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It Kills Me: Chapter 1: Break Up For All The Wrong Reasons


That is probably one of the most irritating noises, besides Shippo talking, that I have ever heard. Five days out of every week, I wake up to that irritating screech.

Stretching a little in my huge bed, and slightly wiggling my ears, I consider rolling over and going right back to sleep. Kami knows I need it. Even a hanyou wants to sleep a little longer every once in a while.

Heaving an especially long sigh, I throw my legs over the side of the bed and touch the hard wooden floor. Another day of getting senseless bullshit drilled into my head, that I would never ever really need to know.

Sounds like an ordinary day, right? Well for me, yeah, it did start off as an ordinary day, I was definitely not suspecting that this could be a day that impacts my way too long life for a very long time.

I pull up to the school in my black Mercedes, and I don't fail to notice every human wench within sight has got her eye on me. Sweet.

At this school, you would say that I have it made. I've got an on-going fan club full of demon and human girls alike, I'm considered part of the 'popular' crew. Not that I really cared that much, though. But to add to how much the average Joe disliked me, I was dating the hottest girl in the school, Kagome Higurashi.

Which is probably why she was the main envy of all the regular girls at Meidou high school. As I flash myself a winning smile in one of the mirror's of the car, I gotta say if I were ugly, I'd want me dead too.

Lets face it, I'm everything anyone wishes they could be, but they just can't quite measure up to.

I smile at that thought, as I open the car door and start to walk up the stairs leading to the main entrance of the school. As expected, theres a horde of overly excited freshmen and sophomore which make up the vast majority of the Inuyasha fan club.

The club was flattering, yet creepy. Eventually, I'm weaving through the hallways, pushing random people out of the way, and making sure I make it to my locker, where sure enough my lady is waiting for me.

She's a whole head shorter than me, with ebony mid-back long hair, brown eyes, and an aura of innocence that would maket he average player just want to be the first one to make her more..... tainted.

Growling at the fact that many boys in this school desire her, before she can even say 'good morning', my lips are on hers in a chaste kiss. I pull away to see my affect on her, and sure enough, she has a great impersonation of a tomato.

I smirk, and start tossing my books into my locker, grabbing all the crap I need for my morning classes. It takes me almost a full two minutes to notice she hasn't said a word, but is merely standing there. I can sense something wrong, now. Worry. She practically has waves of the emotion pouring off of her, and its pissing me off, who has upset my Kagome?

"Whats wrong?" I inquire, as I shoulder my backpack, and close my locker.

She plasters a fake smile on her face and attempts to muster up some of the fire that she usually has, but I can see through that phony smile, I know her all too well.

"Nothing, I was just thinking....." She tells me.

I take her bag from her shoulder and carry it for her, because this is how I've done things for about two years now, taking her bag, and walking her to her first class of the day.

"Thinking about what? Me? Yeah, I can understand that, I am pretty sexy," I say with a confident smirk plastered on my face. I wait for to laugh at my joke, but it never comes, not even a giggle.

Instead, she frowns. Oh shit. My blood is racing and I can already feel sweat rolling down my back. What the hell is it this time? Did I forget her birthday? No. Its not valentines day, either. I'm running out of ideas, and I start to ask again whats the problem but she interrupts me.

Then she says to me, "We need to talk."

Honestly, four words you never want to hear your girlfriend of two years say to you, especially since she's never said it before.

We move through the hallway together, and I reach her class, which is across the hall from my first hour. Loud voices, even made louder with my hanyou hearing, cannot possibly cancel to the thundering of my heart at this moment. What the hell was there to talk about?

I examined her face, her beautiful face, and she lacked all the energy and fire that she normally had. Normally, we'd be having a play fight or something, but today was obviously different. Normally, she probably would've kissed me again, after I kissed her, but she didn't.

What the hell was the problem? I was still hot, and I hadn't insulted her or anything or flirted with any other girls, so why was she so withdrawn from me.

Her brown eyes pierced mine as well, when she noticed I was staring at her. Where was the love in those eyes? Usually, this girl adored me, what was happening?

"You should go. Bell rings in two minutes." She says, in a slightly quiet voice.

For a minute, I actually consider yelling 'fuck the bell, tell me what I did wrong!' but that would get me no where until probably lunch time where I could talk to her.

Maybe it was nothing?

"Alright class, we're gonna be have a silent read today!" The teacher, Miss Kaede yelled at us. We had been reading some piece of shit American book called 'The Wizard of Oz'. As If I, really gave a crap about some little girl's lost dog, or some shit like that.

Instead of taking out the book, I turn around and end up making eye contact with Miroku Gaima, a kid whom I had grown up with since like the age of 5. Definitely one of the only other males I trusted around Kagome, even though he was a pervert.

He smiles at me. Damn, that smile usually means 'I'm Miroku so I'm gonna give you a little bit of knowledge because I think I'm much smarter than you in every fucking way of life'. But, who knows, maybe today it could mean hello.

"What might trouble you, friend?"

Damn, it didn't mean hi.

I frown. "Why do you assume something is troubling me, perv?"

Miroku actually smirks this time. "Well, you didn't stride in here with that usual air of arrogance, in fact, you seem, worried, sad, almost."

Although he annoyed me sometimes, much like my other friends, he could tell when I was pissed or depressed about something, especially when it concerned Kagome.

"Keh. Whatever." Is my snappy comeback. Damn, If I weren't so good-looking, maybe I could've been smarter.

Miroku turns a page in the book as Miss Kaede shuffles by, even though she knows damn well no one is reading that book, because the entire class is talking. There's a few kids even playing paper football. Awesome.

"Well, you just proved my point. What might it be, the lovely Kagome?"

I somewhat sink down in my seat at the mention of her name. "Why does it have to be about her?"

Miroku chuckles. "Well, you're generally never upset about anything unless its concerning her. Could it be her withdrawn mood?"

I don't bother denying it much, because Miroku might actually prove useful. "Yeah. Do you know why?" I ask him. Normally, Kagome's attitude is a much nicer version of myself, she can be aggressive, yet confident, I have to say I'm probably pretty arrogant, but she's not. She's definitely the opposite of her 'innocent and shy' appearance though.

Miroku tugs at the black rats tail at the base of his neck, then runs his hand over the rest of his dark-colored hair. Hmm, he seems nervous.

" I wouldn't lie to you, friend, but I've seen her walking around with Hojo quite a bit lately. It could be completely innocent."

His attempt at reassuring me was crap. I guess nothing was gonna make me feel better unless Kagome herself wanted to talk just to proclaim her undying love for me.

Hah, I made a funny.

Man, some days I really hate lunch. I mean, sure we get to eat, but the food is crappy most of the time, the people are WAY too loud, and on Sloppy Joe Day, the place stank like hell.

I sat down at my usual table. Sango was already there. I've known Sango since middle school. She's pretty, but she was more Miroku's cup of tea than mine. Besides, no one would ever quite measure up to Kagome's hot-ness.

"Hey." She said, while drinking some Mountain Dew.

"Hey. Do you have any clue whats wrong with Kagome today?" I ask her, as I take a Pepsi out of my backpack.

She shakes her head no. Excellent.

"I just know that shes acting strangely....... did you do something to her?"

At that accusation, I growled. God, having female friends was a pain in the ass sometimes when they never shut up.

Sango laughs. "Calm down dog-boy, just asking. Have you seen Miroku?"

I smirked at the mention of my best friend and annoyance's name. "Missing your man already, Sango?"

Human wench threw a milk carton at me for that one.

Its not long before our table starts piling up, and eventually, the only person I care to see today, sits down across from me.

She gives me a phony smile, and then reaches her hand across the table to interlace her fingers with mine. "Inuyasha..."

I smirk. I could not be cockier at this very moment. Well, actually I could, if it were a real smile.

"Come with me." She says, loud enough just for my hanyou hearing to pick up. Why the hell would I say no. I practically jump from where I'm sitting, successfully hitting Shippo in the face. I can't say that I feel that guilty.

"Inuyasha, you dope!"

"Yeah, yeah." I say, following Kagome's small form out of the lunchroom and into the hallway.

Before I can begin to ask what the problem is, she gives me one hell of a kiss, then lets two fingers rest on my bottom lip.

I smirk. "Careful, might bite ya."

Normally, she'd smirk back, and have some kind of reply, but today she doesn't. Dammit.

"We have to talk."

Damn, those dreaded four words again. I slip my arms around her waist, and force a smile. "Oh? Is it about what our wedding will be like one day?" I joke.

She doesn't force a smile back. "No."

Alright, so I try and stay calm, but, when has calm ever worked for me anyway?

Maybe she's trying to tell me she's getting a new car.

" Inuyasha, last week, I found out I'm in an arranged marriage."

Okay, definitely not about a new car.

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