Hey guys. Well, here is the very last chapter of It Kills Me, I have to say, I'm glad to finally have made it to the end after all these months. This is probably the shortest chapter ever made in this story, I lost my enthusiasm at a perfect time, really. I got my main plot out though, its just not long. Heres the last chapter. First half of this chapter is in Kikyo's point of view.

Let Me Win (Kikyo)

I have a boyfriend. His name is Inuyasha. We've been together for a little over a year now, with a few months of a break in between. We had some problems along the way. That problem being his ex-girlfriend. Kagome.

Honestly, because she's an ex I thought she wouldn't be a problem. Even more so, because she was getting married.

Today is the day Kagome got married. I heard that the ceremony was beautiful this morning. That Kagome had a beautiful dress, and looked so happy. That Kagome herself was beautiful.

As I didn't already know that. Kagome is gorgeous. I just realized last week, how much we look alike though. We look alike, but I'm not as gorgeous.

This is obvious to anyone. More specifically, Inuyasha. We come back to how I so naively thought that I wouldn't have to worry about Kagome. You see, last week Kagome told me that she was in love with Inuyasha. I'm in love with Inuyasha too.

However, he can't love me. All the love he ever had has been wasted on Kagome Higurashi.

Most of the time, I try to pretend that isn't true. However, I can't pretend anymore. He loves this girl. This married girl that dumped him and went about her business.

The knot in my throat feels like a fist. My eyes have already watered and the tears are already racing down my face.

I can't believe it. When I finally thought she was out of the picture and that I would never have to risk loosing him, she's here again! Why can't I just have him to myself? Why can't he love me instead?

I can't stop the sob that rips out of me. They turn so quick, I almost feel like I'm the bad person, catching them. I freeze.

Inuyasha's wide golden eyes spot me, and he opens his mouth, speechless. Kagome looks at me too, shocked and sad all at once. How do you think I feel?

Inuyasha moves around and gets off his bed, moving towards me. I can't step back. I don't want to move. This may be the last time he ever focuses this much attention on me.


I never should have just came up her,e I never should have just assume he would be alone. And that he would care about me.

I make my lips work when he's an inch away from me. "What happened to her being married?" My voice sounds like I just ate rocks.

"The marriage has been annulled," Kagome says from behind him, lowly.

Married and divorced all in the same day. How lucky for her.

"I'm sorry, Kikyo. Theres nothing I can say, to make this less fucked up, is there?"

Inuyasha is looking at me as if I'm some sort of kicked puppy. He feels sorry for me. Why can't he feel bad enough to never speak to her again?

"Thats it? Just like that, you're dumping me?"

He frowns. "I'm sorry, but what else can I do? I need to figure out what I want-"

"It's her, obviously. You want her," I say. I finally have the nerve to move again. I take a step back, and run away.


Some graduation day. Well, really it wasn't much of a graduation. I didn't go to because I wasn't feel well. I threw up all morning.

I scroll through my phone. I find Inuyasha's name and I click delete. A warning pops up with a little exclamation point, Are you sure?

I manage to smile. I couldn't be more sure. I hit yes, and the mark disappears.

Almost as soon as I'm done deleting the number, I drop the phone. Into the toilet. Which I'm sprawled over, dry heaving.

Tears leak out of my eyes. Both from Inuyasha and the exertion of throwing up. I don't think I've ever made myself this sick over being sad.



Six months later (Inuyasha)

I grin as I knock my glass against Miroku's, then Kagome's. Sango and Miroku just announced that they're getting married soon. As to how Sango can put with a guy like Miroku, who has an ongoing addiction with asses, I don't know.

We went out to a bar down the street from the mansion. Our huge group scared the hell out of the hostess, considering all the demons in our group.

All of us are here. Me, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Sesshoumaru, and Rin.

Rin leans forward, "So, pretty boy when are you and Kagome gonna tie the knot?"

Yes, I'm very pretty. Well, not pretty but I'd say pretty damn handsome. All right, lets face it, I'm hot.

Kagome answers for me. "Well considering what happened before we graduated, it'll be a while before we come to that."

Sesshoumaru laughs, "He's not pretty by the way,"

I snort. "Don't hate because I'm a sexy beast, Sesshy."

"Beast is correct."

Miroku laughs. "Chill out, we should all be happy. Me and Sango are engaged, Shippo is starting his own candy company, you and Kagome are finally together, and Sesshoumaru is as mean as ever."

Rin chuckles, "How was that last one good?"

"Just shows that things are normal," Kagome says.

The waitress comes back and hands us the bill and a phone number. She winks at me. I hear Kagome sigh and grab my arm. "We only need the check."

I hold back a laugh as the waitress frowns and grabs her phone number.

When I get back home I have to pack for college again. The seconds winter semester will be starting soon, I found a college with co-ed dorms. Kagome is going to be my roommate. Awesome.

So far I've decided I want to take over Dad's company. Honestly, I'm not that smart. Running the company with Sesshoumaru as the brains and me as the looks would be the easiest way for me to make millions on top of the millions I already have.

We all slide out of the booth and walk to our cars. I say goodbye to everyone and me and Kagome get in my car.

So far, life has been average since high school. I haven't heard from Kikyo since that day six months ago. But I have heard of her. Two months ago. I heard she's become a model. Its not like she didn't have the looks for it.

We're almost to the mansion when Kagome says,

"Do you ever regret dumping Kikyo?"

I pull the car up next to the mail box.

Theres a long yellow envelope with my name on it. I shake my head. "No, I just regret how it happened."

She's quiet. "She could have been in my place right now..."

"I don't want her to be," I say, as I rip open the envelope. Its a whole set of papers from Kikyo. Papers, pictures.

I honestly don't regret breaking up with Kikyo. I went though hell because of Kagome while I was with her. I broke her heart. We both went through hell. Although, I guess theres worst hell to go through. At least the whole incident didn't leave us dead or something.

I find another picture of a baby boy with golden eyes and black hair. And fangs.

My heart stops. Dear God, please that be one of those what would your baby look like pictures. I flip the picture over to find writing on the back.

Meet Kaurou, your son. At least one good thing came out of our relationship. I'll be calling you soon, it's time you became a part of his life.

Love, Kikyo.

I glance at Kagome and she's looking at the picture with an intense stare.

Oh yeah, my relationship with Kikyo didn't kill me. Nuh uh.

But, Kagome will.

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