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The Joy of Chocolate Frosting: Sugar

My lips like sugar (My lips like sugar) This candy got you sprung (This candy got you sprung) So call me your sugar (So call me your sugar )You love you some (You love you some) I'm sweet like... Sugar. – Flo Rida ft. Wynter-Sugar


I approached him slowly, one step at a time; his open shirt fluttering in the wind. I ogled his exposed chest shamelessly and he smirked widely. "Like what you see?" he asked cockily.

I licked my lips at the sight of him, grinning. "Definitely, you're so mouth watering…I wish I could just eat you up!" I giggled like a teenager with a high-school crush. "In fact you know what? I'm going to do just that"

He raised his eyebrow, questioning, "And how do you plan to do that?"

I pointed to the bottle of chocolate frosting, sitting on the table he had just made out with me on. I ran to it and grabbed it swiftly, and then I pointed it to him, "I'm armed, be careful." His smirk became more pronounced and he shrugged out of his shirt.

I suddenly became aware that I was drooling; his chest was now completely bare, perfect! I grabbed the chocolate frosting and pointed the nozzle at him.

"You wouldn't dare," he said suddenly, a horrified expression crossing his face.

"Watch me," I teased back. I took another step closer to him, and sprayed the chocolate frosting all over his chest, covering him.

"Now how am I meant to clean this up?" Jokingly he went over to the cupboard where he knew I kept the tissues.

"Don't you dare," I cried. I ran up to him and grabbed his arm, trying to stop him.

"Well, how else do I clean this up?"

"I know how…" I trailed of suggestively. He raised another eyebrow and I rolled my eyes at him. I traced one finger up his chest, collecting some of the chocolate frosting on it, and then I placed it in my mouth. "Mmmm…"

"Taste good?" He winked at me.

"You have no fucking idea…so fucking delicious…" Then the most brilliant idea hit me, why didn't think of this before? "You know what? I have an idea."

"You always have an idea," he commented like the smart-ass he was. I frowned at him impatiently, "Okay what's your idea?" I grinned wickedly, "Uh-oh…should I be afraid?"

"Terrified!" I replied laughing crazily.

"So what's this mind-blowing idea of yours?" Mind-blowing it was. I beamed at him, and grabbed the chocolate frosting and covered every inch of his lips with it. Then, without a moment of hesitation I attacked his mouth with mine.

He responded back just as passionately and kissed me back just as enthusiastically. All I could taste on his lips was chocolate, and with the mix of this and him together; he tasted heavenly.

"Fuck Bella, I will never fucking doubt your ideas again." I smiled against his lips and then captured them with mine again.

This time he deepened the kiss; his hands traveled down to my waist and mine tangled in his hair. It was so soft, so smooth; I could run my hands through it all day.

His tongue smoothed against my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, allowing him entrance.

His tongue met mine, the two entwining together. Soon they were fighting for dominance and I broke away, gasping for air.

"God Edward," I spluttered breathlessly. He rested his forehead against mine, trying to catch his breath.

"Well that was the best fucking kiss I've ever had." He whispered seductively; I grinned widely.

"Never underestimate the magic of chocolate," and with that I leaned in one last time; my tongue flicking the remaining chocolate off his lips.

* * *

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