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Uncharted System (Designated Respite) - Planetary Orbit - March 5th 2055 AD - 1330 Hours, Zulu time.

"Spectre 9, Implacable. Requesting take off clearance from forward deck to join CAP" Reported Lieutenant Alistair Virtowal as he taxied his VF-19C Excalibur variable fighter along the deck of the Uraga-class Carrier Implacable. Looking out the cockpit of his fighter, Alistair gazes down at the planet the Macross 22 fleet is orbiting. Desolate hellhole he decided, damn place was only habitable near the equator and even then barely. The Marines liked the place a lot though after being cooped up on their ships and the colony fleet for the last 2 and half years.

"Implacable, Spectre 9. Clearance granted to launch via catapult 7. Rest of Spectre third flight will launch 30 seconds after you." Squawked the immediate response from Implacable flight operations. Manoeuvring his Excalibur Alistair attached it to catapult 7 preparing to launch his fighter without the need to expend reaction mass.

Bracing himself Alistair flinched as his Excalibur was launched via catapult off of the Implacable and began accelerating to join the CAP over the fleet. "Shameful. We have over 60 ships and yet we only have 12 fighters out here covering 10 million people. Pathetic" Alistair muttered to himself as he looked down to that miserable hellhole. Cold as a lot of planets around the equator as most are near the poles and yet the Marines seem to love the place. Only reason we are sticking around here rather then moving on is because it is the first habitable world we have found in 2 years Alistair thought to himself.

"Marine exercises. We have weakened our CAP for Marine exercises. Urgh" Alistair remarked and then realised his radio was set to transmit. "Spectre 9, what are you on about now. Its not like anyone could find us out here and I will let you know my younger brother is down there in an exercise at the moment." Squawked the voice of Shadow 1 the current CAP leader. Looking over his shoulder Alistair spotted out the profile of Shadow 1's VF-17S Nightmare against the outline of the planet.

"Sorry Sir. Didn't realise I was transmitting, won't happen again sir." Alistair quickly apologised to his superior. "Either way, doesn't seem to be anything around here, Requesting permission to head around and check in orbit on the other side of the planet."

"Granted Spectre 9, doesn't seem to be anything here and don't transmit like that again either" Shadow Leader said as he began to manoeuvre around to align himself to the correct course. Alistair followed suit and followed Shadow Leader in his manoeuvre. Of course if he had waited only another 5 seconds he would have been able to detect the ship that appeared in a flash of light at the edge of visual sensor range. Right inside the nebula cloud Respite system resided inside.