-1For Zary! - Merry Christmas!

Christmas Present

Robin Hood and the Outlaws had gone off, Will wasn't sure exactly where, he hadn't been listening when Robin told him. He had stayed behind, his tools in his hands. He couldn't help but feel that what he was about to make was the most important thing he would ever make.

The piece of wood he was using was small but it was smooth, it was a good piece which would make a good item. He set to work, slowly and carefully started to carve the wood. He was nervous about each stroke. When someone had been carving wood for as long as he had, he was sure they shouldn't worry this much about it, but he worried anyway.


Intrigue and wonder filled Djaq's eyes as she watched Will closely. He didn't know she was there watching him, he thought she had gone with Robin and the rest of the Outlaws. Will and his carving interested her, she wondered why he seemed to enjoy it so much. She guessed it was just one of those things, like a lot of things which some people liked while others didn't. She noticed the concentration in Will's face and chips of wood fell away. She tried to work out what he was making but it was too small and too far away for her to see.

She stepped slightly closer but still wasn't able to see what it was he was making.


Will wouldn't let anything break his concentration. Even when he heard a footstep behind him as though someone was approaching he didn't turn around. He knew that stopping at the wrong moment could end up being disastrous, so he wouldn't stop until he was finished.

It was December 24th, Christmas Eve. Tomorrow was Christmas Day. He always felt a slight childlike excitement when it came to Christmas. He loved to make it special, especially to the people who were special to him.


Djaq continued watching Will as he finished. He held it up as though he was trying to see it in a better light, and finally she could see it properly, although she still wasn't sure what it was. It was rectangular shaped with some sort of marking on it. There was a small hole in the top in, through which Will slid a piece of string. Now it was clear. It was a necklace.


Will smiled to himself as he finished the necklace. It had gone all right, he had been worrying over nothing. He hid it in the pocket of his top, ready for the next day.

He didn't have to wait that long. When he turned around to saw Djaq watching him, an interested look on her face. Another childlike feeling came over Will, he felt as though he had been caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing. He smiled 'Djaq' he said, 'I thought you went with Robin…'

'I was going to' Djaq replied. 'I just wanted to see what you were doing'

'Oh' Will said, wondering exactly how much of what he'd been doing she'd seen.

'I hope you don't mind' Djaq continued. 'It looked very beautiful'

Damn Will thought. That meant she had seen what he had been making, which was exactly what he was hoping wouldn't happen. He shuffled slightly uncomfortably. His parents out rightly refused to give Christmas presents before December 25th, but how could he not give it to her now? He raised his hand to his pocket 'It…' he was unsure what to say, he pulled the necklace out of the pocket. She stood still, smiling just slightly, as he stepped behind her. He placed the necklace over her head and tied it at the back. 'Merry Christmas' he whispered in her ear.

She turned around to face him, the smiling full grown by this point. Their lips met only seconds later.

'Merry Christmas to you, too' she replied.