The Secret Santa 2009 Fanfics


1) "Role Reversal" by HeartbreakDX – Rated 'M' ----(For Maxx6)


2) "The Final Confrontation" by Dark Kaneanite - Rated 'M' -----(For shinigami_sakura2000)


3) "His Little Finger" by HeartbreakDX - Rated 'M' -----(For HBKStratusfaction)


4) "New Year's Resolution" by TheMizMagnet - Rated 'T' ---(For Esha Napoleon)


5) "Felix sit Annus Novus" by Thorsmaven - Rated 'T' ------(For Dark Kaneanite)


6) "To Make Him Smile" by Dark Kaneanite - Rated 'M' -----(For LCHime)


7) "Good Santa, Bad Elf" by XxShawns_Guardian_AngelxX - Rated 'T' ----(For wrestlefan4)


8) "Resolutions" by Seraphalexiel - Rated 'M' ---(For LightLifeHardy)


9) "Expressions Under the Mistletoe" by HeartbreakDX - Rated 'T' -----(For Stori)


10) "Christmas at the Palace of Wisdom" by Thorsmaven - Rated 'M' ----(For Ravensadom)


11) "Merry XXXmas" by wrestlefan4 - Rated 'M' ----(For Thorsmaven)


12) "Home For Christmas" by wrestlefan4 - Rated 'T' -----(For BellaHickenbottom)


13) "New Year's Payback" by momijisan89 - Rated 'M' ----(For )


14) "Snow" by redsandman99 - Rated M ------(For Nef)


15) "Let's Play" by HeartbreakDX - Rated 'M' ---------------(For JoMoFan-Spot)


16) "It's A Christmas Special, Chris Jericho" by Seraphalexiel - Rated 'M' -----(For wrestlefan4)


17) "Christmas Imitations" by XxShawns_Guardian_AngelxX - Rated 'M' ----(For redsandman99 & .NeonNero.)


18) "Happy Hogmanay" by Hardly Here (milady2222) - Rated 'M' ---(For MoRaine25)


19) "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts" by Seraphalexiel - Rated 'T' ---(For DX-Dynamite & BellaHickenbottom)


20) "Christmas Healing" by shinigami sakura2000 - Rated 'T' ---(For Stori)


21) "Merry XXXmas Part 2" by wrestlefan4 - Rated 'M' ----(For HeartbreakDX)


22) "Reign in the Year" by TheMizMagnet - Rated 'M' ----(For MoRaine25)


23) "Not All Gifts Come Wrapped" by Dark Kaneanite - Rated 'T' ---(For Ravensadom)


24) "A Nice Day to Start Again" by Hardly Here - 'Rated T' ----(For Esha Napoleon)


25) "Keeping the Spirit Alive" by LightLifeHardy -'Rated M' ---(For momijisan89 and HardyxGirlx89)


26) "The Quickest Resolution Ever Kept" - by Dark Kaneanite - 'Rated M' ------(For LightLifeHardy)


27) "A Better Way to Celebrate" by redsandman99 - Rated 'M' ---(For TheNoodleHippo)


28) "Secret Santa for Thorsmaven" by Ravensadom - Rated 'M' ---(For Thorsmaven)


29) "Secret Santa for Neon Nero" by Ravensadom - Rated 'M' ------(For .NeonNero.)


30) "Secret Santa for HardyxGirlx89 by Ravensadom - Rated 'M' -------(For HardyxGirlx89)


31) "Secret Santa for Dark Kaneanite" by Ravensadom - Rated 'M' -----(For Dark Kaneanite)


32) "No Mistletoe Needed" by Dark Kaneanite - Rated 'T' --------(For Maxx6)


33) "The Edge of Christmas" by TheNoodleHippo - Rated 'T' ------(For JoMoFan-Spot)


34) "Brotherly Love" by XxShawn's_Guardian_Angel" - Rated 'M' -------(For HeartbreakDX)


35) "Tis The Baby With Apple Cider" by .NeonNero. - Rated 'T' ---------(For EshaNapoleonII)


36) "Lucky Girl" by wrestlefan4 - Rated 'M' -------------------(For TheMizMagnet)


37) "New Year's Revelations" by shinigami sakura2000 - Rated 'T' -------(For HBKStratusfaction)


38) "Snow" by Seraphalexiel - Rated 'T' -----------------(For TheMizMagnet)


39) "Holiday Package for Matt Hardy" by wrestlefan4 - Rated 'M'------(For Seraphalexiel)


40) "A Christmas Sex Trap" by XxShawns Guardian AngelxX - Rated 'M'----------(For Seraphalexiel and Milady2222)


41) "Merry Christmas Senor Ted" by Stori - Rated 'M' -----------------(For momijisan89)


42) "I Want You and Those Cookies" by Stori - Rated 'T' -------------(For Nef)


43) "The Red Ornament" by Thorsmaven - Rated 'K+' ----------------(For Nef)


44) "Ce Soir" by Esha Napoleon - Rated 'K+' -----------------------------(For DX-Dynamite & )


45) "The Magic of the Season" by Dark Kaneanite - Rated 'T' ----------(For CayCrocks)


46) "Not So Bad" by HeartbreakDX - Rated 'M' ---------(For Milady2222)


47) "You're On!" by HardyxGirlx89 - Rated 'T' ---------(For Seraphalexiel)


Special Thanks

- Special thanks to Seraphalexiel, Dark Kaneanite, Heartbreak DX, Thorsmaven and wrestlefan4. These guys have been writing like crazy for me and I appreciate that. DK, Sera, Jeri - my FanFource ladies, you guys rock out loud! Thanks for keeping me straight on Twitter and for helping me keep my cool during this stressful period.

- To all the writers who wrote fics - You guys ROCK! Thank you SO SO much!

- I'd like to know what has been your fave story or pairing so far. Review this prompt, and let me know your thoughts about the entire Santa prompt.

- I don't know if I'll be hosting another one anytime soon. This really was a pain in my ass especially since some people didn't follow directions. So...don't hold your breath for another one unless FicFource friends feel up to another one.

- "FicFource" means I've deemed them as the best of the best. Only my closest writing friends are FicFource which means it's more than worth taking a look at. Keep this in mind as you read my fics. We FicFource ladies take our job seriously.

- I hope that you found another writer who writes fics you enjoy. This was one of the reasons for the prompt. I wanted everyone to branch out and read someone new for a change. Some of these are excellent writers and there's a few I plan to keep coming back for more of their writing when I have some down time.

- As a personal thanks, I'd like to thank the people who have been reviewing this prompt and my stories. I usually reply to every review but I've been too busy to do so.

- Again, thanks to all the participants. I now deem Operation Secret Santa 2009 officially closed until January. IF my FicFource friends are in the mood, we will open the lines again for V-Day fics.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!