E/O challenge: Touch. 100 words exactly.

A little bit of comedy for Platinum Rose Lady's Birthday (with the UK time difference kept this back so wouldn't spoil the surprise)

For those who don't already know Spider Gates is a real life cemetery in Leicester, Massachussetts with plenty of Supernatural rumours (including the one featured in this drabble).


Spider Gates

"I can't believe Dad sent us to Spider Gates," Dean grumbled pushing open the cemetery's ornate wrought iron gates. "There's so many rumors about this place … its "Ghostbuster" heaven."

"Yeah but I think Dad's got a point … according to his journal," Sam touched the relevant page, "this is the real thing."

"So freaky Supernatural white stuff really does ooze up from the ground?" Dean asked incredulous.

"There've been plenty of sightings … just nobody knows what it is."

"I've got a theory … it's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's final resting place."

"Cute Dean," Sam grimaced, "really cute!"