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Bella stumbles across an injured wolf in the woods behind her house. She finds out the beautiful wolf lets her touch him, and seems to understand her. She makes it a routine of meeting the wolf every evening. Then, Bella unexpectedly meets Edward, but he seems to already know about her. Bella feel's something stirring inside her, which she thought she had laid to rest in her past. Now, she finds that her secret is clawing its way out. Will Edward's dominant nature force Bella to embrace the very secret she is trying to hide from? Can she trust him to lead her Into the Unknown?

It's AU, OOC, and Rated M for later chapters. Edward's a bit dark/Dom in this story.

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I live a quiet life with my dad, Charlie Swan in Forks, Washington.

Going to college, coming home to cook dinner for us, homework, and then to bed.

But not today.

I knew that today was going to be different as soon as I woke up this morning. I think that it started when, instead of waking up to a gloomy overcastted morning, the sun was shining proudly through my window blinds.

But, there was something else too. I woke up and just knew today was different; I could practically feel it in my bones.

I quickly got ready, and stepped outside to head to my truck, when I stopped on the porch, taking a deep breath of air. This could be considered my favorite part of the day, when I took that first breath outside my house. One could smell the pine trees, the fallen pinecones, and because it was still early morning, the wet dew could still be faintly tasted in the air.

I quickly broke out of my reverie, getting into my ancient truck and heading off to the University, for my first class.

Too bad the 'difference' didn't happen during any of my classes of the day. I thought, as I sighed to myself on the way home from my last class.

Maybe it was just wishful thinking that something different would happen today. I did get out of my last class sooner then expected because the professor wasn't in today, but I hardly called that 'different'.

I pulled into the driveway in front of the house; I lived in with my dad. He and my mom split up a few years after I was born. I never asked about her absence, because by the time I was old enough to know exactly what their split meant, I was content enough with my father.

I never rebelled against Charlie, because by that time in my life…something…else was happening.

I rounded on the back yard of the house, but I quickly shook those thoughts out of my head before I could dwell farther about my past… my secret,

I decided to take a walk through the forest, since I had not done so in quite sometime.

Plus, I had more time on my hands from getting out of class early.

As I started walking down the familiar trail between to trees, I thought about which direction I should take with my college career.

Right now I was just doing my basics, to get those taken care of, and out of the way. I lived at home for now, because it saved a fair amount of money on dorm fees.

I was still undecided about what to get a degree in I was leaning heavily towards getting a degree in something outdoors. I was really in tune with the outdoors, but I think that was an attribute to…

I ceased all train of thought and stopped dead in my tracks.

About fifteen feet further along the trail, almost hidden in the shade of the trees, was an incredibly large wolf.

I saw the wolf curl its mouth back, baring its sharp white fangs at me.

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