Christmas was always a lonely time for me.

My family didn't really celebrate it and Vanessa and Charlene usually forgot to get me anything.

And because all of my misdeeds, I got coal in my stocking this year


No cards on the wall either.

I stared at my baron tree and the old traditional fire of Christmas beginning to die.

My slump was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Nobody there.

I looked around, placed by my feet was a present.

It was almost too beautiful to open.

I picked it up gently trying not to harm the delicate wrapping.

I turned the tag over with two fingers.

'To my nemesis Merry Christmas'.

My cheeks burnt in the coldness of winter.

So that's what the warmth of Christmas felt like.

I smiled the steam passing out of my mouth "Merry Christmas Perry the Platypus…"