Don't Forget To Remember Me.

Bella's point of View.


6 years later.

"Ian! Come on let's go!" I called out to him from my spot in the front door.

"I'm coming mum." He called back.

I sighed imaptiently but I felt arms wrap around me.

"Why so impatient?" Edward questioned. I smiled and leaned my head against his chest.

"I want to go meet with the others already, this is so exciting." I told him.

"Ready," Ian said while popping out of no where. His hair disheveled.

I smiled and we all went out to the car. We were all headed to the Cullens house for a special kind of exclusive family reunion. Everyone was all married. Emmett and Rose had tied the knot not long after Edward and I had been married and so on after got pregnant with twins, Jace and Hayley. Alice and Jasper had gotten married two years after and they got pergnant as well with a little girl named Vira. Edwards mother had even gotten in a relationship as well. Everyone and everything was perfect and fun now.

Everything about our pasts were nothing but a nightmare that was all forgotten now. Nothing bothered us and it was all nice to finally be complete for good now. When Edward and I had returned from our two week honeymoon we had waited to begin college. I had majored in literature and was now about to get a book published. Edward went to med school and was in an internship before he was hired. Alice and Rose had opened up their own fashion buisness while Emmett became a personal trainer. Jasper was also in the medical fields and he was working now as a phsycologist.

It was amazing how our lives had seemed to just mold together perfectly.

When we made it to the cullen house we immediately went inside. Ian ran off to play with Jace, Haley, and Vira while Edward and I walked hand in hand over to the living room where everyone was at.

"Bella!" Alice said with a smile as she saw me.

"Hey Al, hey jazz." I said happily while Edward snaked an arm around my waist.

"Jelly Bell!" I heard the booming voice of Emmett say. I smiled.

"Hey Emmie bear! Hey Rose." I said.

They smiled at me.

"Bella Edward, hello." Esme told us in her motherly way. I smiled and went to hug her. She hugged me back fiercely before doing the same to Edward.

"Is dinner ready yet?" Emmett boomed.

"Yes so gather up the kids so we can begin with the special ceremony."

We all did as we were told and we all sat at the table. When everyone was seated carlisle began.

"Now, this family has been through a lot in the past fews years and I know we have all been through it but we stuck together. We stayed as one and we made it through so as this faily is officially together and whole I would like to give you all a little gift. Alice, Edward, Elizabeth, Esme and myself all have family crests but the rest of you all however do not. I feel that this would be appropriate to give you all so if you will let me, I give you your family crests." Carlise said porudly.

He gave Jasper a bracelt looking thing along with Emmett. He gave Rose a ring with the crest on it as he did we me as well. I blushed like always. He smiled at me before moving on to the kids. he gave Ian and Jace little brace looking bracelets and the girls neckleces. I smiled.

Carlisle then came over to me and smiled while putting his hand on my pregnant stomach. I smiled at him and he then pulled out a onezie with the cullen cret on it. I had tears in my eyes.

"Carlisle...I...I'm speechless." I said. Edward squeezed my hand a smiled at me before putting a hand on my swollen stomach.

"Since the baby is too young to have jewelry we figured t his would make due until she gets old enough." Carlisle said. I smiled at him.

"Thank you" I croaked out. He smiled an nodded before going back to his seat.

"With these crests you are officially apart of this family for good. it will remain with us and keep us strong and keep us in good spirits." carlisle said before ending his speech.

We all did a toast and then we happily began to eat. I was the happiest woman on earth.

This family, these friends, my husband, my child, and soon to be born child were all I needed in life to be happy. It was amazing. I loved them all.

If you were to ask me about ten years ago if I would hav had a kid and been happilly married I would have said hell no. But now looking at everyone of their beautiful faces, I couldn't help but smile and enjoy every sing moment I had ever spent with them, weather in hurt, pain or in happy times. They were all worth every single minute of my life.

When we all finished eating Edward and I went out back in the backyard and laid together in the hammack that carlisle and Esme had recenly gotten. We swayed back and forth and I rubbed my swollen stomach. Esme had his arms around me as well.

"Isabella, is it possible to fall in love with you all over again?" Edward murmurred to me.

"Mhm," I mumbled.

"Good, because your everything to me. I love you." He said.

I smiled this was it. Why my life was suddenly ever so precious.

"I love you too. I love everyday in my life that I'm with you and Ian." I told him.

He smiled, "We always did say forever."

"And Forever it is." I said before kissing him. We were all we needed together. Forever. Happy and officially complete.


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