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Siren of the Mist

The Freak of the school

Midori's POV

It's a typical morning in the Mist village, mom woke me us so I can get ready for the acdememy.

I'm Midori Tanaka, a 10 year old up and coming Ninja of the hidden mist village. I have long navy blue hair with black tips which I keep out and I have abnormal sapphire eyes too. I always wear black capris with a white and light blue striped long sleeved shirt with a light black vest.

"Midori! Time to go!" I heard my mom calling from downstairs.

"COMING!!!" I said as I looking in my mirror, grabbed my bag then ran downstairs into the kitchen.

"Morning!" I greeted smiling wide.

"Morning sweetheart." My Dad said to me.

"Comon sweetie let's get you to the academy, afterall it's a new year!" Mom said as she took my hand as we both walked out of the house.

We walked down the road we usually take to the academy. We talked about usual things like what I might learn today or how good of a Ninja I will be when I graduate in 3 years.

"Mom just you wait! I'll be stronger than even Dad!" I boasted to her.

She laughed lightly at me, I don't think she's taking me seriously.

"I bet you will sweetie." She said as we made it to the academy.

I hugged her goodbye and ran inside and got into my class, thanks to the board in the hallway I figured it out.

"HEY MIDORI!!!! Over here!!!" I heard my friend Kimiko shout from across the room.

Kimiko had been my friend ever since I started the academy. She had short blonde hair with bright blue eyes and always wore black pants with a white t-shit and a blue hoodie.

I walked over to her and sat next to her.

"Hey Kimiko how's it going?" I asked her.

She sighed and leaned against her chair.

"I'm fine I just want the day to end so I can go to sleep, im so tired! How about you?" she said, typical Kimiko. She was tired for most part but she manages to still get good grades and keep up in class.

"I'm fine I'm just excited for a new year at the academy. 3 more years until we go on missions… and be Kunochis(sp?)." I said as I gave her s toothy smile.

"Well I know we are going to kick ass but I don't know about that kid." She said as she pointed to one of the students who came into the classroom.

He was… out of the ordinary. He was quite tall and had dark blue hair like me but it was totally on an angle which was cool but odd at the same time. He had navy blue shorts with a while T-shirt and a black schoolbag on. The odd thing about him is that he had blue skin… and gill looking marks on both sides of his face he had a worried expression on his face.

"So what? I bet he's cool." I stated as I continued to look at him.

"Not with a face like that." Kimiko laughed.

I glared at her slightly, he wasn't even scary looking I don't know why she's even being so mean to him.

For a while me and Kimiko were talking about random things then our new teacher came into the room.

"Hey class my name is Haruko you're Teacher! How's it going?" our teacher shouted happily. He had spiky black hair and has light brown eyes, he had on a chuinin uniform and a large smile plastered on his face.

"Everyone shouted a hello" and we got to work.

For the most part I was doing my work but my eyes keep creeping back to that odd kid who was in the far corner of the room, I don't think it's kinda good to do that…

Kimiko's POV

I was about to ask Midori if she knows the answer to Haruko's question but it seems she looking at that freak, why does he attract her like that? There's no need to mock him in you're mind even if it was funny.

I nudged Midori, hoping I could get the answer I wanted.

Midori's POV

I felt someone nudging me, I turned and saw Kimiko looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey do you know the answer to Haruko's question?" she asked me.

"Oh yeah." I started as I began helping Kimiko.

Lunch Time

Finally Lunch, luckily mom put my lunch in my bag before I went to class.

"Ah lunch time, time to eat, sleep and be happy." Kimiko said as she opened up her lunch and began eating.

I followed suit and began eating.

I looked around the room a couple of times and I saw a few kids talking to each other then looking at him then start to giggle.

All the guy was doing was sitting at his table eating and doodling in his notebook.

I glared at them, that's not nice at all.

"No need to be all angry Midori, it's harmless." Kimiko said to me. cheyah for you.

I grunted in response and continued to eat.

End of classes

At the end of the day I managed to:

Get educated on new things

Make a couple new friends

One of my new friends Akio ran up to me. he had mid length black hair and had on blue jeans and a black T-shirt.

"Hey Midori!" he shouted at me.

"Hey Akio, how's it going?" I asked him with a smile.

"Nothing much, do you want to walk together? I live close to you because I saw you walking with your mom on my street." He purposed.

I nodded happily and we were on our way.

"So what did you think about that new kid? He seems pretty scary huh?" he asked me suddenly after walking together for a few minutes.

"He's unique. That's all." I replied, giving him an obvious hint I really don't feel like talking about it.

"We figured out what to call him, you know as a nickname since we don't know his name." he said. So you make a name without asking his name… now distasteful.

"What you mean we?"

"My friends and most of the class." He said.

"And that name is…?"

"Freak." He said to me.

Fantastic, of all the names it had to be that. Why do I fear that karma is going to bite them in the ass very soon?

Sneak Peak:

"For the record, I have a name and that's Kisame. Kisame Hoshigaki."

"Uhm hey, do you need help?"

"Do you want to be my friend? You seem like a cool person even if you look different you seem very sweet…"

Sammy: Well here it is! please let me know if i should continue this or not! *smiles*