title: the cheesy, fluffy romance that never happened but totally should've
author: ohwhatsherface
warning: disgusting amount of fluff; non-massacre AU because I wanted one that was SasuSaku :D
note: I stole my prompts from 1sentence; this is just an excuse to write SasuSaku in their younger teens without the tragedy that is canon
disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

1. Comfort

Sasuke took comfort in the fact that despite her two-year-long I-no-longer-like-Uchiha-Sasuke-like-that-thankyouverymuch phase – also dubbed Denial by Ino – Sakura accepted his request for a date (which was good, because had she declined, Sasuke wouldn't know what to do with so-called raging crush).

2. Kiss

Hardened shinobi that he is, Itachi cannot help but throw his head back and laugh when his fifteen-year-old brother (finally all grown up) asks him, "Er… what's it like to… you know… kissagirl?"

3. Soft

Her hand is pleasantly and surprisingly soft, Sasuke decides as he grabs it, ignoring her pink cheeks; what he can not ignore, however, are the coos made by his mother, who is not-so-subtly spying on her precious baby Sasu-chan thanks to a tip from his evil older brother.

4. Pain

When he sees Sakura biting her lip and holding back tears as she patches up the injury he took in place of her, and he concludes that seeing her cry hurt more.

5. Potatoes

"Trust me, she'll love it!" were the words that should have stopped Sasuke from believing anything Naruto (the stupid blond idiot who liked to call himself Sasuke's best friend) claimed, but when Sakura got him a basket of tomatoes, he loved them, so perhaps she wouldn't mind a crate of potatoes.

6. Rain

There is a torrential downpour outside one evening when Sakura is at Sasuke's house and Mikoto breezily suggests that Sakura stay the night, causing Sakura to blush and Sasuke to squeak out a, "ohmygodMom," confusing Mikoto because she obviously meant in separate rooms (it was still to early for grandchildren).

7. Chocolate

One day Itachi sees Sakura lashing out at Sasuke for no particular reason and Sasuke yelling back indignantly, causing her to tearfully stomp away, and so he takes it upon himself to teach Sasuke a few unspoken rules: 'She Is Always, Always Right (Seriously—Always)', 'No, Chocolate And Flowers Do Not Always Resolve Problems', 'She Can Eat As Much As She Wants To Eat' and so on.

8. Happiness

Even though she isn't an Uchiha and she will surely forever taint the Uchiha gene pool with that bubblegum-pink hair of hers, Fugaku chooses to ignore all the clansmen itching to marry off their daughters to Sasuke – the boy is happy.

9. Telephone

Sasuke blanches the day he arrives to Sakura's apartment to hear her on the phone: "No, no, we're not doing anything like that – no, I'm not lying – yes, yes, I am sure – okay, we will – yes, if it happens – which it won't – I swear, we are not having sex – but yes, we will use protection... goodbye, Mikoto-san."

10. Ears

"No, Sakura, I will not get an earring – I don't care if you think they're hot – so what if Shikamaru has one – woman, I said no, dammit – you'll do what – er... okay fineifyouinsist."

11. Name

Sasuke hated Sasucakes the first time Naruto dubbed him as such, and he didn't like it any better when Sakura decided to use it.

12. Sensual

There were a few things Sakura couldn't eat in his presence, like popsicles, bananas and ice cream cones, for example.

13. Death

"Crap, crap, crap," Sasuke curses, when he finds the love fern – a symbol of their growing relationship – that Sakura gave him (courtesy of one Ino Yamanaka's incessant pushing) brown and wilted and dead.

14. Sex

Sakura is not at all ashamed when Sasuke glances at the orange cover of the book in her hands, in passing, and then does a speedy double-take, followed by widening eyes, flushed cheeks, and utterly embarrassed sputters.

15. Touch

"I swear, Mikoto-san, I was tickling him – nothing was going on!"

16. Weakness

Naruto spends weeks bragging to Sasuke about his "super awesome new technique" that would "kick his ass six ways from Sunday"; he also spends weeks recovering from a beating via Sakura who most certainly did not approve of something called Sexy Sakura no Jutsu.

17. Tears

"My mom says it helps to open the fridge and let out some of the cold air," Sasuke tells her as she cuts onions between wiping away tears, because even if they weren't actual tears of sadness, they were still Sakura's tears and those just never sat well with him.

18. Speed

"Sasuke, I am displeased with how fast your relationship with Haruno-san is going," his father begins one day, and before Sasuke tell him that nothing like that is going on, Fugaku raises a hand and continues, "Why are you two not engaged yet?"

19. Wind

It is on a trip to the south of the Wind Country that Sakura realizes she has a knack for poisons, and it is a trip to the north of the Fire Country that Sakura meets a former Konoha kunoichi who also recognizes this and wants to make her an apprentice; Sasuke and Naruto try to be happy for her when she starts flailing because unlike Sakura, they realize that that meant Sakura would leave.

20. Freedom

"Do what you want," Sasuke mutters a little too callously and a little to carelessly, ignoring the hurt in Sakura's eyes.

21. Life

Rin-san (the poisons specialist who offered her an apprenticeship) gives her a month to decide and return, but Sakura doesn't know if she can leave her life in Konoha – her parents, Naruto, Ino, Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-shishou, Sasuke.

22. Jealousy

Sasuke does not know what he's getting into when he tells Sakura next time he will hold her stuff and to not ever ask Lee-san for help again just because he was walking the same way.

23. Hands

"I'm coming back, you know," Sakura mutters, pretending to be annoyed, after Naruto hands her his favourite pyjama pants with printed ramen cups on them, and then leaving so she could spend her last night there with Sasuke.

24. Taste

She'll only be gone for a year, Sasuke thinks to himself as he gazes at her sleeping form, because saying the words out loud would leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

25. Devotion

"So I'm going to be gone for a year and I realize you and your hand are going to have to get reacquainted"—at this, Naruto poorly suppresses a laugh—"so do you want a free pass?" she asks him in the morning as he and Naruto see her to the gates, to which he rolls his eyes and tells her she's an idiot.