Hey guys! I usually post all my TFA one-shots in my compilation Of Heroes and New Detroit, but it's been a while since I posted anything and this one came out kinda long, so I had a desire to make it stand alone. Enjoy. :)

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He hadn't said a word since Prowl died.

Not a word.


Not a single word.

Sari looked to her friend in worry as he silently lay on the couch. No video game was in front of him. No television was on. It felt like the light turned on above the robot was emanating darkness.

"...Hey," she said, walking over to her friend and getting herself situated on the Cybertronian-sized sofa arm. "You okay?"

No reply, but Bumblebee was clearly aware, his eyes wide as he stared at the ceiling. For half a second, a horrible reflection of both Optimus at a time and Prowl came over Sari, but Bee's color was bright and yellow as always.


"Huh?" Bumblebee replied, seeming to snap out of something. "Oh, Sari! How long have you been there?" he asked nervously, as if caught doing something wrong.

"I just got here," she replied, putting on the best smile she could, still in grief herself. "Hey..." her voice quieted, "you gonna be alright?"

"...Oh," Bee blinked. "Was I worrying you guys?"

"A little I guess," which wasn't a lie, right? She didn't said they hadn't been worried, and it could be a little compared to something else. What, Sari had no clue, but something. "You gonna be okay?"

"...I guess," he replied, unsure. "Sorry, I was just thinking about what Prowl did. It was pretty selfless of the guy, huh?"

Sari didn't dare point out how obvious that was. "Well, yeah."

"And he didn't ask for anything or even say anything. He lost everything and didn't say a word about it. Jazz said he even smiled."

Sari raised an eyebrow, though her worried look still overshadowed it. Bumblebee was trying to be casual, but she could tell this hurt him just as much as the rest of the team. "Yeah, that sounds right."

"He never complained."


Bee suddenly shot upward, coming to a sitting position on the couch with his fists clenched. Sari almost fell off the sofa and scrambled back to her former position, wide eyed.

"Well, I'm not going to let Prowl best me!"

Sari blinked. "Excuse m-" she paused when Bumblebee's face came no more than a foot away from her own, and he had the most determined smile she'd ever seen. This time she did fall from the couch. Bee caught her seconds later and held his hand in front of him so Sari could keep eye contact. Sari did so after a moment of overcoming confusion and letting her flushed face return to normal.

"He thinks that he's better than me! Well, if Prowl can go through all of that and not complain, then I don't have to complain about anything either!"

"I don't think that's what-" Sari paused. There was more to Bee's expression than rivalry. Inspiration. Pride in a friend. A warm smile overcame her. "...Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."

"You bet! Yeah!"


There was a sudden paused in Bee's vigor. Sari looked to him awkwardly for a moment before he finally spoke again.

"...Hey Sari?"


"When you're not complaining, what do you talk about?"