I'll take damnation everyday

To feel you shiver and shake

Convulsing and consuming

Taking my breath away

Wrap me in your arms

Cradle me to your chest

Hold me closer

For I lie here waiting

Hoping. Anticipating.


Satisfying the thirst

Does not lessen the hunger

From yearning and craving I burst

The aching desire burns

For there you lie now, waiting.

Hoping. Anticipating.

Eager for damnation

Your view on salvation

But I won't rob you from your soul

For that, I cherish you too much

Sleep, love, like every other night.

Ok…yeah… so this was a poem-ish-like-thingy I wrote a while back after reading twilight for the first time. I sort of wrote it in the spur of the moment.. Bella wants Edward to change her, so she can 'be' with him. Edward, wants to, but doesn't do it because of her soul, blabla. So uhm, yeah let me know what you think, if it's ok, or if I just shouldn't be trying to do poem-ish-like-thingies…