My first Disgaea fanfiction, so be nice. Also, I'm basing this off of the manga they have for it, because I have yet to get very far in the video game(s).

Disclaimer: If I owned Disgaea, you would see a LOT more Prinnies. I do, on the other hand, own the Prinny Song. I made it up myself. (For a wonderful prinny comic, go to: http:// continue . com . br / wp – content / uploads / 2008 / 09 / prinnyarcadedood . jpg. Without all the spaces, of course.)

It's kind of hard writing this song and browsing through Svetlana Chmakova's Deviantart page (svetlania)… ^_^' (Note: Svetlana Chmakova is a Russian manga artist who's works include Dramacon and Nightschool, both mangas in bookstores all over the world.)

TO THE TUNE OF: The Cloud Song


In the Overlord's castle, a Prinny was making his way to the castle kitchens on a mission from Etna: to fetch dinner for the self-proclaimed overlord Laharl. It wasn't an easy task, however. The castle was big, the kitchen was far away from the chambers, and Laharl was an impatient kid. As the Prinny rushed to the kitchens, he absentmindedly started humming a tune to pass the time. Eventually, words went with it.

"I'm a Prinny

And I say "Dood"

I often make

Laharl his food

It's not fun, but

I can't complain

Or Etna will

Hit me again.

I do explode

When thrown at things

It doesn't hurt

But my head rings

I can slit throats

And steal your jewels

But trying here

Would make us fools.

I'm from the Netherworld

But I'm a vassal to the lord

It wouldn't be so bad if serving didn't make me oh so bored

If I can't cut you

Then I'm just fine

I'll blow you up and

Make your stuff mine

All this singing

Makes me want food

So I think I will

Go get some, dood!"


The Prinny gulped.

Etna towered over him, glaring menacingly as lightning cracked behind her. "What were you thinking? Overlord Laharl has been waiting for his dinner for TEN MINUTES! How dare you make him wait! GO. GET. FOOD. NOW!!!!"

"Y-y-yes dood!" the Prinny gulped. He fled towards the kitchens in a speed not thought possible.

Laharl walked up behind Etna. "You know, I don't recall asking for dinner. Something you'd like to tell me, Etna?"

Etna jumped. "Eh, heh heh heh, nothing!! Nothing at all! I think I have something to do over, uh, over there. Excuse me!!" She sped away.

Laharl sighed. Girls were weird.


…The end.