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Chapter 2:

Elric Brothers meet Yei

Overview: Yei Mustang was born with a curse of fire. She's been separated from Roy for about 10 years. So she's come to visit him for her birthday and causes a scene in front of the whole Central Headquarters. Yei didn't have a place to stay for one night, but Riza helped with the arrangement.

One small flame was all it started out as. Just a small flame inside my body. That's all I thought it would stay as, I didn't think it would grow so much. I didn't think it would be such a hassle to have this curse. I didn't know she would die that day. And I didn't know I would have been the one to kill her. I hate this curse I hate it. This flame needs to die away, but if it dies away. So do I.

-Yei Mustang

Huges skipped around as he finished up his work for the day. He was so excited to meet Roy's younger sister. He couldn't even believe that Roy had kept this fact from everyone in the military. He had to wonder if she looked exactly like Roy or much different. He couldn't even hold in his excitement to meet her, considering he threw up the books he was carrying and said, "I can't wait to tell her about my soon to be born daughter!" Everyone in the room just starred at Huges and told him to finish up his job.

Huges finished up the last of his work and rushed over to Mustang's office. He threw open the door and yelled, "Roy! I never knew you had a sister!" Everyone in the room starred at him.

"Shut up, Huges. You better take care of my sister and nothing else." Roy threatened from his desk. Huges only smiled.

"Why would I want to hurt you're precious little sister?"

"You don't." Huges turned to a corner of the room to see Yei playing with Black Hayate. She didn't take her eyes off the dog and continued to play with him.

"You must be Roy's younger sister?" Huges asked a little confused, because she looked nothing like Roy. Her eyes were two different colors he saw. They looked a bit like the color of fire. Her hair was also different from Roy's it wasn't pitch black dark, it was a shade of different colors. Her face structure was much more perfect than Roy's, from what Huges could tell.

"Yes I am. You must be Huges," She said as she picked up Hayate and walked over towards Huges, extending her right arm, "Please to meet you. I'm Yei Mustang."

"It's nice to meet you as well, Yei." Huges said shaking her hand.

"Yei let me have a word with you for a second." Roy called from his desk. Yei gave Huges a half bow and walked over to Roy, with Hayate still in her arms.

"Remember not to lose you're temper tonight. You have what you need correct? To control it? And be nice as well. Huges's wife is expecting a child soon." Roy scolded her.

"Yeah, yeah I get it okay Roy? I'll be good. It's not like I'll loose my temper so easily anyways tonight. It'll take time for that to happen anyways." Roy gave her an unsatisfied look that Yei didn't take notice of. He wasn't certain to her promising words. He had been away from her for 10 years. For all he knew, her temper could have worsened or calmed.

Roy lowered his head so that his forehead was almost touching hers. Yei was about to take a step back, but found that couldn't, there was a box behind her. "You can't burn me Yei. Remember, the curse doesn't work on family." Yei lowered her eyes to the ground. She had forgotten that rule. "Be safe. I hear there might be a snow storm. Stay inside if it turns out there is one alright?" Yei nodded, knowing full well the consequences if she were to get stuck in such a storm.

About 20 minutes later Yei was in the car with Huges headed towards his place, or well that's what she thought until Huges stopped at a store. He told her to stay in the car while he did some shopping; she did as she was told. Huges was gone for about half an hour, when he returned to the car, Yei was playing with string that she had brought with her. Huges not only had an arm full of groceries, but also two teenage boys were with him. Well one looked like a teenage boy the other was in a suit of armor. Which she found quite unusual.

Huges opened the door and told the boy in the suit of armor to sit in the back with Yei and had the other boy sit up front. The boy in the front had long braided blonde hair, she had never seen any one with such long hairs as him. He also wore a red cape around him.

"These are the Elric brothers, Yei. I'm pretty sure you must have heard about them from Roy. Haven't you?" Huges asked as he began to drive off. Yei shook her head.

"Roy hasn't written home for about 3 years." Yei replied almost in a whisper.

"What's your relationship with Roy Mustang?" The boy in the suit of armor asked.

"I'm is younger sister. I'm 16 turning 17 in a couple days."

"I'm Alphonse and that's my brother, Edward." Yei smiled at him. She didn't feel like questioning why he was in a suit of armor at the moment. For all she knew. He could have a curse on him, just like she did.

All three teenagers helped Huges with the groceries and brought them inside. They were all welcomed by his wife who you could very much see was about 8 months pregnant. Huges went off into the kitchen to make dinner, Yei offered to help, but he said otherwise. "You're our guests for the evening. Please make yourselves at home. I'll prepare dinner. The three of you just wash up." Yei found no use arguing and followed Edward, Alphonse, and Mrs. Huges up to the two guest bedrooms.

Yei got settled in her room and began to read a book. She heard the phone ring, but didn't pick up because it wasn't her phone to answer. After the second ring the line went dead. She heard Mrs. Huges in a distant talking to someone on the other line. She soon zoned out, entranced by her book. A knock at the door brought her out of her trance. She got up and opened the door to find Edward standing there, half a head shorter than her.

"Huges wanted me to get you for dinner since you wouldn't come down when he called." He said.

"Oh I guess I couldn't hear him. When I get into a book I usually don't hear anything else." She said as she stepped out of her room and closed the door.

"How old are you?" Ed asked as they walked down the stairs towards the dinning room.

"I'm going to turn 17 in about 5 days."

"Really? So you're the same age as me then."

"You're 16?"

"What age do I look like?" Ed asked with a hint of annoyance, towards her possible answer. 'If she says 10 I'm going to lose it on her.'

"About 14 or 15," she answered calmly.

"I thought you would have said 10 or 11." Yei just smiled and shook her head as they walked into the dinning room and took their seats. During dinner Huges tried to get some embarrassing information on Roy, but Yei didn't have any since he had left 10 years ago.

"I could barley remember what he looked like, since he left." was her reply after Huges complained. Even if it was a lie. Roy's weakness was, her own. A curse no one outside of her family was to know.

Yei felt more energy at the dinner table tonight than she had any other night in her life. Her family wasn't really the energetic type. They more a bit more serious since the day she was born. Her siblings had always said, "Before you were born dinner was really the only time any of us had fun, but now. There is no fun at all in this family because of you." Usually her siblings only said that when they wanted her to feel bad, but that was only once in a blue moon when they said it. But even if it was only a few times. It still hurt Yei to hear it spoken. To hear that she had stolen, actually taken, her family's happiness away from them after just being born.

While Edward and Yei helped to clean the table, Mrs. Huges doubled over in pain. Mr. Huges went over to help her, but all she screamed was, "The baby's coming." Huges helped her to the couch then rushed to the phone, but there was no dial tone.

"Dammit the phone line's out." Huges cursed as he slammed the phone down. "You three stay here and take care of my wife while I got out on foot and get a doctor out here."

"What?!" All three of the teenagers yelled as Huges put on his coat and boots.

"I said stay here and take care of my wife." He said before he slammed the door closed.

Edwards, Alphonse, and Yei all starred at each other. None of them knew what to do with a woman in labor. They all stopped starring at each other once they heard Mrs. Huges yell in pain. "Someone get me water!" She yelled. Yei ran straight into the kitchen and got a cold glass of water she helped, Mrs. Huges up to drink it.

"Ed, go get me a bucket of cold water. Al, go get a towel from, I have no clue where they keep the towels." Yei ordered. Both of the Elric brothers did as they were told, but in a panicy way. Once they brought Yei what was she asked for Yei soaked the towel in the cold water and put it on Mrs. Huges head. After that, none of them had any clue of what to do for the next hour that Huges was gone. They were all thankful when he finally came back with a doctor and the baby girl was born.

Yei lay on the bed in her room exhausted from tonight's event. She took out the small radio she brought with her and turned the volume up high enough to fill the room. She dumped her clothing on her bed and began to change. As she took her shirt off to she didn't hear the knock on the door.

Ed knocked on Yei's door to ask her something, but he got no answer. He pressed his ear to the door and heard music. Maybe that's what she couldn't hear me, he thought to himself as he slightly opened the door. "Sorry to intrude on you Yei but –" He stopped talking as he saw that Yei had her shirt off. He quickly turned around and shut the door.

Yei turned around, covering herself with her shirt, as she heard Edward's voice. She was thankful that he hadn't seen much and had left quickly. She didn't want to have to explain anything to him. She quickly got changed and left her room.

"Did you ask her brother?" Al asked as Edward came back into the room.

"No she was changing when I came in. That was embarrassing."

"Oh, well it's too bad that she's only going to stay here one night then go stay at Mustang's place."

"Where'd you hear that?"

"Huges told me."

"Oh. Something's strange with her though."

"Why do you say that, brother?"

"When I accidently walked in on her. I caught a glance at her back."

"What about it?"
"It looked like she had burn on it."

"I wonder is she got into an accident."

"That could be the possible reason." Ed said as he got into bed.

"You're not going to try and ask her again?" Al asked as he watched his brother climb into bed.

"Not tonight, it's just too awkward." He said as he flipped his back to Al and fell asleep. Al didn't say anything just nodded his head and fell silent himself.

Ed wasn't certain if his brother was asleep or not since he was in a suit of armor because of him. So Ed cautiously turned on the bed to stare at the ceiling. I have to wonder what happened to her. Did Roy to something to her with his flame alchemy? Or did someone else burn her? He thought to himself. Al and himself were to leave Central soon and continue their journey in search of the Philosopher's stone. He knew he wouldn't be getting much information about her through anyone else. I'll ask her tomorrow if she would like to take accompany us, she seems to be lonely. Was Ed's last thought as he drifted to sleep.

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