Top of the Pyramid


(Derek's point of view)

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Senior year was beyond awesome. Casey and I were the hottest couple in school. We even got picked cutest couple for the year book which thrilled Casey. About ¾ through the year our college acceptance letters arrived. That's when I got nervous about my relationship with Casey. She was accepted to the best colleges not only in the country but in the world. I had no idea how either of us would deal with the distance between us if she left. I knew I was going to Queens.

But then Casey announced that she got a full scholarship to Queens. She said she would be joining me there. I was so excited and knew I had become a sap but couldn't seem to care about that. Dad and Nora even offered to help us get an off campus apartment together. It would save a lot of money so us.

Dad and Nora announced her pregnancy at mine and Casey's graduation party. Seven months later Casey and I came home and met our brother. Jonathan was a very cute baby. As I watched Casey holding our shared brother I knew one day she was going to make a great mother. Looking at that little boy made me actually dream about us having a family which is insane considering we were just college kids.

During our junior year of college Casey and I returned home for our Christmas break. During this time Edwin and Lizzie finally revealed their relationship to Nora and Dad. They were shocked. They thought Edwin and Lizzie were just best friends. With them now being 17 they allowed them similar lead way they gave me and Casey. But they were disappointed that Edwin and Lizzie waited so long to tell them.

I proposed to Casey our senior year of college. I had just an offer from the New York Rangers. This meant a new country and a new life. But I couldn't leave without the best part of my old life, the love of my life. Surprisingly Casey accepted my proposal.

We moved to New York right after graduation. Casey started law school and we got married. Crazy enough a year later Casey gave birth to our first and second children. Our twins were Dylan our big boy and Daisey our beautiful little princess.

Edwin and Lizzie ended up getting married shortly after high school ended for them. They now have four kids. Marti became an actress and married her agent they have one child. Our brother Jonathan had a hard life after Dad died of a heart attack when John was just 15. John got into some trouble and Casey and I took him in to help Nora out. So we moved him to New York with us.

Casey and I had our own three kids and then John too. Our youngest Dana was just five when John moved in. John finally started doing better in school and in life. He became a doctor shortly before Nora's death making her so very proud. John married and has two children of his own.

When I met Casey I never imagined I would ever even like her. Now I'm married to her and we have kids together. Everything I once hated about Casey I've learned to love. She's done the same with me. I'm so happy that Casey fell off the top of that pyramid because that was the day I fell totally in love with her.

The End