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Full summery: What if things ended differently for Harry at the end of his 4th year. What if he ended up moving to Japan and meets the Kurosaki family. What would Ichigo's life be like if he had a magical boyfriend? Harry/Ichigo Sirius/?

Warnings: Slash. Violence in later chapters. People will probably be acting out of character.

A/N: In a few chapters once the time line clicks with that of the bleach anime there will be lines of speech in the story coming directly from the anime. This starts off before Ichigo becomes a soul reaper. Harry will be with him though all that :D

Bleach with a dash of magic

Chapter 1: Japan

It was a warm summers day in Karakura town, not a cloud to been seen for miles. Birds were diving and twittering in the sun as they went through their normal morning routine. School kids of all ages were taking their time in leaving their homes to head towards school. Parents and adults alike were either heading towards work or trying to enjoy a quick breakfast. It's at this time that an old beat up red and white moving van mumbles down one of the peaceful streets, its loud engine earning it curious looks from the locals. What no one knows yet is inside that old bet up truck is none other then Harry Black and Father, former escaped convict, Sirius Black. The reason that had led the two wizards to the small town of Karakura in Japan was anything but simple. It had all started during the last task of the triwizard tournament.


Harry peaked around the corner of the hedge and bit his lower lip as he saw Cedric closing in on the cup. Should he just let him have it? He gripped his wand tighter; he had a bad feeling about this. Before he could think any longer on the thought he jumped out and flicked his wand.

"Stupefy!" His spell landed dead on and Cedric fell to the ground mere metres from the cup. With a sigh Harry cautiously walked froward. There didn't seem to be anything wrong. Maybe his bad feeling was just that, a bad feeling and nothing more. With a slightly hesitant hand Harry grasped the cup. As soon as he did he felt the horrible familiar feeling of a portkey tugging his navel.

With a groan Harry hit earth, it only took a simple glance to tell he was in a graveyard. Before he even had the chance to recover from his trip his wand was knocked out of his hand by a weak disarming charm. Before he knew it he was bound tightly by ropes to a headstone thanks to worm tail. And he was getting a funny feeling he knew what was residing in the black bundle of robes not too far away. Wormtail was doing a good job of ignoring him.

He winced harshly as his scar flared with pain. He wasn't liking where this was going at all. He took a better look around and saw that his wand was several metres away, and the cup that had brought him here was still further away. And a large cauldron centred right in front of him. If only he could loosen the ropes.

He watched in horror was wormtail reviled that thing in the robes. It looked like some kind of evil snake child. By the conversation Harry guessed it was Lord Voldemort. Thankfully it was placed in the cauldron soon after. Then wormtail started a ritual, one in which he cut his own arm off, and cut Harry's arm gathering blood. Harry wriggled a little more as he watched his blood and wormtails hand enter the cauldron. He had to get out of here. If he could just manage to twist his hand a little. There. Harry managed to slip his hand out, he made quick work of the knots that bound him. Thankfully wormtails attention was forced on the cauldron in front of him, so Harry managed to each his wand and sent off a quick stunning spell. As soon as his spell hit wormtail the man topped forward into the cauldron.

The cauldron gave a loud hiss and started bubbling violently. Harry guessed it wasn't meant to have another person inside it. He quickly ran towards the cup hoping that it would provide a way back to Hogwarts. But before he could reach it the cauldron exploded. Harry ducked for covered behind a tombstone as the liquid was sent in all directions. The funny thing was that as soon as it had exploded Harry's scar had stopped hurting. Harry absentmindedly rubbed his forehead. Voldemort was dead? Harry shook his head in disbelief and wandered back over to the cup. What a weird day.

After he returned and was fussed over for disappearing it was found out that moody had been an impostor keeping the real moody in a trunk. It had caused quite an uproar. The day moved slowly for Harry as he ended up having to tell everyone what happened. Not that a single soul believed him. They all thought he was in shock from the attempt on his life by moody. He gave up trying to convince them in the end. It was just a waste of energy.

Later when things had died down a bit and Harry was sitting in Dumbldore office with Remus, Sirius and Mr and Mrs Weasly. That's when things went really wrong. Harry wanted to go live with Sirius, they could use his memories to try and free him. Sirius of course wanted the same thing. However Dumbldore didn't believe that Voldemort was really gone. Despite the fact Harry's scar had faded so much you could barely see it. And he wanted Harry back at his aunts. When both Harry and Sirius had turned to the Weasly's and Remus for back up they found they all followed the Headmaster blindly.

It was when Sirius watched his sad little godson walk out of the room with Remus to be dropped off at the Dursley's that things changed. No one messed with a Black. And Harry was a Black in every way that counted. People often forgot that while Sirius had been a gryffindor, and was on the light side. He was still a Black and had grown up as a pureblood. He had plans to make.

Over the next few weeks, despite being ordered to stay inside his house for his own protection, Sirius managed to get a number of things done. First he had contacted his friends in the Japanese ministry of magic and had gotten himself a private trial in which he was cleared of all charges. Of course the British ministry of magic refused to acknowledge it. But it didn't matter, he was a free man as far as Japan went.

He thanked god his grandfather had been Japanese, because it then made it easy for him to buy a house in a small town called Karakura. He already had his passport and Harry's all ready to go.

Of course before he snuck out to rescue Harry, whom he had adopted right after he had been cleared of charges. He had to transfer all his holdings at Gringotts to a bank in Japan. As it turned out it was simple as they had a branch over there was well. With that done Sirius had packed up all this things and simply disappeared into the night. A few days later found him and his son now named Harry Black, landing in Tokyo Japan. It didn't take them long to get all their things in order and rent a truck. They decided to take the scenic root to their new home. And buy some belongings on the way.


The old truck pulled up outside a small friendly looking house across from Kurosaki Clinic. As soon as the truck was parked the passenger door swung open and a desperate teen ran out and leaned against the brown fence of their new home. The driver's door opened a little bit slower and a sheepish Sirius lumbered out.

"Never ever again." Panted Harry taking in deep breaths of sweet fresh air, of which he had be denied for the last 5 minutes.

"Well in all fairness I didn't know the windows didn't work now did I?" Replied a slightly put out Sirius.

"Yes well even if the windows did work I'm never sitting in a car with you after you eat garlic pizza ever again. I thought my eyes were going to burn out of their sockets" Proclaimed Harry as he finally got his breathing under control. Though he could swear he could still smell his Dads farts even now.

Sirius flushed slightly and gave an awkward cough. Okay even he had to admit his gas had been deadly.

Harry fanned his face with his hand and grinned up at his Dad. "It was worth it, just being here right now dad, it's the best." Said Harry as he spun his arms for emphasis. Sirius couldn't help but agree.

"Yea it is great, and the house looks better in person then on paper. And thanks to the lovely language spells we used, we can speak perfect Japanese. So I'm sure we will have no problem talking with the locals." Said Sirius as he went around to the back of the van. "Hey come and give your old man a hand here kiddo."

Harry grinned and walked over to help. The best part of moving around the world with Sirius had been the adoption. The man was a good father, if a little on the childish side. While Harry waited for Sirius to get the back of the truck open he took another moment to take in his surroundings. The street they had moved into looked like any other street in Karakura town. Simple yet homely. And having a clinic opposite would probably be a big help in the future. After all magic wasn't always the best answer. Plus thought Harry upon reflection, he would rather wear a cast for a few months then have Skele-Gro again.

"Ah ha! Got you now you stupid door!" Yelled Sirius who had finally managed to figure out the muggle locking system.

Harry chuckled lightly and peered inside the truck. It was piled high with boxes. Which were filled with furniture and other thing's needed for their empty house. Sirius of course had brought it all in the town over and charmed the boxes feather light.

"We should hurry and take these inside using the trolley before to many muggles see. Just in case they get the idea to come over" Said Sirius as he pilled out a large trolley which had been leaning on the wall inside the truck.

Together they made quite work of unloading the boxes and transferring them around back of the house. Where they were free to use magic to unpack and place the items, even Harry could use his magic, as the Japanese ministry didn't have the same under age rule. Something, which delighted Harry to no end, who since entering the country had been getting Sirius to teach him, spells for almost everything.

After they had finished unpacking Harry and Sirius had crashed on their couch in happiness. Finally they had a nice place to call home. It was a simple two-stored house, with 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, one of which was attached to the main bedroom. A Large open lounge and a good size kitchen with large windows looking out over the back yard. Which while not the biggest. sported enough room for a cloths line and a small veggie garden, some flowers and a picnic table. With room still to lay on the grass. They had decided to stick with a homey and simple feeling to the house.

"You know I think I'm going to like this town, no manic pureblood wizard. No manipulating old bastards. And to top it off volde's dead and done for." Said a grinning Sirius as he stretched out fully.

"Yeah your right. Hey Dad when are we going to start schooling me at home?" Asked Harry curiously as he moved off into the kitchen to grab a couple of drinks.

"Mmm how about next week? I think we both need a little time to get all settled in." Replied Sirius as he got up to join Harry in the kitchen.

"Sounds good to me."

Harry handed Sirius a coke and took a sip out of his own. He was just getting ready to sit down at the table next to Sirius when the doorbell rang.

"Huh? Who on earth is that? We have only been here an hour or so." Voiced Sirius.

"I'll go get it." Replied Harry as he put his coke down and made his way over towards the front door, leaving a tired yet happy Sirius to nurse his coke.

Harry opened the door to find a little girl standing there staring at him.

"Hey mister, sorry to bother you but I kicked my ball over your fence and into your back yard. Can I go get it?" She asked

Harry blinked and smiled warmly, what a lovely blunt little girl. " Sure, why don't you come on in and I'll get you a coke while I go look for your ball?"

The little girl seemed a little nervous about the thought of entering a stranger's house, but in the end agreed, Once Harry had her sitting at the table he went off into the back yard. After looking around to make sure he wasn't being watched, a quick summoning charm had the football he was after safely in his hands. Once he got back to the kitchen he handed the ball over to a much happier girl.

"You behaved yourself right Dad?" Asked Harry as he raised an eyebrow.

"But of course I did my darling son!" Replied a perky Sirius, the coke had washed away any tired feelings he may have had.

"I hope your Dad never meets mine." Said the little girl as she shuddered." They seem to be too much alike."

"OO Harry she's from over the road, at the Kurosaki Clinic. Her Dad runs it. She lives with her older brother who's your age and a sister"

"That's nice dad." Said Harry as he rolled his eyes. Trust Sirius to leave out names. Harry held his hand out decided to introduce himself. " I'm Harry Black."

"Karin Kurosaki. Its nice to meet you." Said Karin as she shook Harry's hand. Karin eyed her new neighbour and couldn't help but feel safe around him. He was rather small for his age, 15 so his father had said. He looked almost like one of those magical elves she had seen in movies and on TV. She couldn't put her finger on it but there was something about him. He seemed to radiate kindness.

Harry smiled warmly at the girl. She seemed so serious. But he could tell she was a good kid.

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