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Means to an end

Chapter 1

Harry potter was frowning down at his essay describing 12 uses of essence of Bowtruckle plant in potions for that Professor Slughorn. It was the last of the Christmas holidays in Hogwarts and both Ron and Hermione were gone home for the holidays. They were scheduled to return today. He had opted not to go. The reason was Snape's warning about some nefarious plans involving him-who-always-will-make-his-life-hell and himself. With most of the students gone he had been utterly bored out of his mind and decided to do homework, not that it was going to increase his grades already being top student.

As he bent over Rare magical plants tome the portrait hole burst open and someone tumbled in. Harry quickly got up from his seat to come face to face with…………. himself.

Many people would have been shocked to come face to face themselves except that the other Harry Potter was covered in blood with numerous cuts and scrapes with singed hair and a definite hobble what caught his eyes was the time turner dangling from the other Harry's neck.

"We have been betrayed", the other him whispered.