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Title taken from the Beatles song of the same name.

Salvage yard owner Bobby Singer slowly wheeled into his bedroom and over to his bed. Placing his worn ball cap and cell phone on the nightstand he locked the brakes on his wheelchair and hauled himself onto the bed. After putting his useless legs on the mattress, he quickly threw the battered blue quilt over them. He couldn't stand to look at them. They were just another reminder of how worthless he was now. The world was going to Hell in a hand basket and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. He was a hunter; he should be out there fighting with Rufus and Ellen and all the others. But he was stuck here in this infernal contraption instead. He couldn't hunt, couldn't fight, just had to sit by and watch as his friends dropped one by one. Maybe he should get his gun and…Bobby was startled out of his thoughts by the ringing of his cell phone. Snatching the phone off the nightstand he checked the caller i.d. frowning at the youngest Winchester's name. He should've known. Flipping the phone open Bobby growled, "Sam, you better have a damn good reason for calling me at this hour!"

"Ummm, Mr. Bobby?" a hesitant female voice asked.

Immediately on alert the junkyard owner sat straight up in bed tossing the blankets off as he did. "Who the Hell are you and how'd you get Sam's phone?" he barked.

"My name is Lindsey. I'm a friend of Keith's, I mean Sam" the young woman replied. "I so glad you answered. I was starting to think nobody would. I mean, I've been going through his contact list trying to find his family. I tried his dad first but he didn't answer so I started at the top of his contact list. Whoever Dean is he didn't answer and you were next and I know it's late but I decided to try you anyway cause I really need to get a hold of his family. The doctors say that they need…"

"Wait, doctors?" Bobby anxiously broke in. "What doctors? What's wrong with Sam?"

"These three guys came in the bar a couple of days ago looking for K-Sam. They said they were hunting buddies of his. He talked to them for a while and then they left. But one of them came back later with some other friends. He was yelling all this crazy stuff about his friends getting killed and how it was all Sam's fault; said they were going to make him pay for what happened. Sam tried to fight them off and he was winning but then this guy grabbed me from behind and held a knife to my throat and he told Sam that he'd kill me if he fought and he tried to talk them into letting me go but they wouldn't and he stopped fighting them and they just kept hitting him and hitting him and I couldn't stop them." Lindsey cried. "Some headlights coming through one of the windows must have scared them cause they ran out the back door. There was so much blood. I thought he was, was dead."

"Lindsey?" Bobby softly called when the young woman didn't continue. "Is he d-dead?"

"No, no Keith, I mean Sam's not dead. The doctors said the paramedics got him to the hospital in time. But he was hurt really bad and they said they need his family here. I wanted to sit with him but they won't let me because I'm not family. They won't even tell me how he is." Lindsey explained. "I did get them to hand over his phone so I could call you. You'll come, won't you? Please, Sam needs you."

"You still in Oklahoma?" Bobby asked as he pushed his legs off the bed.

"Yeah" Lindsey replied. "They airlifted him to the Oklahoma City Medical Center because our small hospital couldn't handle a case as bad as his."

"Give the doctors my number and tell them I'll be there as soon as I can." Bobby assured the young woman before hanging up. Setting the phone on the nightstand he hauled himself back into his wheelchair. He then snatched the phone back up and hit speed dial four. "Ellen, its Bobby. I'm gonna need a ride."

Two days later

Ellen quietly walked into the ICU room carrying two steaming cups. She handed one to Bobby before reclaiming her seat. Staring down at Sam she sighed. In the two days they'd been here very little had changed. Sam had only woken a couple of times and only for a few seconds. His doctor had been through several times and each time he said the same thing; that with a head injury as severe as Sam's there was a very strong possibility that he would have some brain damage. That they wouldn't know how bad until he woke up and they were able to assess him but that they needed to be prepared for it. The idea that the Sam she knew was gone was unimaginable. There was just no way Sam could wake up and not be the gentle giant she had come to know and love. Sam would wake up and be just fine; she was sure of it. Those doctors didn't know anything, didn't know him. A little knock to the head wasn't going to put him out of commission. Sam was a Winchester for pete's sake. And speaking of Winchesters; "Bobby, did you get a hold of Dean yet?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah, he finally called me back." Bobby muttered. "Said he'd be here sometime this afternoon."

"Thank God" Ellen mumbled. Leaning over the railing she gently brushed Sam's bangs off his forehead. "Here that sweetie? Your brother's coming."


"Don't you dare tell me to stop Bobby!" Ellen growled. "Sam's gonna to come out of this! You hear me?"

"I hope you're right." Bobby mumbled.

That afternoon

Dean stormed into Sam's ICU room dropping into a chair when he saw the state his little brother was in. Taking in all the tubes and wires connected to the younger man and the equipment surrounding the bed he reached out a shaky hand and gently took his brother's hand in his. "God Sammy" he whispered.

"Hey Dean" Bobby croaked.

"What happened Bobby?" Dean asked not taking his eyes off Sam.

"Some hunters found out about him setting Lucifer free; decided to try and take him out." Bobby explained.

Voices penetrated the fog Sam was trapped in. 'G'd Sa'my' "Dean, Dean's here" Sam thought. His brother's voice was just what Sam needed to hear. He fought his way through the fog desperate to see his brother. As he got closer and closer to consciousness the voices around him became cleaner.

"Dean, the doctors say that the head injury has more than likely caused some type of brain damage." Bobby told the younger man. "But they won't know for sure till he wakes up."

"Might be better off if he did." Dean muttered starting as he was whacked on the back of the head with Bobby's cap.

"Don't you dare say that boy!" Bobby growled.

"It's true, Bobby. If Sammy woke up and didn't remember all the crap that's gone down the past couple of years, it'd be the best thing for him. He wouldn't have all the pain and guilt he's been dragging around and he wouldn't have to worry about the demon blood or Lucifer or anything. He could be happy again, like he was before he found out what's really out there." Dean argued. "He wouldn't be that person I came back to. He could just be Sammy again."

"Do you seriously think everything would be alright then, Dean? Do you? You think the hunters are going to leave him alone just because he was brain damaged? And what about the angels, huh? And Lucifer? Think he's just gonna leave Sam alone?" Bobby gruffly asked. "If your brother is brain damaged, he'll be a sitting duck. He won't be able to defend himself when Lucifer or anybody else comes calling."

"He won't have to, Bobby. I'd take care of him." Dean fired back. "I'd look out for him just like I did when we were little. I wouldn't let anything bad happen to him."

"That supposed to make it alright, Dean?" Bobby questioned. "Cause it doesn't."

"You two shut up and Dean sit back down!" Ellen ordered. "I won't have you talking about stuff like that around Sam. He's going to wake up and be just fine. You'll see."

"Yeah, you're probably right Ellen." Dean agreed scrubbing a hand across his face.

"I am right." Ellen confidently stated voice softening as she took in the fear and worry in the young man's eyes. "Dean, you look exhausted. Why don't you and Bobby head out to the motel; get yourself a room and get some sleep? I'll watch Sam for a while."

"No, I'm fine." Dean protested. "Sides, I won't be here that long. Once he wakes up with all his marbles, I'm going hit the road."

"Dean" Bobby warned.

"No Bobby, we've already been over this." Dean hissed. "Sam and I can't be together. End of story."

"Dean doesn't want me." Sam thought as he lay listening. "He wants the little Sammy that followed him around like a puppy dog; the one that didn't know about hunting. I don't wanna lose him again. I can't." Hearing his brother get up Sam quickly made a decision. Blinking open his eyes he slowly turned his head to the side.

"Sam?" Ellen said. "Sweetie, can you hear me?"

"Sammy?" Dean whispered grasping his little brother's hand once more.

"Dean?" Sam rasped.

"Bout time you woke up, kiddo." Bobby said with a grin. "You gave all of us one Hell of a scare."

Sam smiled at Bobby and Ellen before glancing around in the room in confusion. Looking back at his big brother he asked, "Dean, where's daddy?"

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