A/N: Many thanks to my beta The Wishyles! She made great suggestions which enhanced this story. All remaining mistakes are mine.

The importance of knowing your staff

Zelenka entered the lab. "Hey, Rodney, may I send Dr Hansen on mission? You know, because of P2J-654?"

"I've already taken care of it. I sent Hansen with Major Lorne's team."


"Yeah, and I have to say that I don't understand why you suggested Hansen for the mission. I had to make it an order. I know biology is closer to voodoo than an actual science, but you would think a xenozoologist would be wild about being the first to see unknown animals."

"Huh? She asked for the mission."

"Uh, she?"


"Dr Hansen is a woman?"


McKay tapped nervously on the console with his fingertips. "Are you sure?"


"Then who the hell did I send to the planet with the huge spiders, snakes, venomous centipedes and scorpions???"