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Chapter 20

The morning was depressingly gloomy with the sky leaden with ominous clouds. Harry lay in his bed as he contemplated the funeral to be conducted today. It was going to be one hell of trial for everybody involved. They had arrived at the now stripped down potter manor in a state of shock, more amplified by the bare walls of the once magnificent manor. He had explained briefly about the decision to fake his parents and Lucius's accidental death in a cool detached manner and his reasons for doing so. She was relieved when they had agreed to support his decisions. All of them pitched in, arranging the funeral which was today.

His father had finally grown up and acknowledged that there was a growing threat against them and their loved ones. Alex was quite used to be the dominant face of the family since his debut in the society so he should inherit the family titles directly. Harry had given up on that fight easily. He had however stressed the importance of the family remaining tight knitted together and protect each other's back. His mother, Lily had been quite warmly welcomed into the fold.

His door flew open and Sirius in his dog form, came running in closely pursued by a pink polka dotted, green haired James, and landed on his bed. Harry laughed. Sometimes life was all about small packets of happiness.

Harry was tired. He was standing beside the raised dais where he was observing the speakers who spoke of their experiences with the deceased, namely his parents and his fiancé and watching the crowd simultaneously. He was tired of putting on a sad façade on his mien. It was supposedly a triple tragedy for him and pity for him abounded. Many of the families were also eager to show off their sons and daughters since he was single now. The irony of it all was costing him too much effort to suppress his laughter at the hypocrisy. His face was grimaced at the result of such an endeavor. It was true that some people saw opportunity in the face of disaster.

He wanted to imitate his son, Draco who while he was young and his rival, would sneer at the crowd of well-meaning idiots, bigots and backstabbers, and rule them with an iron fist. Seriously, he himself should have been a Slytherin since the start. His family stood around him sheltering each other from the harsh and pitying gaze of the crowd. Peter and Remus were in the attendance too but they were seated a bit farther away from them, not exactly within an easy reach.

Inwardly, the Potters' were suppressing their rage at the blatant show that Dumbledore had put on. He hadn't taken any chances with the fact that Dumbledore was treating the death of his grandparents as a prime opportunity to exercise his influence over the will of senior Potters. Harry had already taken care of everything with goblins even before he had gone to Hogwarts. So far, the drama had unfolded in its predictable way. James had joked in the morning that his son had played the greatest joke on the universe and he was proud that their next generation had followed in his footsteps. He was the only one who knew the complete truth at the moment and was sufficiently trained in occulomency to keep his thoughts to himself. Still the blatant tears and melodrama of light supporters had managed to enrage even him and Sirius.

"Chin up my lord, grin and bear it." Sirius whispered in his ear. He had inherited the title of 'Duke' because of Godric's estate which had entailed upon him. His offer to let James inherit it before him was spurned vehemently by all the family including James himself.

Harry looked in the direction that Sirius was glaring at and glared. The Malfoys and the Blacks have shown up. Despite knowing that they were socially obligated to show up, his real anger came to the fore. His magic cackled around him visible to all and his wand fell into his hands effortlessly.

Dumbledore who was sitting in the front row smiled inwardly.


His vision was painted in red. The people who have actively tried to hurt him and his were standing a mere few feet away. Still social obligations dictated that he restrain himself and behave with propriety. Harry hated the false pretenses but he didn't want bloody battle in the middle of the funeral. As his brain processed this thought he became aware of Sirius whispering furiously in his ear and his father blocking his path with his body and worried eyes. His aura slowly receded. And he cooled down to look into the eyes of his adversaries. He gave a stiff nod to the heads of the two families and turned back to his friends. People who have stopped to look at the spectacle seemed to realize that the event was over and went back to their companions.

Dumbledore on the other hand had a cautious gleam in his eyes. It seemed that the Potter heir was extremely powerful. It was a shame that he had alienated him and his family so badly in his pursuit of control.

It is a small chapter but its sort of a filler. I am out of ideas at the moment. i hope you enjoyed.