Aro's Point of View

"It's good to get out of the castle once in a while." Alec announced as we strolled down a busy street. "You should keep up with the modern times, Aro."

"We should have just stayed in Volterra." Felix mumbled, glaring down any human that would walk in his path.

"At least we are still in Italy. I'm sick of Heidi choosing all of my clothes." We entered a large store filled with suits. "Felix, please try to act normal."

"I'll just wait at the door." I waved Felix off and Alec stuck close to my side.

"What is the name of this store again?" I asked letting my fingers roll over the racks of suits.

"No idea. Heidi gave me the address." Alec flashed the piece of paper with the street name on it. "She highly recommends this place."

"Excuse me, sir; is there anything I can help you with?" A brunette with a tailor's measuring tape draped around her neck said. She was wearing a sleek skirt and blouse and her hair was up in a sloppy bun.

I was a bit startled that the human approached us. I smiled, she smelled absolutely delicious.

"A suit."

"Hm, really, a suit?" The woman said sarcastically, looking around the shelves and racks of suits and ties. Alec chuckled and I hissed at him too low for a human to hear. "Well the one you are wearing looks rather nice. We can start from there." She eyed my suit for quite a while and I straightened out my golden Volturi crest, lapel pin. "This way please." She led us to the back of the store. "I'll need to take your measurements."

"There is no need for that, I have my measurements right here." Alec pulled out another note from Heidi.

"Everybody grows, sir; even a man of your age." The way she said sir had an undertone of mockery. Alec tried not to laugh, in vain.

I stood still, feeling a bit awkward as she took my measurements. The awkwardness was shortly after followed by annoyance at my childishness. Then the awkwardness was back when she measured from my inner thigh to heel. Women in my human days were nothing like this.

She straightened out my coat and I took that time to examine her. She was lovely by human standards, a sort of classical appeal. Her chocolate eyes looked smarter than what her profession required and she seemed to have a perpetual blush that fit her appearance.

I couldn't get enough of this woman's scent. I swore to have her blood by the end of the night.

"Sir, I asked you if you like pin stripes or not." The woman held up two suits, one with and one without.

"Either are fine, miss…" She didn't take the bait and give me her name.

"Good, try this one first and then we'll make adjustments if you like it." She led me to a dressing room. "I'll be back in a moment. I think I have the perfect three-piece that would go well with your skin tone." The store clerk scurried away and I closed the curtain to the small cubical they called a changing room.

I changed into the suit at a slow pace. It looked good enough.

"Alec, go get that woman. This coat doesn't sit right on me."

"It's just the style of the coat."

"Go." I commanded. I continued to examine the modern clothing when he came back empty handed.

"Uhm, Aro." Alec said meekly. I wheeled around to face him, not like his tone. I grabbed his hand and riffled through his past thoughts.

"They have no female employees?" I seethed and he nodded. I quickly changed and froze when I saw my reflection. I was missing my golden lapel pin. Upon further inspection my cufflinks and wallet were gone. "Track that woman." I growled.

"I can't leave you unguarded."

"Go!" He was gone in a flash. I tidied up my now wrinkled suit, trying to figure out how a human had pick pocketed me without me noticing. I met Felix outside and clasped onto his arm see his memories.

I could see her. She had taken down her hair and lost the measuring tape, replacing it with a leather coat. The woman was flirting with Felix, her hand on his shoulder.

I pulled out of Felix's mind.

"Felix, please tell me you still have your wallet."

"Of course-" A look of bewilderment crossed onto his face when he checked his pocket.

"What the fuck?"

I was livid.

"That bitch." Felix opened his mouth to question me, but I raised my hand to silence him.

Alec appeared by my side minutes later, once again empty handed.

"I lost her scent. There are too many humans milling about and diluting her scent. Also," He was hesitating, "our car is missing."

Oh my gracious, I could do so much with this. Part of me wants to go wild with this, but the other, which already has too much on its plate says to just leave this as a weird one-shot.