Summary: Xion let out a small giggle, "Remember when we used to play prince and princess, Roxas? I miss that. I miss that a lot." [Roxas/Xion]
Author's Note: I'm still waiting to purchase the new Kingdom Hearts game, but I know the whole story already, lol. I was inspired to write this because I just fell in love with Xion's character, she's really cool. And her and Roxas just seem so perfect . . . idk, hah.
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{Ch. One - Ten Tears Ago}

Beneath the sweet scent and beauty of the cherry blossom trees, two kids lay silent and still. Roxas and Xion had no words to express, even their minds were blank. The news couldn't have been broken any harder than it was. Xion was moving, moving far away. "When are you leaving?" Roxas had asked with a slight sigh. Xion held back her tears when she answered, "Tomorrow."

Since birth Roxas and Xion had been inseparable. They played together in diapers, they went to preschool together. Now, seven years later, it was time for their goodbyes. Roxas was still so young, he wasn't really sure how to even say goodbye. Do you need to cry? Do you give them something to remember you by? How do you handle the pain of waking up alone the next day? It was too much to understand. He only wanted her to stay a little bit longer. Xion too longed to stay with Roxas.

Shyly, Roxas looked over Xion. Her large blue eyes were shut tight, her short gray hair was fluttering slightly in the breeze. What would he do without her? Who would he bewithout her? "Hey, Xion. Can I ask you something," Roxas said, "it's important."

Xion opened her eyes and turned to Roxas, "What?"

"When you leave, will you still be my best friend?"

She sat up, looking out to the valley of trees. "Of course silly, why wouldn't I be?"

Roxas sat up as well, bringing his knees to his chest. "I was just wondering."

"Why are you wondering?" Xion asked, glancing over at Roxas.

He shrugged, "I won't be able to talk to you, we won't be able to play anymore."

"I'll be sure to write whenever I can. Mommy is going to help me continue my lessons, and soon I'll be writing and reading at the same level as you," she smiled slightly, "and then it'll be like we aren't even apart."

"But you still won't be here." Sighing, Xion stood up. Roxas raised his eyes to her, "What are you doing?"

Without speaking, she motioned for him to stand up, so he did. He was a few inches taller than her, but that was just fine to them. Xion wrapped her arms around Roxas, and Roxas wrapped his around Xion. "If you remember this moment Roxas, you'll never feel alone."

"Xion, it's time to go!"

The friends untangled from each other, only to see Xion's parents waiting on the road. "I guess it's time for you to leave, huh?" Roxas mumbled.

"Yeah, it is..."

"I'll miss you, " Roxas said quietly.

"I'll miss you too," Xion said. She kissed his lips quickly and giggled, "You'll always be my best friend." Xion then ran to her parents, waving as she went.

Roxas looked down to the ground, and gasped. "Wait, Xion! You dropped your necklace!" But she was already gone. He sat back down, and picked up the necklace. It was made of shells from the beach. Roxas could remember collecting each and every one. He held it close and laid down in the grass.

For the rest of the day - until his father came and took him home - Roxas wept under the cherry blossom trees. He didn't move or budge. He clutched the necklace and thought of everything him and Xion had even done together. It was then that he realized he loved her. At least, that's what he thought it was called.

Sorry this is so short, it's more of a prologue than a chapter. When I get a few reviews, I'll post the next chapter, :)