E/O Challenge: Warm

100 words exactly drabble

For supernaturalmydreams birthday – some hurt/comfort Sam & Dean with emphasis on drowning as requested, hope you like it.

Inspired me to continue the Spider Gates story – I so want to turn this into a longer story some day!


Sam, losing his tenuous hold on his unconscious brother, looked on in horror as tightly entwined tendrils pulled Dean beneath the viscous surface of the white sprawling mass.

"DEAN!" he shouted, pushing himself to his feet and staggering to the edge of supernatural pool.

Moments later the creature shuddered violently, omitting a strange guttural scream before ejecting its captive's body back onto dry land.

Rushing to his side Sam desperately wiped away the warm, oozing liquid from Dean's nose and lips, deeply relieved when his brother, airway now clear, began to breath.

"Thing must have a Winchester allergy," Sam grinned.