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Full summary: What if things ended differently for Harry at the end of his 4th year. What if he ended up moving to Japan and meets the Kurosaki family. What would Ichigo's life be like if he had a magical boyfriend? Harry/Ichigo Sirius/?

Warnings: Slash. Violence in later chapters. People will probably be acting out of character.

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Harry crossed his arms waiting, his narrowed eyes not once leaving the Shinigami in front of him. He wanted answers. Why was she in his boyfriend's room? Why didn't she look the least bit guilty. And though he didn't want to admit it, a small part of him just needed reassurance that Ichigo was still his. Harry watched as Ichigo shifted slightly on his chair so he was fully facing both people in the room.

"Err….I'm not sure I can explain this Harry, but I want you to know that nothing happened! I didn't even know she was here to start with!" Said Ichigo, looking slightly unsure. After all he didn't really know what the heck was going on, he got that Harry was a little angry sure. Even understood why a little. But he had no clue why Rukia was in his closest!

Harry sighed and with a few short steps he had turned and flopped down on the bed getting comfortable. Once settled his gaze once more found the girl that was upsetting his new life.

"Explain." Said Harry

The Shinigami nodded her head and calmly straightened her dress, a dress that Harry could have sworn he had seen Yuzu wearing the other week….

"I simply needed a place to stay, I also need to be close to Ichigo in case of a hallow attack, he has no other way of leaving his body when it's needed. I figured staying in his closet was the best option." Said Rukia nodding her head. She seemed very sure of herself.

"What the heck! How is that the best option?" Yelled Ichigo wondering just what the hell was wrong with this girls thought process. He was just about to tell her what he thought of her 'best option' when a subtle narrowing of Harry's eyes warned him to hold off for now.

"Closet?...I see…. Well you guessed wrong. I don't feel comfortable with you staying in my boyfriend's room. While I trust Ichigo completely. I don't trust you an inch." Said Harry, his eyes never once leaving Rukia. "I get that you need to be close to him, but there is such a thing as too close when said person is dating someone else…"Harry trailed of as Ichigo stood up and made his way over to him. Sitting down Ichigo put an arm around Harry's small shoulders and pulled him close. Harry smiled and nuzzled ever closer ignoring the blush he knew was spreading on his boyfriends face. This small show of support meant the world to him, knowing that his boyfriend was on his side calmed nerves that Harry hadn't noticed were there.

"I agree with Harry, plus it's just plain weird having you in my closet."Said Ichigo who was doing his best not to let the blush on his cheeks spread too far, he tightened his hold on Harry slightly. "I would offer to let you stay in the house as a guest but that would mean sharing with my sisters, we don't have that much room here." Ichigo was rather proud of himself for not losing his cool and blowing up at her.

Rukia frowned and nodded, closing her eyes she pondered for a moment.

The boys took comfort in each other as they waited to see what the Shinigami would say. They didn't have to wait long.

"I understand, however sharing with your sister would pose too many questions not to mention we don't know how long I need to stay yet, this is still the better option. I can't be too far away."

Harry took a really good look at the girl in front of him, she didn't seem like she was going out of her way to upset them. And thinking on it further Harry did kind of see where she was coming from. But it was still out of the bloody question letting her stay in his boyfriend closet like some kind of... creepy closet monster! Okay so not the most creative thing Harry had ever thought of but it still summed his thoughts up nicely. Glancing at his boyfriend who was frowning at Rukia and then looked at Rukia who was frowning at him, Harry was struck by a weird and probably very bad idea. But hey there had been a reason his Hogwarts house was Gryffindor.

"You can stay with me, we have a few guest rooms (don't remember if he did but does now lol) you can have one of those, its right across the street so it should be close enough to Ichigo for you. You'll just have to give me a day to talk to over with my dad but I'm sure he won't mind." Said Harry, not only would it keep her out of Ichigo's room, but it would let him keep a close eye on her. Though he and his dad would have to hide a few things, that's if Sirius even agreed to it.

Harry eyed the surprised looking Rukia waiting for a reply.

"Are you sure Harry?" Asked Ichigo looking down at his boyfriends head, his replay was Harry looking up at him with a 100 watt smile. Ichigo was a little worried though, would a house with two wizards and a Shinigami really be a good idea?

"I'm sure, and I'm also sure dad will come around to the idea if I just explain she's a transfer student who doesn't like her current family or something." Replied Harry as he kissed Ichigo lightly on the cheek, he was never going to get tired of the blush it caused.

"If you can talk your father around then I will accept for now. But if anything gets in the way of my job I will be right back here."Stated Rukia with a final nod of her head. "In the mean time I will head to school with Ichigo as planned."

"As planned….since when!" Said Ichigo.

Harry chuckled lightly at his boyfriends disbelieving tone; he gently untangled himself from Ichigo and stood up to leave. He missed the warmth and weight of his boyfriends arm and side instantly.

"I'll head back home now and talk to my dad; I should be able to give you an answer after school, so how about I meet you both at the gates?" Asked Harry, he was ignored as his boyfriend and the Shinigami had started arguing with each other, Ichigo it seemed wasn't too pleased with Rukia's planning involving him.

Shaking his head Harry gave his boyfriend one last fond look and left the room, saying goodbye to the girls as he left and headed home. To face what he knew was going to be a very difficult battle with his dad. But he was sure he could make Sirius agree…well pretty sure.


Later on that day…..

Harry signed as he looked around his room, it was rather bare now, gone were all the books a normal person wouldn't have, in fact everything that was magical or magical related was gone. He sighed again, he already missed them. Everything had been moved into the basement which he didn't know they had, he was pretty sure that his dad had made it. Ah the wonders of magic.

Harry pouted as he looked around in wardrobe for his coat, in hindsight he hadn't really thought this idea of his through, yes his dad had agreed in the end to house Rukia, Sirius also wanted to keep a closer eye on the person that had messed with his sons memories, plus when his son turned on the puppy eyes… there was no saying no. But having her here meant that everything magical was moved into one room, the same room he was going to have to have all his lessons in. While they knew who Rukia was they didn't feel like sharing who they were to her.

Harry hated hiding who he and his dad were in their own home, but he also hated Rukia being around Ichigo even more. So he was willing to bear it.

Harry slipped his coat on and closed his wardrobe. He was willing really….It was just going to take some adjusting that's all.

After giving his house one more thorough look over for anything that a non magical person shouldn't have Harry deemed it safe to go and break the good news… or bad news... depending on how you looked at it really, to Ichigo and Rukia.

Passing by his dad's study briefly to say goodbye Harry headed out the door.

Walking as quickly as he could without running Harry took off. But try as he might he couldn't stop his head from bouncing around everything that could go wrong with his plan. What if Rukia found out who he and his dad were? What if she decided to play with his memories again? What if something magical happened around her would they mess with her memories?!

"Arrrrrrrrrr!" Yelled harry, who ignored the looks he was getting from other pedestrians and gripped his hair pulling harshly.

Thinking about all these things wasn't going to help, whatever was going to happen was going to happen as long as it didn't happen in Ichigo's closet Harry was happy.

Closing his eyes Harry took a big deep breath and tried to reign in his wayward thoughts. Of course being Harry, worse timing ever for some meditation. With a rather spectacular oof Harry walked straight into the lamp post at the corner of the street. Giving a yelp of shock Harry's eyes opened wide as he was sent straight to the ground. Whimpering he reached up and gingerly touched his forehead, no blood, but god if it didn't feel like someone was trying to crack his skull open with a hammer.

"Are you alright? I've done that before when I've been thinking about what to make for dinner, I love trying new things I'm making peanut butter bean and cheese buns tonight!"

Blinking away the stars Harry turned his head and looked up at a smiling girl, who looked to be around his age. Opening his mouth he went to say he was fine when his eyes were drawn to a very large bruise on the girls' leg. If he hadn't just hit his head so hard Harry could have sworn it almost looked like a hand print, but who had hands that size? Or better yet what? Arrr his head…..