Disclaimer: Still not mine yet, but I'm trying.

Author's Note: I haven't written poetry in a while, but this really was just meant as a silly snippet. Hopefully it'll be fun. :-)

Ode to the Unconscious Guard

Through asylum halls I wander

And the floors are full of bodies

Which ought to be terribly sad

(And at first it was—

poor, ill-equipped civilians)

But there comes a time when even

Batman becomes exasperated

With hundreds of armed

Dead guards


For god's sake!

There are less of them

Untrained, uncoordinated, unfit

(For all their enthusiasm

inmates are not great fighters)

Why is it that every form

Shows up on night vision



The sole exception

(Rebel lungs breathing


Was anonymous.

Maybe Lyle or Lucas

Or Lou

Slumped on Penitentiary floor

Like a good little corpse

But he made me