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Full Summary: Edward and Bella have been best friends since they were two. But when Bella's parents divorce when she's twelve, she's forced to move with her mom to Jacksonville. Now, Bella and Edward are seventeen, and there lives have changed. Edward's the popular player, who's slept with all the "hot" girls in school. Bella's now confident and hot, and she starts to see Edward as a jerk. But what happens when feelings start to form? Read to find out! All human, will switch from Bella's and Edward's POV. OOC at first, but characters will get back in character. Cannon pairings.

Bella's POV (12 years old)

I was so mad! Why did I have to move? All of my friends were here! Why couldn't I stay with dad? I called my very best friend, Edward, and asked if I could come over, and that I had to tell him and all are other friends something Alice, his sister, was there and my other friends Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper came over, too.

"What's up Bella?" Alice asked in a happy voice, smiling. We were sitting in a circle.

"My parents are getting a divorce! I have to move with my mom to Jacksonville."

"Why?" Edward asked. "Why can't you stay with Charlie?"

"I don't know! My mom just said 'Were moving to Jacksonville.' I didn't have much say in what happened."

We were all very sad, and when I got home, I was sobbing, thinking of leaving my very best friends.

That was then. This is now. Then, I lived in Forks Washington, with my group of best friends, Edward, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper. Edward and Alice Cullen are twins, Rosalie and Jasper Hale are twins, and Emmett McCarthy is an only child.

Now, I live in Jacksonville in Florida, and I love it. Sure, I miss my friends from Forks, but I still stay in touch with them. Well, not so much anymore. The last time I saw them was when I was fourteen, but sometimes I'd still text and call them. That has to count for something right? And they didn't make a big effort to be friends either.

I love the sun, and the heat. I love being able to walk out the back door, and have a beach right there. I made lots of friends. The only one who was really close was a crazy girl (well, not crazy, but really hyper and would do practically anything including jumping of a bridge last year) named Lisa. She was blond, tall and blue eyed, reminding me of Rosalie, but there personalities were totally different. Rosalie was cool and confident, and could be a total bitch if she needed too. Lisa was crazy and perky, and was always full of energy. She also loved boys. And when I say loved, I mean loved. All the guys followed her around. They wanted to be with her, because she was confident and hot. She definitely took advantage of that.

We both played Volley Ball, and that's how we met. (A.N/ This Bella actually likes sports and is quite good at them, not clumsy like in the book. You'll see why she's like this in later chapters… ) We were on the team, and we were both pretty damn good.

Speaking of Lisa, my phone buzzed, and I checked it too see I got a text from her.

Meet at beach now! Cute guys.

I quickly replied to her:

Be there in 5.

I didn't have as much as an interest in boys as Lisa did, but I went anyways. I was wearing jean shorts, a tank top, and my bikini under it. I slipped on a pair of flip flops, and walked out my back door. We lived right on the beach, and it was totally awesome.

I walked for a bit, and saw Lisa with her towel spread out. One of our other friends, Kayla was there. Kayla was a pretty brunette who was rather quiet. She was in her sophomore year, and we were juniors. Lisa always said she was lucky to be friends with us. After all, we did rule the school.

"So, where are the guys you're talking about?" I asked her quietly. She smiled.

"Look over there. Their not easy to miss."

I looked over and saw some very cute guys. We went over and flirted, and when they left, we tanned.

When I got home, my mom was waiting for me.

"Bella." She said quietly.

"Yeah Mom?" I asked, looking at her.

"You're moving back to Forks." I didn't believe my ears. No… This couldn't be happening. I wasn't moving. No. No. No. I refused too. It wasn't happening…

But it was. I couldn't deny it, my mom was dead serious.

"I… what?" I also noticed she'd said that I was, not her. "This is… absurd! Stupid! Pointless! What brought this on?"

Renee sighed. "This Lisa girl… I don't like her. I have seen her smoking and drinking before. And she seems to love the males. She has a new guy every day, Bella. I don't want you to be a slut. You are going to live with your father. You have a bright future ahead of you, but she is a very bad influence. There is no point in arguing, my decision is final."

I didn't argue, there was no point. When my mom made up her mind, she made up her mind. And also, what she said about Lisa wasn't exactly a lie. I wouldn't be the person I was if she hadn't of been my friend. I probably wouldn't have ever been drunk before if she weren't my friend. I wouldn't be as confident. I'd be shy. But I did thank her, too. I would have been boring, like Kayla… That was mean of me, but I didn't care.

And why did my mother decide I can't be friends with her now? We'd been friends since I had been twelve years old. Twelve!

I packed my bags. I'd be going next weekend. Might as well get all the packing done. It was so sudden that I simply didn't understand. Why couldn't I wait? Right now, it was March. Couldn't I wait until school was over? And there had to be another reason. I could tell my mom had been lying. She looked sad as she said it, and I knew she didn't want me to go. Sure, now she could travel with Phil, her husband. But… She still wanted me to stay. Up until now, she'd forbid me to visit my dad, since I was fourteen.

The next day at school, I told all my friends. They were very sympathetic. I spent my week nights hanging out with friends, not caring about my homework. I'd be switching schools soon anyways.

Friday before I moved, there was a huge going away party Lisa was throwing for me, since her parents were out of town on a business trip.

All of the "populars", and even some of the "not-so-popular-but-not-not-populars" (A.K.A "normals") were there. We were all drinking and having a good time. I got super drunk. Tomorrow I would have a hell of a hang over. I didn't care right now. I danced with all the guys, and flirted with every guy I saw. I even kissed a few of the hot ones. Right now, this is what I wished my life could be like. Not a care in the world, just parties and boys.


I woke up the next morning, and sure enough, I was totally hung over. I didn't remember hardly anything from last night. Then I realised it. Today, I was moving. Back to my rainy hometown, Forks Washington. I gritted my teeth together. My plane was at three PM, so I had time to go to the beach with Lisa, Kayla, and a bunch of other girls.

"OMG! Bella! Why do you have to move? I am so sad!" Lisa exclaimed. I grinned at her. "Oh come on," I said. "My plane doesn't leave until three. We have time to chill."

We all talked, and I knew that this was my last chance to be on a beach, just relaxing with my friends, one last time. I enjoyed the sun, the blistering heat, one last time… I swam in the ocean one last time. I played beach volley ball one last time. Everything was 'One last time…' How depressing.

Soon enough, it was three o'clock. Lisa came with me to the air port.

"Babe, call as soon as you get in. School just won't be the same without you."

"Aww girl, don't make me cry." I said with a laugh. She gave me a quick hug, and I was left all alone. I was officially depressed. I boarded the plane, and the reality of actually moving set in.

I listened to depressing songs, and just got more depressed.

I was sitting next to a girl who I vaguely recognized… There was something about that spiky black hair and bright blue eyes… I couldn't believe it. Alice Cullen.

"Alice Cullen?" I asked in disbelief. She glanced at me. "Ohmigod! Bella!" She squealed, hugging me. Still energy-filled Alice. I grinned.

"I'm really sorry I haven't kept in touch with you lately. I know Rose hasn't either. Or any of the guys, but… I'm sorry. So are you visiting Forks?" Alice asked, changing the subject.

"Umm… No. Didn't Charlie tell you?" I asked, not believing that my dad just wouldn't tell anyone. When Alice didn't answer, I continued. "I'm moving back to Forks."

Alice squealed. "Ohmigod! Anyways, I have so much to tell you…"

I found out that Alice was dating Jasper (not a big surprise) Emmett was dating Rosalie, and well Edward… Well Edward went through a lot of ladies. I felt a pang as I learned about the new Edward. Two words: Total. Jerk.

I hastily changed the subject, and told her all about my friends.

The plane ride passed by quicker then it would have if I had of been sitting alone. "Hey, Edward's giving me a drive home. I'm sure if you wanted he would give you one too." I nodded, and said "that'd be nice." I called to tell Charlie, and we soon arrived in Port Angeles.

When we got to the airport, I saw the hottest gut alive. He looked like male model. He had messy bronze hair that was styled that way, and had emerald green eyes. He was tall, was well sculpted with nice muscles, and was wearing a shirt that clung to him. He was wearing a beige leather jacket, and jeans. Calling him hot was an understatement. He was gorgeous.

"Who is he? I asked. Alice giggled. "That's Edward Cullen. A.K.A my brother." But then, Alice frowned. "That's how he gets all the girls. His good looks."

"I can see why they'd sleep with him." I said under my breath.

I didn't mean for Alice to hear, but she giggled. I blushed. And then, Edward was coming toward us.

He stared at me in pure disbelief. "Bella Swan?" He asked, sounding shocked.

"Eddie Cullen?" I said in a mocking tone, using the nickname I knew he hated.

"Oh shut up." He said playfully. He hugged me, and I hugged him. It lasted a little bit longer than a friendly hug should have, but oh well. I inhaled his scent. He smelt… delicious…

I snapped back into reality when Alice cleared her throat. I got into Edwards Volvo, and we started the drive that would take me back to my friends.

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