The Morning After

Disclaimer: I don't own JONAS, Disney does. RL gets in the way a lot.

Summary: Stella never wanted the paper to be pink. She wanted the home pregnancy test to be blue. But clearly she's pregnant. AU for sure, and talks about teen pregnancy, not a lovey dovey Disney fic. Pairings: Joe/Stella, Kevin/Macy, and eventual Nick/Stella.

Chapter 2: Revelations

Stella was getting ready for school. Today was a big day for her, since she will tell Joe the truth about what was going on with her. She, sighed, but tried to gather her confidence and not to lose her nerves. Everything will be fine, she kept telling herself, over, and over again, like a mantra for her not to lose focus. It is not like Joe would hate me or something.

Of course, like in every high school (or a story) here is always some queen bee or mean girl. This girl, in Horace Mantis, would be named Ashley Amber, who was currently chatting with Stella's boyfriend. Stella was not very tired of Ashley attempts on flirting on her boyfriend, nor did she understand why Joe was talking to her excitingly.

Yup, her morning just got worse.

"Joe, I need to talk with you" said Stella, trying to interrupt Joe's talk with Ashley. She was not trying to be the jealous girlfriend over anything, but she really needed to tell the news to Joe or she will explode. Not in anger (although she kinda was angry with Joe at the moment). Everyone in school knew how Ashley tired to steal other girl's boyfriends.

"Yeah, Stella let's go to your locker then" replied Joe, not really sensing Stella's mood.

Once they arrived at the locker, Stella felt safe to try and break the news to Joe.

"Joe, I have something really important to say, but it's hard to say it, " Stella was swaying her legs while she was talking. She was now nervous and scared of how Joe would react to the news.

"I have something really important to say, there is this music class offered in California , for four months, and only five lucky students get to go, and I am one of them. I thought I told you about this class, and I told you that I would say yes to this offer. Now what were you going to say," replied a rather happy and oblivious Joe.

But now, at this time, Stella could not really tell the news, because Joe's brothers, Kevin and Nick, and her best friend Macy came to them and was obviously looking at how Stella might react to this news.

"Congratulations Joe" replied a perky Macy!

"Yeah, have fun in California" replied Kevin.

"So, Stells, what were you going to say?" asked Joe.

"Congratulations, Joe, I am so happy for you," Stella said while hugging Joe. But anyone who really paid quite enough attention to Stella, and knew how she was would know that she was not happy to hear this news at all. Her heart fell, just a bit, but luckily, she was saved by the school bell from Joe asking her what she was really going to say to Joe.

She didn't miss the calculating look on Nick's face. Of course, she didn't know that Nick was worried about her, and was wondering why she seems to be in a bad mood as of lately. Actually, if Nick could remember correctly, Stella's demeanor or mood changed so rapidly the last two weeks. Like something was bothering her, and yet she didn't tell anyone if she was having a problem. He could tell cause he couldn't remember very well when the last time Stella had her usual happy smile on at school.

What Nick didn't know was that officially Stella's day went from worse to worsen.

Stella needed to tell someone quickly about the fact that she is pregnant. A month pregnant. With Joe's baby in her stomach. She couldn't do this pregnancy alone, and if Joe was really going to be gone for four months, she was trying not to think about this, but really, her physics class was not helping her at all.

Nick was not sure why, but every time he would truly look at Stella wondering what was wrong with her. He can see the usual absolute hatred look on Stella's face, but this was usually the fact that physics was not a particular fun class. That or Mr. Sniderman made physics really boring.

Of course, Stella needed to talk with Macy later on in school, like before 4th period English class they had together. And maybe the both could be late to this said class cause Stella needed some privacy to tell Macy the truth about her problem.

The thing is, Stella, should have realized that empty hallways are actually a better way to be overheard by other people. Namely trouble.

So, let's call this Drama, that happens now, but really this drama starts with a capital A.


Next time: Stella tells Macy the truth, and Stella learns that empty hallways are better to be overheard by other people. Oh, and Drama ensures.