Why sonic the hedgehog is better than Edward Cullen


sonic is much stronger than Edward. I bet if sonic were human hed have a eight pack from all the running he does. Edward has no special transformations, yet sonic has several. Sonics transformations are really good and make sonic stronger, quicker and possibly smarter.

Edward can run pretty fast, I'll give him that, but sonic can run FASTER than the speed if sound and in sonic x, it is mentioned quite a few sonic can run at the speed of sound. There is no proof Edward can run that fast. If you disagree with this, comment.


there are lots of people who say Edward is good looking, personally I don't agree. Sonic is much better looking than some vampire. (yes, I know sonics a hedgehog…) for starters sonic is blue. Blue is one of the BEST colours in the world and yet, Edward is well….normal. how boring. Secondly, I think sonics eyes are….just better. Im no fan of twilight, so I don't know what Edwards eye colour is. (doesn't it change when he turns into a vampire?). but!,…. Im positive know one can get better eyes than sonic. Also, Sonics hair. I mean, seriously, its sooo cool!

And lastly sonic is just soo cute and well you know all the other words that describe AMAZING looks. Please comment on what you think sonic looks like.

what they do

SONIC SAVES THE FREAKIN WORLD EVERY DAY WHILE EDWARD JUST PROTECTS BELLA! I know Edward does more than that, but I don't think hes as heroic as sonic. Sonic is a hero! Without him many people would die and the world would be taken over by eggman!

Edward just protects bella, maybe save a few people once or something. But sonic risks his life for anyone and everyone. Plus, a good thing about sonic is that he doesn't have to control him self not to 'hurt' anyone. He doesn't have to hide from anyone aswell.