The snow gracefully fell to the ground in Rivendall as two young boys rolled around, yelling happily and laughing as they declared war on each other.

Young Aragorn had tackled his elven friend to the ground and was shoving snow in his long blond hair, Legolas let out a scream and laughed throwing a snowball in the half-elf's face, making him fall off him and on the ground with a grunt.

"Cheater!" Aragorn yelled and ran after the elf who kept laughing at his friend, leading him inside the palace, tracking snow on the marble floors.

The boys were too cought up in the fun that they failed to notice the working elves slip and fall due to the water on the slipery floors and Legolas ran stright into Lord Elrond, Aragorn bumping into him and the younglings falling straight down to the floor with a thud.

The old elf stood over them with Legolas' father right next to him, frowns maring their handsome faces "A prince is not to act this way Legolas, you have rules to fallow" the King said sternly to his son who still sat on the floor, head bowed down in shame "forgive me ada" he muttered "we were just having some fun"

"Look at the mess you've made, the great hall is soaking wet from your feet" Elrond said "clean this up this instant"

The boys got up to their feet and moments later started working on drying up the water that was sprawled on the floor.

"It's still snowing" Aragorn muttered as he looked outside to where they had been playing, the snowman they had made earlier stood proudly in the middle of the garden, mocking them with his freedom "I'm going out" the young man said "we shouldn't be cleaning when it's this amazing out"

"Aragorn!" Legolas said shocked "we can't leave...we have to clean this up or ada will be furious!" the elf grabbed his best friends arm but the boy just gave him a grin that told him not to worry, then he took the elfs hand and dragged him out to play once more.

They ran further away from the palace to avoid being seen by their fathers and into the small forest that stood next to Rivendale, once they were far from eyesight Aragorn took his friends hand once more and held it as they walked around the forest , a tiny blush maring their faces.

"I love the snow" Legolas muttered shyly, saying the first thing that came to mind to break the silence between them.

Aragorn came to a sudden halt, turning to Legolas who gave him a questionable look "what is it?" the blond asked him but never got an answer, wet lips met his and clumsily kissed him.

Even tho Legolas had never ever kissed anyone on the mouth he just as clumslily kissed Aragorn back, sending all thoes little butterflies that were in his stomach on a trip, he felt warm as Aragorn wrapped his arms around his waist and he rested his on the young boys chest.

They soon broke apart, dark blush creeping up once more as they stood there in each others arms looking quite confused, they had no idea of what had happened or why it did but they had liked it.

Aragorn leaned in once more, now waiting to get permision from the small elf to kiss him and Legolas leaned in as well giving him a sweet peck on the lips "I think this is against ada's rules" Legolas whispered against his lips, Aragorn gave him a grin and kissed him once more.

"Rules were ment to be broken"


It's snowing here, I like it.

I love Aragorn and Legolas as younglings, before the fellowship and before Aragorn became a Ranger.

Sorry for grammar if there is any error and the shortness.