Author's Note:

Hey guys, welcome to another fic of mine!
Nothing too deep and meaningful, just a tribute to the quick word-battles Aniya and Yagi always have ^_^

This one I think will have 3 chapters only.
However, if I don't manage to update every day for the next 3 days, I will make it longer.
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'I Told You So'

Round One


One thing that always pissed Aniya off was the way Yagi was always right.

From when they were little kids...
All the way to now they were in high school, she was always right.

'I told you so, BAKA!'
She'd yell at him, slap him on the back of the head and run off, laughter trailing behind her.
Up to today he didn't understand why he kept her company.

'It's because you secretly love me,' she used to tease him.

He would make hacking sounds and she'd hit him.
It was all very good-natured.
The bond of childhood friends.
But lately he noticed that she stopped saying it.

'Shinjo-kun, let me see your hand.'

Aniya scoffed as he watched that clueless monster Shinjo stick his hand out while turning beet-red.
He'd hit Sekikawa in the face again yesterday and his hand was bruised.
He always forgot that the pain would be his in the long run if he kept hitting people.
And Yagi seemed happy enough to keep bandaging him up.
It was encouragement, that was what it was.

'I'm going,' he announced into the noise and banged out of the clubroom, fed up.
As expected the door opened again behind him.

'Kei-chan, why are you sulking?' Yagi asked as she attempted to catch up with him as he walked down the steps.

'I'm not sulking! And don't call me Kei-chan!' he yelled at her.
It was not hard to tell that he was in a bad mood.
Most people would have taken the hint and left him alone.

'You're not getting any are you?'

He nearly fell down the stairs.
'What the hell are you saying, baka?' he spluttered.
She looked at him with utter superiority that pissed him off further.
'You always get like this when it's been awhile.'

He rushed her towards the wall.
'Why do you care,' he asked with a devilish grin, 'are you finally going to give it up to me?'

'Well...' she ran a finger against his jaw that made his legs feel like jelly, 'I think I'll pass, Chibi Casanova.'
'What the?'
She ducked under his arm and began running off.

'You're not THAT ugly Kei-chan, I'm sure you'll find someone.' she called to him.



She turned around the corner and nearly collapsed beneath the staff stairs.

Why did he always do that?
Didn't he understand how a girl's heart works?
Didn't he know the absolute danger of what he was doing?

Ever since she could remember, it was one of the things that pissed her off about him.
The fact that he didn't understand that she was a girl.
One who was just as susceptible to his charm as every other stupid bimbo she made fun of.

That it would be way too easy to take him seriously.
With a smile and a wink from him, she was always a heartbeat away from saying yes to anything.

'Ano baka...' she muttered.

'Yagi-san,' Mikoshiba called, pulling her out of her guilty thoughts, 'I'm glad I caught you-- you're getting the new uniforms today aren't you? I thought you might have trouble with the boxes, so I thought I'd help you.'
'Thanks Mikoshiba-kun!' she returned brightly.
Now why couldn't she fall for a nice guy like him?


'Coz he's gay,' Aniya said, his mouth full of food visible to all the world.

'That's disgusting,' she glared at him.
'Don't be homophobic!' he berated her.
'I was talking about you, you pig! And leave Mikoshiba alone.'

'What? I have nothing against him being into guys! But before you even think about confessing to him, you should know he was eye-ing off Shinjo in the shower the other day.'

'I don't need to know this.'
'That's called denial, Yagi. You'll just get hurt.'
She stared at him like he was scum.

'You're called an idiot, Kei-chan.'
'Dammit don't--,' but she was gone.

He hated it when she did that.