Title: Missing Daichi

Summary: Pepe feels angry and sad at Daichi for choosing to play with Ran rather than her.

Disclaimer:I do not own Shugo Chara...if I did Kukai and Yaya would have more moments and Pepe would get more spotlight, everyone knows she craves it!

Pepe sighed and looked down at Yaya from her position. The Ace chair had been very quiet and out of character the entire walk home, it was boring Pepe to tears! Yaya and her would usually play a chase game or something to liven up the seemingly long walk home and often times or mot if Yaya couldn't make the walk go by faster, a rare event, Kukai or Daichi would turn it into a game or some sort. Pepe shook her head rapidly, as if to clear any Daichi-related thoughts from her head. Looking down again at Yaya Pepe narrowed her eyes in determination. If Yaya wasn't even going to try to make the walk fun, Pepe was going to have to. Pepe floated down onto her perch on Yaya's head and sat down.

"Let's play a game Yaya!" Pepe shouted what was hopefully cheerfully. Hearing nothing Pepe figured that as a sign to continue on.

"How about a chase game?" Pepe suggested hopefully. She slumped her shoulders as she felt Yaya shake her head slowly.

"I'm too tired Pepe," Yaya said sadly. Pepe started. Yaya? Too tired for a chase game?! Time for drastic measures.

"Oh, c'mon Yaya-chan!" Pepe complained with a slight whine in her voice, floating down to Yaya's eye level only to shove her big tearfilled eyes at Yaya.

"I don't know..." Yaya trialed off before she saw Pepe zip to her side in a move to tag her.

"Stop Pepe," Yaya complained childishly, a small smile starting to light up her features.

Pepe smiled and tagged the girl in the side, only it was more of an attempted tickle rather than a tag.

"Hehehehe! Stop it Pepe! Wait..come back here!" Yaya shouted happily as she chased the baby guardian character.

Pepe giggled as she flew ahead as Yaya gave chase. Pepe grinned as she shot just out of Yaya's grasp just when Yaya barely touched her. They continued this game of Pepe darting and dodging with Yaya grabbing and lunging for several minutes while they continued int he direction of home. In no time they found that they could see the Yuiki residence just ahead and used their last bit of energy to sprint towards the house. Yaya opened the door and yelled out a greeting before running upstairs to her bedroom. Yaya collapsed on her bed and grinned towards Pepe who did the exact same thing.

"That was so much fun!"

"Told you so! Why didn't we do that earlier?!" Pepe exclaimed only to have Yaya looked down.

"It didn't seem right without.." Yaya started but stopped suddenly but Pepe knew what she was going to say.

Without Kukai.

Pepe had to admit the walk felt strange without Daichi there but it was better this way.

"Why couldn't Kukai come with us Pepe? It's been so long since he's been here and even longer since he's walked with us!" Yaya exclaimed upset.

"It wasn't Kukai Pepe didn't want to come..." Pepe mumbled and looked at Yaya's confused face.

"Well if not Kukai the who..wait...you don't mean Daichi do you?" Yaya whispered, eyes widening as Pepe averted her eyes from Yaya's to the ground.

"But why? You always love having Daichi to play with! You are best friends!" YaYa exclaimed.

"Not anymore!"

"But why not?! What changed so quickly?" Yaya asked concerned.

"He did! All Daichi ever does now is play with Ran! He ignores poor Pepe!" Pepe shouted finally giving into the emotions of the past two weeks and bursts out in tears.

"That's ridicu- Yaya started but Pepe interupted her.

"No, it's true! Daichi is tired of poor Pepe!" she shouted depressed as she laid down.

Yaya was about to argue before it hit her. Pepe was right. She never cared to notice but the turquoise-haired guardian character did spend most time playing with Amu-chi's chara. Daichi played with all the guardian characters, but seemed to play with Ran the most lately. Just like...Kukai was spending more time with Amu-chi lately. Yaya didn't want to acknowledge it but Pepe bring out in the open let it all hit her. Maybe both Daichi and Kukai were tired of being babysitters. This realization caused tears to well up in her chestnut eyes and she lid down on her pillow.

Were they really tired of her and Pepe?

AN: Okay! Next chapter will be the climax with a confrontation with both Kukai and Daichi! Stay tuned for more!