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Chapter 9

Harry was sitting at dinner when his guard marched into the great hall. Looking at them he finally realized the reason they had taken Voldemort so much time to put it all together. The guard was comprised of dark elves and golden eyed vampires (vampires who don't drink human blood). He grinned. They were indeed the guard fit for a prince. He was pleased and he saw that none of the faculty was happy. His grin widened. His legal status as a prince of the Britain was now plain for all to see.

Much as Dumbledore and the light side had tried to gainsay in the matter when Voldemort had proposed the return of the royalty and the old ways, earlier in the day, they were out-voted by the purebloods and those who had thought that Dumbledore had finally gotten too far with his treatment of the boy who lived. That both Harry and Voldemort had fearsome reputations did help a bit. Voldemort was the executor of the state in just short of a crowning; instead, he had let the Wizengamot decide the prime minister of the wizarding Britain who would run the government freeing him for his other pursuits. He had accepted the title of Lord Slytherin finally as well as several others.

Hogwarts was now hosting his guard, solely comprised of previously classified dark and vicious creatures. Now, they had just as much right to exist as any other creature subject to some reasonable restrictions. Soon there were going to be many changes in the ways Hogwarts was run and in the way students perceived the dark creatures.

If looks could kill, Dumbledore sure could give the basilisk run for his money now. Years of careful manipulations and yet he had lost at the brink of the victory. He had never figured that Harry had stopped trusting him after Sirius's death and continued his training in hiding. He was so sure that Harry would do whatever he had planned for him without asking too many questions. That was his mistake and now he had lost the war for good. Voldemort had finally beaten him at his own game. He was a sore loser. He wanted Voldemort to be incarnated into Numergard with only old dark lords for company. Now, that was a distant possibility unless a possible mutiny arose in his favor, a distant dream. He glared at the boy who lived to become a prince. Loathsome dark creatures none of which had ever sided with the light were now openly guarding him.

Harry smiled at the late gift he had received for Christmas. It was a beautiful Egyptian snake. He was happy for something that he could converse with; Hedwig was a bit jealous but desisted from trying to kill her completion. The school had taken the guard seriously; except for the Slytherins of course, who followed Malfoy's lead and continued to try to create troubles for him in the class, try being the operated world. The rest of the term passed quite peacefully.

The old man and his staff had been a bit unfair on him unlike Snape who had made a turnaround, well mostly; his venom was well conserved now. Thanks to his guard, Hermione, and Ron sticking to him like glue most of the skirmishes outside the classroom never got past the verbal blows.

Harry had just finished his last NEWTS. His position as the royal had led him a few privileges including special accelerated studies. He was graduating early so that he could begin his training, as a prince he was obligated to. Ron and Hermione had another exam and they were revising. He had worked hard for this and he was confident that he had scored very well. He was happy that finally something had been fixed in his life. He no longer had the obligations to kill, maim, and fight. He had finally let go of everything that had held him back. So had Tom Riddle. He was leaving in a month and he would join Voldemort at his manor. They had to work out the dynamics of their formal relationship as the executor and prince of the state and sort out their duties. He was also coming of age soon and had to learn how to take care of the estates left in his inheritances.

He was sitting in the Hagrids's hut sipping tea when he received an urgent missive from the headmaster to see him. His guard captain, Elrond accompanied him.

Dumbledore was sitting in his office eating his lemon drops when he walked in. immediately he sensed something was different. Dumbledore looked far too relaxed; he was upto something. He took a seat.

"Tea, your grace?" A subtle glance in his guard's direction let know him that the tea didn't contain any potions. He took a sip. Dumbledore had a gleam in his eyes which he was getting uncomfortable with.

"Why have you asked me here headmaster?" Harry asked. He frowned as his voice came out a bit slurred. Elrond suddenly slumped behind him. Harry fumbled for his wand. He was too slow. A simple stunner later, he was lost to blackness.


He woke in a different room than he expected. He was expecting shackles and the binding. Instead, he was lying in a warm bed totally unfettered, in a room decorated in red and gold. He turned on his side and found Tom sitting on a chair beside a window, reading a paper. He blinked. It seemed a day had passed. Tom looked up to him and smiled. He was frightening. Harry shuddered. Tom smirked which looked ghastly on his twisted features. Harry sat up in his bed and raised an eyebrow. Tom folded his paper and took a seat on the bed opposite him.

He began. "Dumbledore used a muggle drug in your tea to make you lethargic but he made a mistake. Severus found out about the planned attack and he alerted the guards and me in time. We intercepted the portkey that was designed to take you to Italy. Blaise Zabini in your year was the one who found out the original plot and helped in nabbing your kidnappers at the portkey transfer at Italian borders."


"He was a neutral in the war."


"Slithered out as usual but with more restrictions on him; pled that he was as ignorant of the muggle things as us. You are done with your school anyways. I convinced the governors to take you to teach you your duties as a royal and they were happy to oblige."

"More like terrified, I guess." Harry muttered cheekily. Tom gave him a glare. Harry shut up.

"I have also taken out three more students from your class to be the part of your entourage as you begin training for you role as the prince; Miss Granger, the youngest Mr. Weasley, Mr. Zabini. They are all well accommodated at the manor."

Harry nodded in acceptance. "I want Zabini to be watched quite closely. This whole thing sounds quite suspicious. Dumbledore is very subtle with his games and Zabini's have quite a talent for killing people efficiently, leaving no trace. Perfect assassins."

Tom nodded. "They have made a move. We have to reply."

"Not yet. Let him wonder for a while. Keep Zabini separate from my friends too. Just because he helped save my life once doesn't mean that he is treated the same as my confidants."

Tom grinned. Harry grimaced. "Why did you mutilate that handsome face of yours. A smile on this face creeps me out."

Tom grinned. "I found that fear was a powerful tool when dealing with dark wizards. Many dark rituals also contributed along with the fact that my resurrection wasn't completed the way it was supposed to."

"Well, do something about it. Now you are the executor of the state. You can't go out in general population looking like a snake."

Voldemort gave him a sly look. "I may try." Harry was startled when he found they were nearly whispering with their faces only an inch apart.

He pushed back Tom gently. Harry was quite aware of the sly and cunning nature of Tom. The man was even a bigger manipulator than Dumbledore; he knew just how to avoid being manipulated by anybody now. He was going to push back equally subtly and in style. He pressed his hand in Tom's chest none too gently, landing a soft pinch. Tom gasped slightly. " I should get ready." He slithered out of the bed gracefully and padded out in search of a bathroom.

"Tease." Tom whispered.

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