Hellsing X

Plot: A certain mutant-hating Senator is approached by the Millennium organization and unknowingly paves the way for a war more terrifying than anything he could have imagined.

Chapter One: Dealing with the Devil

Senator Robert Kelly had met an odd array of people in his political career: Magneto and Nick Fury probably ranked near the top of the list. Yet neither of them compared to person that was in his office now. At a towering eight feet tall he was an intimidating sight to behold. The thing that Senator found most unnerving was the man's face: it seemed completely devoid of any emotion. His violet eyes had dark circles under them and seemed to stare off into space. Growing uncomfortable with the silence Kelly spoke "So Mr. Günsche is it?" Günsche said nothing so Kelly assumed he had pronounced it correctly, "What can Millennium offer me that the MRD and the Sentinal program don't?" Millenium was supposedly a new private securtiy firm based in Brazil that specialized in dealing with superhuman related problems. Their prices seemed fairly reasonable so the Senator atleast planned to hear them out. Yet the other said nothing and instead pulled a laptop out of his suitecase,

"Hello?" A heavily accented voice came out of the laptop, "Captain, vhere ist the picture?" After a little more fiddling the Captain placed the computer on Kelly's desk. On it was a live video of a plump little man wearing glasses and a white suite,

"Ah greetings Herr Senator I am the head of Millennium und I am offering you a real answer to the Mutant Question since MRD and your mindless machines have failed to stop the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants." He spoke in a casual and jolly tone that was starting to annoy Robert,

"If you don't get to the point soon I'm going ask your freind to leave." The fat little man gave the Senator a wolfish grin,

"You must fight fire vith fire, mutants have powers far beyond vhat humans like you und me are capable of. The key to victory lies in using the talents of those like the good Captain here." The Senator gave Günsche an alarmed look and jumped out of his seat,


"No no," the other replied in a soothing tone of voice, "Captain Günsche ist no mutant but he ist not human either. I can assure your enemies vill not know vhat hit them." Senator Kelly carefully watched the Captain who seemed oblivios to the conversation, " I vill lend him to you in exchange the modest amount of cash I requested and DNA samples from any mutants he helps capture."

"What do you intend to do with those samples?"

"Study them of course, Millennium vill be the at forefront of the coming var and as such ve must understand our enemies if ve are to achieve victory." Kelly suspected that there was a little to it then that but choose to let it go. The salvation of America, perhaps all of humanity hung in the balance it was time for actions not questions.

"That sounds reasonable then we'll just need a demonstration of the good Captain's talents and get the paperwork in order."

"Of course Senator Kelly you von't regret it just allow the Captain to have a change of clothes he abhorz that monkey suite I made him vhere." The plump little man assured him a jovial grin, in time that grin would come to haunt the Senator's dreams for years to come.

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