Chapter 12: Time To Sort Out Loose ends

Lucas awoke early, stretching slightly, he looked over to Sophia she was still sleeping. He smiled to himself, she had slept better last night, much to his relief, he had not slept that well, he was going through his mind just what he was going to do today. He knew he would have to play it cool, but he swore if Ian mentioned Sophia he would lose it.

Sophia stirred, 'Lucas, come back to bed' she muttered.

'Can't sweetheart, got to go into work' Lucas said pulling on a pair of jeans on. He looked at her he would love to stay with her today but he needed to be at the Grid.

'Why?' Sophia's eyes focused and she looked him in the eyes, 'I should go with you'

'No, You are going to go back to sleep. It's just a meeting'

'You are talking to Ian aren't you?'

Lucas looked to her and nodded, 'I don't want you near him OK, it's why you are going to stay here, rest and I will be back as soon as I can'

'I love that you are protective of me Lucas but I am a Spook and will have to face him sooner or later'

'I am not talking as a Spook at the moment Soph, I am talking as the man who loves you with all his heart, please listen to me. I need you to rest, get better. I need you to stay here'

Sophia looked at him and tears threatened to fall, 'Lucas I love you too, I will rest for you, I know you want to protect me, but I am not going to break so easily' she pulled him close to her and kissed him, 'But if it will make you happy, I will sleep and be a good girl'

'It will make me exceedingly happy, now I really have to go. If you want anything today you phone me and I will be home within ten minutes I promise' He gave her one final kiss and headed to the Grid.

Sophia watched him go, she felt like something was missing as he went, the bed felt colder somehow, but she shook her head and did as she was told and rolled over and went back to sleep.


As Lucas walked on the Grid, he felt every single pair of eyes look at him. As if he needed this to improve his mood this morning, he carried a coffee in his hand. He was not sure whether people were staring because it was his first day back in a while, or because of what had happened to Sophia.

Malcolm walked over to him at his desk. 'Morning Lucas'

'Morning Malcolm'

'I was meant to ask how is Sophia?'

'She is getting there, she is at home sleeping. She is taking it better than I would have'

'She is strong' Malcolm smiled, 'And how are you?'

'Not taking it as well as she is, I would like to kill Ian if I am honest' he noticed Malcolm face, 'don't worry I won't, I know I have to remain disconnected to him and treat him like any other person who I would interrogate'

'But I know it's hard when that person has hurt someone you love Lucas' Malcolm nodded.

'I can do it' Lucas smiled, 'I just hope he doesn't mention anything about Sophia because I may not be so calm'


Lucas entered the interrogation room with Harry; he knew Harry still was not sure he should have allowed Lucas to do this. But Lucas would have found a way to get into the interrogation of Ian. Ian sat with his hands on the desk, he looked calm and he even smirked at Lucas as he walked in, oh how he would love to wipe that smirk off his face once and for all.

'Mr Tarrant' Lucas said sitting the opposite side to him. He looked him directly in his stone grey eyes it seemed to be something that Lucas had not noticed before today but those eyes had no warmth in them only coldness.

'Lucas North, Not so much an RE Teacher then' Ian smirked.

'Well, I have to have a cover don't I? Bit like you really' Lucas replied he was not going to let this man get the better of him.

'I wouldn't know what you mean Lucas' Ian replied

'I mean you pretended to be a friend to Chris and a family friend, but you were only using them'

'I never pretended when it came to them'

'Is that why you didn't tell them about MR Lovelace?' Lucas looked him squarely in the eyes.

'Robert Lovelace, wanted to meet Sophia after I told him I knew the family, I had been friends with the family for many years, I have known Sophia very well for nearly ten years' Ian replied, 'I have seen her grow up into a very beautiful woman'

'So why was Mr Lovelace so interested in Sophia?' Lucas looked him directly in the eyes, he was going to ignore the comment about Sophia being a beautiful woman, because he had to try and keep a level head.

'Because of what she is, a Spook likes you. He wanted me to introduce them, I didn't know he wanted to harm Sophia, I wouldn't have took her, I love her too much'

'Love her!' Lucas spat, 'you five years ago tried to rape her? Do you quantify that as love? Did you really think that someone like Lovelace I am sure you knew what he was capable of as you are such great friends that he would leave Sophia alone because you declared you have feelings for her?'

'I thought he was my friend'

'You were mistaken; he used you because of his need for revenge! He didn't care that you 'loved' Sophia he wanted to take his pain out on someone who was close to Harry here, he wanted to see her hurt, just like you did when you hit her'

'I would never have let him hurt her, she is mine!'

'I think you will find mate, she was never yours and certainly is not anymore' Lucas looked at him, 'Now Lovelace is dead, and we need someone to pin what happened on. Guess what Ian you are top of the list? You are going away for a long time. And I am sure I can find a few more charges I can pin on you'

'Does Sophia know you are doing this?' Ian looked at Lucas, 'she will not be happy that you are doing this to me, tell her… I will always love her and that I am the only person who will make her happy'

At this Lucas snapped, he moved and within two seconds had Ian pressed up against the wall, his hand around his throat, 'You ever come near Sophia again and I swear I will break your neck, YOU HAVE NO CLAIM TO HER! And I swear I will be the one waiting for you to come near her because I would like nothing more than to kill someone like you, because you are worse than most men. You know why you tried to make a woman who has no interest in you fall for you. When she said no you carried on anyway instead of moving on and leaving her to get on with her life'

'Lucas, Let him go' Harry shouted at him.

'No Harry he needs to hear this' Lucas still held Ian's throat, 'she will never love you, because guess what pal, she loves me, and you know what you make her scared' Lucas released his hold on Ian and back away and out of the room. His breath was shallow. He propped himself up against the wall.

He was aware when Harry came out of the room, 'Lucas what the hell do you think you were doing in there?'

'Harry, with all due respect don't lecture me and tell me if he had just hurt someone you care about deeply then you would have not done what I just did'

'Lucas, it was unprofessional' Harry said.

'It was but God I feel better for doing it' Lucas looked at his boss in the eyes, 'Harry, I am sorry; I snapped he started talking about Sophia like that, I would have killed him'

'I know you would have done Lucas' Harry nodded, 'I think we all need a break, come on the Grid for a while have a cup of tea and if you don't want to go back in there, I may let Ros have a go on him'

Lucas nodded.


Sophia promised Lucas that she was not going to go on the Grid, while he was interrogating Ian, but she could not just sit and do nothing. She was not that type of girl. She got herself dressed and got in her car and made her way to Thames House, she needed to get out of the flat.

She walked on the Grid and again every pair of eyes seemed to lie upon her, she moved to her desk briskly. She knew why they were staring it was because of how she looked. She looked over to Malcolm, he walked over to her.

'Lucas is in with Ian at the moment'

'I see' Sophia nodded.

'How are you?'

'Getting there, it wasn't my plan of how I wanted to spend my weekend at my parents if I was honest'

'You know you shouldn't be here'

'I am not doing any work Malcolm, I just needed to be out of the house for a few hours, I will wait for Lucas like a good little girl and you won't even know I am here'

Lucas walked into the Grid with a cup of tea in his hand, he scanned the Grid, and he swore he saw Sophia sitting at her desk. No that could not be possible; he left her at the flat. He must have been dreaming that she was there. He walked over to her desk.

'What are you doing here?' he asked, 'I told you to stay at home'

'I got bored, I am not working, I just wanted to come and see you. You didn't drive in this morning'

'No I thought it would be better if I walked' Lucas replied, 'You still shouldn't be here'

'Lucas, then take me home, I did sleep for a while, but I don't like being in the flat on my own'

'Sophia, I love you, you know I can't take you home not yet' Lucas looked at her sadly; he would love nothing more than to take her home. But Harry wanted him to stick around to see out the interrogation, when Ros came out from Ian.

'How did the interrogation go?' Sophia looked him in the eyes.

'I got thrown out'


'Oh I told him exactly what I thought of him'

'Lucas, why do I suspect you did a little more than that'

'Because I did, I had him by the throat' Lucas smiled.

Sophia tried not to laugh, she should have told Lucas that is was wrong for him to do that. It was unprofessional of him to do that to a person they were meant to be questioning. But it made her feel loved. That he cared about her that much to hurt the person who had hurt her so many times, it made her heart swell. 'Lucas, that was very foolish of you'

'That's what Harry said, he said it was unprofessional'

'No I didn't mean it like that I think it was unprofessional of course it was, but I think you may have just made me fall even more in love with you' she smiled.

Hearing her say that made his heart feel as if it was going to beat out of his chest, it has been a long time since he had felt like this, not since Elizabeta, when he thought he loved her, or when he thought she loved him in return. With Sophia it was different, it felt different, and it felt right.

'Well that's good because you are stuck with me' Lucas smiled.

Sophia smiled to him, 'You are stuck with me too'


Harry looked to Lucas as he came out of his office a little while later, 'Sophia, you should be at home'

'It's okay Lucas has already read the riot act about how I should be at home'

'Lucas, Take her home'

'You wanted me to be here?'

'No take her home. And you go home too. It's been a long day' Harry said.

Lucas looked to Harry, 'You sure?'

'Yes, you are both still technically on leave. Take Sophia home she needs you at the moment' Harry nodded. 'Sophia, now I don't want to see you on here until you are recovered and if I do I will remove your right to be here'

'Harry' Sophia smiled, 'Okay I promise'

'Good, now go home with Lucas and enjoy the rest of your day'

Lucas put his arm around her and guided her off the Grid and into her car, he was going to drive her back, she should not have driven here anyway, he would have to have a go at her about that soon. She placed a hand in his knee as they drove away back to their flat.

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