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Rushing through the house, I made a final sweep to make sure everything was as tidy as possible before leaving to meet Edward. He'd been in Seattle for the past few days for work, and while I was excited to see him, I was nearly bouncing off the walls to actually talk to him.

As he left the hotel that morning to come home, he called to ask if I would meet him at the meadow in a few hours. It was a few weeks since we were last there, so I immediately said I would. That was before I actually started my day. Now, five hours later, I was in my car driving to the turn-off to meet him in the meadow, knowing what I had just found out. I was sure Edward would be thrilled, but it didn't stop the butterflies from taking flight in my gut.

I turned onto the dusty, earthen road and felt my heart hammering in my chest. I still had a five-minute walk to the field after the five-minute drive into the woods. Enough time to let my mind wander off to thoughts of all of our time there: high school, of when we moved back to town, the laughs we had talking about the simple events of the day, and the memory of the kisses we shared.

As I parked my car behind his, I remembered the day he left me two years before. It was a footnote to our history as a couple, but one that still gave me a moment's pause. Not because I was afraid of history repeating itself, but more from the small twinge of sadness that it had happened. It had been over two years since that fateful day in the meadow, and Edward and I were stronger than ever. He had moved back into our house a year ago, and life was good. No, it was perfect. Well, almost perfect. I didn't have any reason to doubt it wouldn't be, but still . . . what I had to talk to Edward about would change everything.

I crossed through the woods, noticing the natural landmarks we had always used to find this place. Upon seeing the fallen tree that was the final marker, the butterflies in my gut fluttered rapidly and my palms start to sweat.

Pushing through the natural barrier that surround the meadow, the tall, thin grass felt like silk against my fingers. Then I saw him. Sitting on a large, red, plaid blanket in the middle of the field was my Edward. Surrounded by a natural blanket of wild flowers, he looked too perfect to be real. His bronze hair glimmered in the sunlight and it seemed as if his skin reflected the sun. He was beautiful and perfect and above all, he was mine.

"Hey gorgeous," I said as I closed the distance between us.

"Hey beautiful. How was your day?" He took my hand and held it tightly as I sat next to him. It was then I noticed his palms were sweaty, too.

"It was good. I got my article done, so my first official local paying gig is completed. I just hope Forks Monthly doesn't think my contribution will be ongoing. There really is only so much you can write about on what events happen in this town." I laughed.

"True, but maybe our little town will have something to talk about in the coming months," he said. His mouth twitched slightly as if he was hiding a smile.

"Don't I know it, buddy," I said, trying to hid my smile.

Edward leaned over to kiss me, and I felt the world slip away as soon as his lips touched mine. I sat up on my knees to deepen our kiss, my hands tangled in his hair. As I sighed against his lips, he groaned lightly. A few moments later, Edward gently pulled away.

"Bella?" he started before clearing his throat.


"I need to talk to you about something and kissing you . . . well, quite honestly is making me more of a nervous wreck." He looked away bashfully as he spoke.

"Um, okay. So I need to behave?" I asked, teasing him.

A nervous laugh escaped him. "Yes, that would be helpful."

"Okay. But I make no promises. By the way, you look incredibly handsome today," I said, flirting with him.

Edward studied me for a minute, squinting his eyes as he assessed me. "You seem giddy today."

"You have no idea," I said with an ironic yet teasing tone. "So what's up? Did you get that promotion?"

He shook his head and gave me a curious smile and look. "No, I haven't heard yet. I - uh - actually wanted to talk to you about something else."

"Okay." I tried to stop staring at him but he was simply too stunning.

"Bella? Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, I am. You're just so . . . handsome."

He sighed heavily and asked, "Did you hit your head today? Fall down walking?"

I laughed. "No. Just happy and . . . just . . . happy."

He studied me again for a moment. "Okay. Well, um . . . you see - the thing is - I-" he stammered. Clearly, there was something more serious on his mind. "I need to talk to you about something."

"Sure. What?" My poor Edward. He looked like he was about to choke on his words or pass out.

"Well, the thing is - and I really should have done this years ago - but . . . well, I didn't, and I really should have." He swallowed thickly, and his eyes fought nervously to meet mine.

"Okay," I said, breathlessly.

"The thing is, Bella, I fell in love with you a long time ago. I wasn't sure you could ever love someone like me, but you did. And two years ago, I fucked it up. I was lucky - and blessed - that you forgave me. I never thought you would - no matter how often I prayed and hoped you would.

"We've been through a lot." He swallowed hard and took a few deep breaths trying to calm himself. "No matter what life has thrown at us, I've never stopped loving you, and I never will. Bella, what I'm trying to say - most ineloquently I might add - is that I can't imagine my life without you."

"Me, too," I whispered. He was so sweet and stunning all at once. He was truly taking my breath away.

"Bella, I need to know that at the end of this life I've been given that you were more than my girlfriend. I know you have issues with what I'm about to ask, but . . . damn, why is this so hard? I don't know how else to ask you so . . . will you? Will you marry me?"

I gasped. Did he? Did he really just ask me what he had? In all of the dark days when he was gone, they were the words that haunted me in my dreams, and there they were, tumbling out amongst the flowers and tall grass in a rapid rush of adrenaline and emotions. I couldn't have loved him anymore in that moment. He was so honest, so sincere, so loving, and so Edward.

"Bella? You okay?" Edward asked slightly worried.

I thought about what he had said, how much he loved me, how right we were together, and how deeply I loved him. Without thinking, I blurted out the news I'd almost forgotten to share. "I'm pregnant."

It was Edward's turn to go silent.

"And yes! I want to marry you! So much so. Yes!" I said as I finally snapped out of my happy shocked state.

"You're pregnant?" he asked, dumbstruck.

"Yes! And you asked me to marry you," I said, smiling. Tears that I didn't know were welling up in my eyes started to fall. I was so happy; I could barely breathe.

"Yeah, I did." Edward's smile flitted nervously. "Uh . . . Bella? Are you okay with this? All of it?" he asked as a beaming smile grew, lighting his features with such incredible happiness, I'd never seen the likes of it.

"Yeah, I totally am. Are you?" I questioned, as my smile grew larger.

"Bella, I couldn't be happier." He pulled me to him, holding me in the most loving, and tender hug. He kissed my lips and brushed my hair back from my face. "So is this a 'yes' then?"

"You have to ask?" I questioned through my tears. "It's totally a yes."

Edward exhaled the nervous breath he'd been holding. "Oh, Bella." He placed his hands on my cheeks and kissed me again, the weight and emotions of everything we had been through was evident in his touch. His lips eased against mine, softly seeking to take the kiss further, and I obliged. His tongue gently brushed over my lips, teasing me and bringing forth an even deep kiss than we were sharing. Trying to catch our breath, we broke away from our passionate kiss, our foreheads resting against each other's for a moment before we looked at each other. "Bella?"


His mouth curved at one corner, a mischievous look glinted in his eyes. "Which news do we tell your dad first? That we're getting married or that you're pregnant?"

We laughed before kissing again. A new chapter in our lives was about to start and for the first time, the idea of marriage and children didn't scare me. I wanted this more than anything. "I think we should ease him into this one. Can't have him locking me away in my room, now can we?" I question with a playful wink.

"Nah, not worried. I'd just slip in through the window like I did in high school," Edward said before kissing me tenderly.

"You totally would." I laughed.

Edward kissed me again, his lips so soft but firm against mine. "I love you. Forever."

I smiled against his lips. "Forever."

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