{Ch. Two - Present Day}

Roxas was thrilled. Slowly, he opened the letter from Xion. It had been ten long years - she had finally written. His fingers held the letter gently, for he didn't want to damage it. He broke the seal, and removed the parchment. His eyes scanned slowly.

Dear Roxas, I'm sorry it's been so long. I've had a lot to do ever since I arrived here at Radiant Gardens. Turns out my mother and father moved here because my auntie is royalty - she had written to them when she discovered they had me - and she wants my mother to rejoin the family, and she wants me to join as well. It's crazy, right? I never thought I would be apart of something like that. Although, I'm not old enough yet to be considered a member, when I turn 17 in a few weeks they are going to have this huge ceremony in my honor. I guess my mother knew all along that I was a 'princess', she just didn't tell me until the time was right. It's hard for me to believe any of this, I'm still in shock. But to tell you the truth, it's really lonely here. I miss you a lot. I talked to my parents, and they said you could come and visit for a while. You can even attend my 'coming of age' party in a few weeks! You have to come Roxas, you just have to. I'll be waiting for your response. Forever yours, Xion.

He read the letter countless times. He took in every word, he could imagine Xion saying each and every one. Her sweet voice filled his head. Her smile appeared through his eyes, and he grinned. Since she left Roxas had never onced looked at another girl the way he had looked at Xion. Asked on numerous dates by numerous girls, he always replied no. He was waiting for her. Roxas was waiting for Xion. Now, he wouldn't have to wait any longer.

He would go to Radiant Gardens to be with her. He would tell her everything he ever felt - how he stayed awake at night longing for her voice to fill his ears, for her face to brighten the darkest of his days. Roxas began to pack. Soon, his mother stepped into his room, puzzled, "What, are you running away?"

Roxas looked up at her and smirked, "Xion wrote to me, she finally wrote to me."

"And because she wrote to you, you're packing up all your belongings?"

"She asked me to visit," he said as he threw four different t-shirts into a large duffel. "I'm going to Radiant Gardens to see her."

"You didn't bother to ask I see," she sighed, rolling her eyes slightly, "Roxas you know the rules. Besides, I'm not going to let you travel all the way to a different world by yourself."

He stopped throwing clothing across his room, "Mom, I'm 17. Can't you trust me to travel alone?"

"No Roxas, I can't."

"Seriously? You're choosing now to follow your own rules? It's Xion, mom. Xion."

"I know how you feel about her, but you can't just leave. It's the middle of the school year, you have responsibilities." She took a step into his room, "I'm sorry, but I will not allow you to throw away your education - and life, basically - for some girl."

Roxas raised his voice slightly, "Xion is not some girl. She's my best friend, she always has been. You know that."

"I do. But my decision is final. You can wait until summer vacation, then you can go."


She held up a hand to stop him from speaking another word, "Unpack everything. You're staying here, and that's that." She then left him.

Placing his head in his hands, Roxas sat on his bed. He felt as though he was being treated like a child. His mother knew how he longed to see Xion's face again. She knew every single feeling, but she still refused to be reasonable. Looking over to his bag, a plan formed inside his head. "No matter what she says, I'm going."

For the rest of the night, Roxas didn't speak to his mother. At dinner he ate then retired to his room. When she came to say goodnight he didn't respond. She admitted how horrible she felt for not letting him go, she apologized countless times. She slowly closed his door, hiding her shame. He listened for her footsteps to cease. Once they did, he rose from his bed. He swiftly slipped on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a black jacket. Roxas threw on his shoes and grabbed his duffel. With a guilty mind, he placed a written note on his bed. It simply stated he was sorry, but he had to go to Xion.

He escaped out his bedroom window, and climbed down the vines growing on the side of their house. He ran into the night, never once looking back. He had to hurry, for the next train to Radiant Gardens was leaving in less than a half hour.

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