasped as she realized she was anticipating it.

'What!? Possible, have you gone loco,' Kim thought as the hovercraft banked a bit to the right. She couldn't really be anticipating what would definitely be a horrible punishment.
'Well maybe it's not anticipation…just realization that it's coming. Yeah, like a kid that knows it's about to get a spanking.'

Kim let that thought comfort her as the silence continued. She wondered how her parents were doing. They would be so angry if they knew how badly she had hurt someone. They would hate her if they knew that she had caused Shego that much pain… if they knew she had lost control enough to do that to Ron. They would never forgive her unless she made it right. They had raised her to know and do better than that. She had to take this penance and chance for redemption Shego was giving her. She had no choice if she wanted to be able to forgive herself. She had denied it for so long but she had wanted Shego to die on that rooftop. She had betrayed her beliefs as a hero when she had allowed herself to walk away when Shego had hit that electrical tower. Kim felt her hair fly up and realized they were dropping and fast. She felt her palms begin to sweat realizing they must be back and it would only be minutes until her punishment began.

Shego grinned she was going to enjoy this. This was going to be another step in stripping Kim down to her components and forcing her to wallow in exactly how little control she was. She had lured Kim into a place where she could manipulate her and now she would. Kim had willingly decided to accept punishment but would she when she actually had to? How should she go about doing it? Kim sat silently as Shego opened her door. The tall green woman grabbed Kim's wrists and silently cursed herself for not having anything to bind her with. Kim was led over the smooth walkway and couldn't help the shiver that ran down her spine when Shego pulled her wherever.

"Are you ready for this Kimmie? You are going to learn exactly what failing means. You were hasty and acted like a child too excited to get its treat. " That was when the idea stuck into her head. It was perfect. "Kimmie," Shego said, glad Kim could not see the grin that had spread over her face. "You childish eagerness is cute… but since you decided to be like a kid I will punish you like one."

"Like a child?" Kim rolled her eyes beneath her blindfold Shego couldn't be serious. Sure she had been a little overly excited. Sure she had failed epically for her first job.

Kim felt the temperature drop as the air-conditioning hit her and made her shiver.

'Are we back? Where are we going?'

Kim blindly followed Shego by the taller woman's grip on her wrists and her anxiousness grew.

"Yes, Kimmie. You are going to get a spanking like the bad girl you were. It's time you understood the truth about what you said." Kim stiffened as the realization hither. Shego was serious!? She was about to get a spanking.

Shego considered she was going to go about this. Simple would work best. Kim felt the texture of the floor change as they left the plush carpet and ended up on hard wood. Kim was confused when her balance was roughly shifted downwards and she hit the edge of Shego's knees roughly.

'When had she sat down? Where were they? Why hadn't Shego taken off the damn blindfold!?' Kim felt the material of her uniform slither across her skin as Shego peeled it away exposing her rounded cheeks. The blindness made Kim nervous. The fact that she could only feel and here set her on edge and made tears leak out of the corners of her eyes.

"Shego, please, don't do this."

"Oh, Kimmie. I don't believe you have any say in the matter. Didn't you say that you wanted forgiveness? Didn't you say you would pay for putting me through hell on that rooftop? Didn't you say you wanted to be punished for killing your best friend in a hallucinogenic haze!? Are you saying that you don't care about that anymore? Are you saying you think anyone will forgive you for it?" Shego's heavy truth weighed down on Kim who flailed against Shego's knees. "You failed your first mission. You couldn't even take a worthless statue!"

Shego's hand came down, slamming against Kim's tender backside with a vengeance. Kim arched forward and gasped as the pain flashed across the red welt Shego's palm had left. Kim hissed as that hand came down again sending sharp pain across her pale ass. However this time as the hand lifted there was a distinct something that was not pain. Kim sucked her lower lip into her mouth and chewed it as the palm came down again. Her hiss of pain was oddly followed by a slight moan.

'What!?' Kim could not believe that there had been an edge of pleasure underneath the pain of the humiliating spanking. Shego let her hand linger on Kim's round rear after than quiet moan.

"You see, Kimmie. You body knows you deserve this. It tells you that you have done wrong and will never be accepted until you have been properly punished for what you did to me and to the buffoon." Kim cried as the hand came down a few more times in rapid succession. Her blindness only added to the strange sensation.

Kim felt completely helpless as she sniffled with every painful smack against her red and bruised backside. She felt defeated and battered and she was not even being badly harmed. She cried and whimpered as the hand came down again.

"Please… Please, Shego, I'm sorry. I'M SORRY!!!" The next strike was harder and Kim screamed. As it connected from nowhere. The darkness and the quiet was disorienting there was no set pattern to the strikes… no time she knew to brace herself.

"You want me to stop. You beg me. You plead and hope I listen." The strike came down again over the reddened and aching flesh of Kim's tones rear end.


Kim felt the hot tears stream down her face as the count rose close to twenty. Shego's assault on her battered behind only intensified. Kim's wails went up in volume as did her defeated begging. She didn't know why … there was sharp dull throbbing pan and then there was sharp hateful agony as Shego's well trained hands came slamming down but there was also… arousal. Shego grinned as Kim begged for the spanking to stop.

"Are you aware of exactly what you have gotten yourself into now, Kimmie? You want it to stop?"

"YES! PLEASE! I SWEAR I'LL DO GOOD." One last sharp painful smack, and then, nothing. Not a sound but Kim's choked sobbing. Shego released Kim's wrists and the girl curled in on herself.

"Kiss my boots, Kimmie. You failed today. You did not atone for what you did to me and to Ron so you will also go without dinner tonight." Kim sniffled quietly and nodded. She felt Shego guiding her along the floor. Kim kneeled and kissed Shego's shiny black boots. It was humiliating and it was evil of Shego to demand it but Kim still did it. Shego was right. She hadn't atoned for what she had done and so… she had to try harder and do better if she did not want to face punishment again. Shego giggled at the image of the great Hero Kim Possible kissing her boots. Kim looked up at the sound.

"You did very good. You took your punishment… well of it." Shego leaned down and kissed the top of Kim's red hair. "You see what you can get when you're a good girl, Princess?" Kim felt the warmth from the flush on her face travel down her body and settle low and deep in her belly. She shivered as Shego gave her another soft peck on the cheek.

"Shego? I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hurt you so bad. I'm sorry I failed."

The mint hued mercenary just inwardly grinned. Kim was coming around nicely. It was all about the mind. She had made sure to keep Kim just off balance enough to worm her way in with reason and with a mix of truth and embellishment. She loved the image of Kim between her knees crying and struggling against her deeper feelings. It was what Kim deserved for losing track of the rules of their game. Now she knew and now Shego was one step closer to control.

Kim sniffled and stifled a yawn as Shego removed the thick black blindfold from her pet's eyes.

Kim eyes blinked and dilated as the light suddenly hit them and she winced.

"Good night, Kimmie, sleep well." Shego pulled Kim up with her and led her though a door where the young girl could rest and try to pull herself together in time for her to say good morning.


Kim laid there and her stomach growled. But that was far less irritating or even noticed than confusion. She had just had a severe and painful spanking. She knew she'd have some bruises she would not want to explain or even think about tomorrow. Kim shifted, curling herself in tighter. The chains around her ankles jingled and she had to wonder if this was worth it. Had Shego merely gotten into her head and confused her to the point that she couldn't see straight?

Kim grumbled along with her empty stomach. She had no idea. But she knew that she needed to make up for the wrong she had done. An image of Ron's head slamming into the floor ran through her mind and she shuddered. She had done that. Sure she had not been in her right mind but something inside her wouldn't let her accept that. Even if she had been out of her head she should not have done that. Kim turned over and the chains rattled again reminding her of her current situation and of her failure. She closed her eyes and let herself sleep.

Shego rolled her eyes at Kim snoring softly on the little pillow pile below her bed. She was getting into this far more quickly than she had expected. She silently crossed the room and slid herself into the chair in front of her computer.

'Time to see how the world is doing without its biggest hero.' The Evil-Net computer booted up and Shego was checking the villain forums. How is the world handling having to take care of itself without its crutch. The villain forums were abuzz with the news of Kim Possible being kidnapped. She enjoyed the random predictions and plans strayed apparently Dr. D wasn't ready for her next job yet. Then she heard it… Kim's soft moan. Kim purred and shifted in her sleep.

"ohhh, Is Kimmie having a bad dream…"

Shego was instantly at Kim's side. Kim shifted again rubbing her legs together and purring.

"or not" Shego grinned as realization dawned on her. "I really hope I'm in this one." Shego slid down to enjoy the show as Kim murmured in her sleep. Kim arched and writhes as the dream hands ran over her body before snapping down in a hard swat. Shego ran her hand along Kim's shoulder only to hear her moan again. Kim tossed the thin blanket aside and the scar on her abdomen stood out in stark relief. Shego couldn't resist tracing her name softly. Kim leaned into it and then a single word slipped from her lips


"Well. I think I like where this is going."