My friend horseluver657 wanted these two characters to meet as a birthday present. I'm aware that this makes no sense and that these characters live in totally different time frames. I don't care. This came out funny. XD

Transform and Sail Out

"Again! Again!"

"What? Well... Uh..."

"Do it again!"

There was a pause as he considered it. Luffy's innocent eyes glimmered up at him. "...Oh..." He sighed. "Oh, alright."

And so, for the tenth time, Optimus Prime transformed into a truck and back into a robot.

"Cool!" Luffy shouted, his eyes widening even more. "That is so cool!" He leaned farther over the ship's rim towards the robot standing on the dock, his upper body starting to stretch.

"Luffy, would you give it a rest?" Zoro griped, leaned casually against the mast. "We're heading out as soon as the others get back, remember?" Not to mention if Usopp or Chopper got back from errands before the giant metal thing had a chance to leave, the swordsman would have 3 screaming crew-mates interrupting his attempted nap.

"But nobody's here yet!" Luffy whined. "Again!" he begged, much to Optimus' dismay.

"...Alright, but this is the last time," Optimus replied as if talking to a small child.

"Again!" Luffy cheered, and Optimus had a feeling Luffy hadn't even heard his comment. All the same, he transformed into his vehicle mode and back again.


Zoro groaned quietly, recognizing the voice as the shorter of the duo he'd been worried about returning. Chopper had a curious sparkle in his eyes. "What is that?!"

"Cool!" Luffy was continuously shouting, not noticing Chopper, who was still asking questions. Luffy leaned farther towards the robot.

...And fell off the ship. Zoro flinched upon hearing a splash, Chopper screaming that he'd save Luffy, and another splash. The swordsman groaned, stood, and jumped in after both of them. Optimus took the chance to sneak away.