Harry had been back with the pack for a few days. He may have been with them for less then a year but it was home. He thought of when he first came and had thought of asking to live with Helen at first. It would be odd to go away to school in the fall. But he could admit even if Hermione and Draco hadn't been coming he wanted to. He missed a normal schooling and quidditch. He would be able to come here on weekends and knew his dad and Fenrir would visit. His dad made a comment if he and Lucius married they could have their own hut in the village. Harry thought he wouldn't have to move. He was sure his dad and Fenrir would be bonded first. And then his dad's hut would be free for use. It was Remus' turn to blush from that comment.

Harry wanted something to focus on. He knew if he went off to school in the fall he couldn't continue with his animagus lessons. He wanted to complete his transformation. His dad knew he needed something and when sure his son was not too distracted to up his lesson.

Remus shook his head "I never thought I would say this about my son's boyfriend but I hope Lucius comes soon."

Harry smirked at his dad "And why is that? Want some free time to go snog a certain alpha?"

His dad blushed "Watch it pup."

Harry smiled "Oh come on you give as good as you get. And why is it you want my boyfriend here?"

It sounded a bit odd. Even if he had not had a problem with the age difference most dads would not wish their son's love interest was around more. But Remus was not most dads. His son was studying too much which was another thing they would never think to say. His son was worried about Albus not only for him but those he cared about. Tonks had her parents and the Delacaurs now had security. But Hermione and Draco were still in school.

Harry knew what his dad meant. He was spending time with his friends too. But he needed something to focus on. As much as he missed Lucius he was happy he was away. He knew Severus helped as well but until they could come to Beauxbautons he wanted Lucius to protect those two.

Remus kissed his son on the head "Well I know at least some of it has to do with beating the record."

Harry laughed "You should be happy it isn't yours. I plan to blow James and Siri out of the water."

Remus shook his head "I wouldn't be so cocky. James had his form down except for the antlers which took an extra month."

Harry grimaced at the thought "I am happy I am not a stag."

Remus laughed and could admit he agreed. The discomfort was nothing like being a werewolf but in training there still had been some. Harry felt a bit achy after a lesson. His main complaint was his tail. It seemed to be his sticking point. Remus smiled at that as both Black brothers had the same issue as well. When Harry mastered it he would be able to change seamlessly without any discomfort at all.

Harry transformed and as always lately it was swift. Remus smiled as for the first time his son had four paws. Until now all that was left was his front legs were still ending in hands and the no tail. All that was left was the tail.

Remus shook his head "All that is left is that nub of a tail."

Harry was back in human form "We could call me a tailless wolf and call it a day. I mean there are cats and dogs without them."

Remus smirked "You sound so like your Papa and Uncle. They both said that. But like a setter all wolves have tails."

Harry touched the two pendants he wore "Would you want me to remove the blood adoption? Be John?"

Remus was a bit surprised in the change of topic. But he knew mentioning Harry's Papa brought up such thoughts for them. He realized they had both been thinking about it. Harry had been a bit reluctant because of what Albus said. He knew the couple had kept him safe and died for him. He knew they had taken him from his Uncle but when Albus spoke he had his doubts. He was worried his dad hadn't mentioned it because he felt as Albus.

Remus shook his head "I would be happy if you wanted to look like us and be John but it is your choice. I don't want you to feel any pressure either way."

Hermione had to be even more careful then before. The Malfoys were known to have helped with Harry. Albus had come back from France in a foul mood. He was usually better at hiding his emotions from the school. They had never seen him under pressure. But he wasn't doing a good job of hiding them now. He had been so sure Harry would come back with him. Hermione knew Remus revealed himself to be alive.

Lucius had permission from her parents to remove her from school if there was a risk. She hadn't wanted to worry them before but they had to be careful. Hermione's parents surprised her at Christmas with news they bought a practice in Marseilles. They always loved France and with her plan to move they thought it a good time.

Hermione was coming out of the library the following weekend when she ran into Ron "Lost or something?"

Ron smiled "Ginny told me where to find you. We need to talk."

Hermione went to push past "No."

Ron was not about to move "The two of us have to have a little talk."

Hermione moved to go past him. Her and Ginny had a falling out in the past months. She had been upset with Ginny over her family but thought Ginny was like her parents. She later found out Ginny had been paid like her brother. And was still being paid in an attempt to get more access to Hermione. Hermione had not ended the friendship officially though cool. She agreed with Draco it could come in handy.

Ron snagged her by the arm and pulled her towards an alcove. He had no idea she planned to move to France. Albus thought Lucius was behind her parents moving. He was even more convinced Hermione was key to claiming Harry back.

Hermione pulled away from him "I wouldn't go into an alcove with you when we were dating. I sure as hell am not going now."

Ron was not backing down "You know if you apologize I would take you back and your parents wouldn't have to flee the country."

Hermione snorted "You think you are some hot shot? Albus is using you as a pawn like in chess. We all know what happens to pawns."

Draco's voice came from behind "They are the first to be sacrificed in battle. And we are talking wizarding chess here."

Ron turned to look "Oh no the ferret is jealous because I have the book worm in the alcove. You know I have had her in here many times."

He was expecting a reaction but not the one he got. Ron crumpled to his knees and held his groin area in sheer pain. He looked up in shock at Hermione as the kick had come from behind. He had never taken her for someone to ever resort to that. But he was reminded of Buckbeak and when she had struck Draco in anger over it. She was usually though too much of a brown noser to do it.

Draco was a bit shocked too. He too remembered the punch and having to ask his Uncle for bruise cream. He had still not been expecting to see it though. He found himself admiring her more and more. He was happy she was coming to France.

Ron was recovering "You will pay for this."

Minerva's voice came from behind "For what?"

Hermione noticed Albus was with her "My former boyfriend thought to reintroduce me to the alcoves. Draco here interrupted him."

Minerva looked at Ron "You will be serving detention for the next two weeks. And I would be expecting to hear from your mother."

Ron looked like he would protest but they had drawn attention. He wasn't about to admit he had been kicked in the balls by his former girlfriend. He was embarrassed enough by the little slut and her new boyfriend. He knew it would be even worse tomorrow for his mum was sure to send him a howler. Molly may have not wanted Harry around her kids any more but she liked Hermione. She was good for Ron she had said too many times to count.

Albus remained when Minerva cleared the others away. He was surprised Hermione would risk her parents as well as school for Harry. He always thought her smarter then that. He thought Ron a fool when he claimed she was seeing Draco. Maybe he wasn't so off.

Albus scanned her "You know you may want to be more careful. You know longer have Harry around."

Severus' voice was the one to cut in this time "Oh believe me Albus she has plenty of back up."

Lucius added "And I seriously hope you weren't just insinuating a threat to one of your students."

Albus sneered "I don't know why or how you were part of this Lucius but I will find out. I will loosen the choke hold you have on Harry and this school."

The man took off and Lucius looked at the other two. They could not start their new school till fall but could be home schooled until then. Lucius covered that with Cornelius. The two were hoping to finish out the year here if they could though.

Lucius simply looked at Hermione "Just keep the map on hand and book. You may have to join your parents in France sooner."

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