Title: Missing Daichi

Summary: Pepe feels angry and sad at Daichi for choosing to play with Ran rather than her.

Disclaimer:I do not own Shugo Chara...if I did Kukai and Yaya would have more moments and Pepe would get more spotlight, everyone knows she craves it!

Pepe pouted at the two charas who were ignorant of the baby chara. Daichi and Ran were out away in a mini field dribbling a soccer ball back and forth to each other. Daichi smirking while his auburn eyes lit of as he chased the ball before Ran could and laughing when he made it past her. Pepe sat down on the ground as she crossed her arms angrily.

Why was Daichi playing with her?!

Okay so they were both good at sports but that didn't mean he could get away with ignoring her like this. She had known Daichi and his human Kukai way before Ran or Amu had! Kukai and Yaya-chan have been best friends since they were very little and they same went to Daichi and her, who she has known since she hatched. They were best friends! But then, why was he playing with Ran instead? Pepe was so involved in her inner talk she didn't hear a certain blue chara come up from behind her.

"Looks fun, doesn't it?" Miki asked, startling Pepe so much she nearly dropped her binky. She whipped around to glare at the artist.

"You scared me!" she exclaimed as tears welled up in her eyes and flailing her arms.

"I-I'm sorry Pepe! I didn't mean to," the artist apologized. Pepe sniffed before turning back crossing her arms.


"Like I said, it looks fun doesn't it?" Miki asked.

"What does?" the baby chara turned back to her, eager for a fun game.

"The soccer game with Ran and Daichi," Miki said not missing Pepe's deflated expression.

"No it doesn't!"

"Yeah, I'm not much of a sports fan myself but Ran and Daichi looks like they are having fun." Miki reasoned looking at the two athletic charas.

"I guess."

"It's no wonder everyone thinks they are dating," Miki said slyly, gauging Pepe's reaction.

"Yeah I- wait what?" Pepe started and whipped to look at Miki as she nodded.

"It's true. Everyone keeps making bets on when they'll get toge-" Miki began to sate when she was cut off by an indigent baby chara.

"That will never happen! Ran is wrong for Daichi!" she stated.

"You are the only one who thinks so. Everyone so far is betting it'll take a week more, they've been spending so much time together," Miki stated.

Pepe looked about ready to argue but hesitated as she glanced back at the soccer game. Now it looked like Ran was heading to her goal, with Daichi heading after her. He side-kicked into her where he grabbed the ball and heading back to his own before he even noticed Ran coming back behind him and tripped him, causing him to fall. Ran kicked the ball into her goal and smirked at Daichi who looked up from his face plant and laughed as he got up to take his turn with the ball.

Was it true? Did Daichi like Ran so much? More than her?

These thoughts flew in Pepe's head as her baby blue eyes welled with tears at the thought of losing Daichi.

She was so distracted she barely heard Kiseki call for his subjects to meet up for a meeting.

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