title: the cheesy, fluffy romance that never happened but totally should've
author: ohwhatsherface
warning: disgusting amount of fluff; non-massacre AU because I wanted one that was SasuSaku :D
note: I stole my prompts from 1sentence; this is just an excuse to write SasuSaku in their younger teens without the tragedy that is canon
disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

FINALLY FINISHED. Sorry it took me forever! Enjoy.

26. Forever

One year goes by (though it feels like forever) and Sasuke isn't too sure how to react when a letter returns in place of Sakura, who has decided to extend her apprenticeship a little bit longer.

27. Blood

"This is getting kind of hard to watch," Naruto comments, frowning at the "angsting" (Naruto's words) Sasuke, who is half-heartedly throwing kunai and targets, but Itachi disagrees, "It was hard to watch last week – now it's just pathetic."

28. Sickness

Though her son is a smart boy, Mikoto is astounded by how foolish he is being, so she takes it upon herself to guide him in the right direction: "So she wants to stay another year, Sasuke, that's fine, support her – but stop moping, get off your lazy butt and just visit her!"

29. Melody

Her small greeting of "hey, stranger" is like music to his ears.

30. Star

Sasuke is impressed when he has one of his deadliest snakes give her some venom (as per her rather peculiar request) and she makes an antidote from it in a few hours; he concludes that Haruno Sakura's a superstar.

31. Home

On Sasuke's last day of his measly week's vacation, Sakura truly understands the saying "home is where the heart is."

32. Confusion

Sakura comes back to Konoha a few weeks ahead of the date she originally extended her stay with Rin-sensei to, leaving Sasuke bewildered to see her at his doorstep, but nonetheless pleased.

33. Fear

Sasuke learns the hard way that "What's your problem—it's just a spider" is not at all okay to say.

34. Lightning/Thunder

It is raining heavily with booms of thunder in the background, so Mikoto requests Sakura stay the night (for the nth time, oh, my GOD); Sakura flushes deeply when the Uchiha matriarch fails to lead her to the guestroom she usually occupied, but rather to Sasuke's room.

35. Bonds

Sakura eyes Naruto and Sasuke suspiciously and asks, "Are you sure you guys didn't get into some Epic Tragic Forbidden Bromance when I was gone?"

36. Market

The one thing Sakura hates most about Sasuke occasionally sleeping over ("unofficially moving in" as Ino says) is that she has to make a lot more trips to the market since the fat piece of lard keeps eating all her tomatoes—well, that and how he uses all the hot water.

37. Technology

"No, Ino, we do not need to spice up our love life."

38. Gift

"...potatoes, again?"

39. Smile

Sakura finds it a bit endearing when one morning she wakes up with Sasuke leaning over her, watching, with a strained smile on his face that said he was trying to keep a secret.

40. Innocence

Then he continued, in a most innocent tone, "You were snoring like a fucking elephant—really, it was worse than Naruto."

41. Completion

Her revenge for the Sakura-snores-like-an-elephant incident comes in the form of "Not tonight, Sasuke-kun, I have a headache" for a whole two weeks.

42. Clouds

"That one looks Pakkun!" Sakura points out between giggles, expecting him to look at the clouds, but his attention is drawn to the smile on her face.

43. Sky

Sasuke has plenty of scars on his body to show that the amount of things he'd do for this girl is limitless.

44. Heaven

He doesn't tell her because he knows she'd get embarrassed, but she looks heavenly in the white gown she calls a disguise for their mission.

45. Hell

On the nights when he returns from the more gruesome and haunting sorts of missions, Sasuke heads straight to Sakura's apartment, where he reflects on the life of a shinobi — hidden in the shadows with hands covered in blood — as Sakura heals his wounds and gently wipes the redness away from his skin, slowly pulling him out of the darkness.

46. Sun

Sasuke wakes up to the sun in his eyes and someone (likely blond and loud and stupid) rummaging through Sakura's kitchen cupboards, loudly wondering where the ramen is, and wonders if this is what it'll be like when they have a family of their own.

47. Moon

She looks up at the moon and thinks of him on the nights when he's away on a mission, and wonders if he's doing the same.

48. Waves

"You're changing now," Sasuke sternly orders before she can get to the beach in her red bikini.

49. Hair

Sasuke presses his lips to her cheek to silence her complaints that her hair is too short and murmurs how the length makes it easier to kiss her.

50. Supernova

He doesn't say it very often, but the few times Sasuke, in fits of passion, trails warm kisses down her neck and murmurs that he loves her, it's like hundreds of explosions are happening beneath her skin leaving her hot and restless, so she tugs him closer to show him how she feels about him.