This is my first spooks /mi5 fic and about one of my favourite characters Lucas who needs a proper love interest, so this is for Lucas and OC .

Set just as Lucas comes back from Russia, and moves through the months after wards obviously AU.

Chapter one: another world

Sophia sat drumming her fingers on the desk; she had been at the grid now for four months after being recruited by Adam Carter, who seemed to see something in her that she was not even sure was there. She watched Harry and Ben leave something about picking up someone who had been a member of MI5 before even Adam had been there. She pushed her brown hair from her face, she saw Malcolm looking at her, and she smiled.

'No work to do Malcolm' she asked, walking towards him and sitting at his computer.

'I see you do not' Malcolm laughed.

'Well why the boss is away' she grinned.

She saw that Malcolm had wanted to reply when Connie James walked in staring blankly at the two of them.

'Sophia, you should be typing up your files' she chided.

Sophia looked to Connie she seemed to think she was running the place, Sophia of course knew that Connie was one of the longest serving members of section D along with Harry and Malcolm but it did not give her the right to think she could boss everyone around because of it.

'I was just asking if Malcolm wanted some tea, I was about to make one'

'Please Sophia' Malcolm nodded.

'Connie?' Sophia cocked an eyebrow.

'If you are making one' she replied coldly.

Sophia nodded and went to make some tea, still being the secret service a lot of stress in the workplace was solved by having a cup of tea. She brought the tea in to them. Malcolm smiled gratefully while Connie did not even acknowledge her.

Sophia went and sat back at her station and began typing up her reports, this was one thing she did not enjoy about this work: it was the paperwork.


A little while later, the man well she assumed it was him, that Harry and Ben had gone to collect, he looked as if he could do with a good bath. He had hold of chips in his hand. Adam also came into the room; he offered him a chip, which Adam took.

Malcolm went over to the man. 'Welcome home Lucas' he pulled him into a hug.

'It's good to be home' Lucas smiled, 'and good to see you too Malcolm'

Sophia watched this man, he seemed so lost, and he needed feeding up but from what she has been told about this Lucas, she caught his eyes for a second and smiled to her. She smiled back.

Lucas looked around the grid, so much had changed in the eight years he has been in Russian prison, but in other ways nothing had changed. The people well some of them were new, but they all seemed rather friendly.

'Lucas' Harry came up to him.

'Harry' Lucas replied.

'You should go and wash up' Harry suggested, 'Sophia'

'Yes Harry' the girl who he had just been staring at him.

'Could you show Lucas to the washing facilities?' Harry asked.

'Of course' Sophia smiled, 'would you like to follow me?'

Lucas nodded, he stayed behind her. She stopped suddenly nearly causing Lucas to fall. She turned and smiled, 'I am sorry' she said, 'It is through here, I think there should be some spare clothes in one of the lockers, I think they should fit you but I am not sure'

Lucas looked at her; she was rather sweet when she rambled like she was doing now.

'Erm thanks' he replied. He watched as she went back to the grid leaving him to muse over what is going on in this place, and what these clothes would look like when he had washed.


When Lucas came back to the grid, Sophia had to admit that he looked rather handsome, give him a few good meals and he would be even attractive.

She watched Harry go into his office with Connie and Adam soon that would be Lucas who would be in there, Sophia knew the score, de-brief after the whole him being in prison for eight years, Malcolm computer began to bleep, it did this when something was going down, and Malcolm turned to Ben who was a little way from him.

'Ben Get Harry now' Malcolm shouted.

Sophia got up from her desk and stood behind him, 'what is it?'

'I feel our night has just got interesting' Malcolm sighed.

Sophia watched as Harry moved to the meeting room, or assignment room as Sophia liked to call it. They sat down looking to the screen.

A video from the web came up on screen, the men were demanding that remembrance Sunday to be cancelled if not a person who Sophia seemed to recognise would be killed, the reason they wanted it to be cancelled was the apparent illegal activities in Iraq. They watched the clip then faced each other.

'Who is he?' Connie asked first

'Private Andrew Sullivan, Andy second battalion Royal York regiment home on leave from Afghanistan' Harry replied.

'This is in London?' Connie continued.

'This is in London' Harry confirmed

'We cannot give into their demands. People have died for our country once a year people celebrate and remember our fallen Heroes' Sophia said.

'Like my Great- grandfather' Adam looked to Harry, 'and we are going to bring Andy Sullivan home, we will remember our dead not man with a sword will stop us'

The plans were put in place; Malcolm would run voice recognition tests on all the suspects that were on the system, while Sophia looked for any leads on where they were.


Malcolm sat at his desk working through the voice programme; Sophia sat with him in case they missed something. Adam poked his head through the door he had just been in a meeting with a government official from the look on his face Sophia was sure that it was not a good one.

'Malcolm if we do not Id the kidnapper soon it is highly likely I will end up in the tower of London for the rest of my life' Adam spoke.

'We are working as fast as we can' Malcolm smiled.

Lucas came up behind them all.

'I see things are a bit stretched'

'It is a little tense' Sophia smiled.

'Can I help?' Lucas said.

Then Adam pulled him away from the other two, so Sophia did not get to hear the rest of the conversation. But a little while later Adam cornered her.

'I am going to allow Lucas to come and stake out the house of our suspect'

'Adam, I know you want to have him back, but do you think it is wise? He has just spent eight years in a Russian prison who knows how broken he is' Sophia replied.

'We are going to find out soon, he needs to come back to work' Adam stated, 'and it is effectively my decision'

'I know but be careful that is all Adam' she smiled, 'I am not saying that he is not a good agent but you do not know what has happened to him while he has been away'

Lucas came up behind the both of them, he grinned at Sophia this irritated her, she looked at him squarely at him in the eyes, she was meant to be saying the risks of him being in the team about him being maybe broken, but as he was standing before her, she saw that she was drawn to those eyes.

'Adam, whatever you decide we are behind, you. I must get back to Malcolm' she went back to the other side of the room away from Lucas.

Sophia knew the decision; Lucas had been able to go on the mission with Adam.


The two men had saved the solider and were about to take him home to his family, Sophia was pleased sitting at the grid, it had been a long couple of days and now she hoped things would quieten down.

This however was not the case when she got a message that said that they would still be going ahead with the bomb.

'Lucas, Adam, how far are you away from the threat?'

'We are about five minutes away why?' Adam spoke.

'They are going ahead with the bomb; you both need to get there and fast'

'We are on our way' Lucas replied to her.

About five minutes later. …

'Sophia we are at the position'

'Hang on I am handing you over to Malcolm'

'Adam, right we have seen a women get out of a black BMW we think she may be a suspect our records show her to have Russian connections, one of you must follow her'

'I am on the case' Lucas replied.

Sophia listened for the all clear from Adam and Lucas telling her that the target had been stopped, but it never came, it began to get ever closer to the time where the bomb was going to go off.

'There is five minutes till the bomb is going to go off, Malcolm I need a safe location'

'There is one about five minutes from where you are I am sending the directions now' Malcolm replied.

The clock was running, everyone on the grid had gathered around, waiting for Adam to confirm he was away from the car and he was safe, but it never came, all they heard on Adam's com's were the explosion and nothing.

'Has Adam made it?' Lucas asked frantically on the com.

Sophia looked to Malcolm, he shook his head.

'No Lucas he has not' Malcolm replied.

'Malcolm I am going to take a break' Sophia touched his shoulder and went to the ladies.

Adam had gone, the man who had made her a member of the grid. It hit home the job they were doing how it could all end, she sat down by the sink, she would not let tears fall, in this job you had to learn quickly that emotion was weakness, she would not let them know she was weak. She must have been there for hours when she felt someone sit beside her.

'I was sent to see if you were ok' she still did not look up.


It was Lucas who had been sent he was not sure why, maybe they thought because he did not really know Adam then he would not feel the pain as much as the others, meaning he would be the one who may get through to Sophia, he rounded the corner to where the Ladies was, he had not check here yet. As he opened the door, he saw her just lying on the floor, no emotion she just looked blank on the floor.

He sat down next to her, 'I was sent to see if you were Ok' Of course she was not Ok he thought any fool could see that, she did not look to him.

'I am fine' she said robotically, 'there was no need to come and see if I was alright' she had still not looked to him.

'Sophia' he whispered, 'it is alright if you want to let out some emotion'

Then something in her snapped, 'Emotion, you have no idea what I am feeling, you have just come back, you do not know who I am, you have no idea'

She was about to leave, when a hand grabbed her wrist.

'Help me understand then, you are saying you are fine but you are not, I can see you are not, I do not know you, but please let me help' his voice sounded desperate.

Sophia looked up to his eyes, those blue eyes, there was pain behind them, then she felt ashamed of course he knew what it felt like he had been in a Russian prison for eight years.

'Adam, recruited me, he made me into the person who I am today' she whispered, she felt tears run down her cheek, once the first one fell it was hard to not let the other's fall, 'it is also the first team member I have lost'

Lucas looked at the woman before her, she was good at her job, but she needed to know that it was part of the job also to feel the pain that when you left a member, it hurt so much.

'It's alright, let them fall, if you do not they will hurt you more' he put his arms around her waist. For the first time since he had been back that he felt something for someone else, he wanted to protect this woman.

'Lucas' she replied after about an hour of just crying into his arms, 'please do not tell Harry or anyone about this, they will see that I cannot cope'

'I will not, but you have to do something for me in return' Lucas eyes sparkled.

'And what would that be?' she cocked her eyebrows.

'That you help me if I need help in the future, when I show my times of weaknesses

'I will' she agreed, 'we'd better get back before, they search another search party'


It had been two weeks after the death of Adam, and slowly the team were beginning to get back to some form of normality, Jo Portman had returned to work, Sophia had not met her previously but she was a kind soul, who she was sure she would become great friends with. Ros Meyers was section head, she had come back from being undercover, and Adam had told Sophia about her, although he thought that she was dead.

Lucas was beginning to settle into the team, he seemed to be a missing link, Sophia was grateful for him being in the team, he had been true to his word, he had not told anyone about the night that Adam had died.

It was late again in the grid, most of the team had gone home, it was only her, Lucas and Malcolm in the grid, Lucas approached her desk, sitting with his arms folded over his chest.

'Something you are wanting Lucas' she teased.

'Well I was thinking it has been a long day, would you like to come out for a drink?' Lucas smiled.

'That would be nice, hey Malcolm, we are going for a drink, you fancy coming along?' Sophia shouted over to Malcolm.

'I have some things I need to finish up; I would not want to keep you' Malcolm smiled, 'maybe next time'

'You're on and next time it is your round' she smiled at him.

'Count on it' Malcolm replied.

Sophia turned back to Lucas, 'looks like it is just you and me'

Lucas smiled back to her, 'So it does'

'I hope you know you buy the first round' she smiled cheekily.

Leaving it there let me know what you think.

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